No Matter What Deodorant I Use I Still Smell: What To Do?

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If you’re facing this problem, then you need to look beyond just applying deodorants.

Why your deodorant will do a good job of hiding any form of odor (provided it’s a good one), you need to make sure there is no underlying cause for the smell to remain.

Because if it remains, your body odor will overpower your deodorant and render it ineffective.

So, what you need to know is what is causing the overwhelming odor, and how to stop it, and smell better.

Why Your Deodorant Isn’t Effective

As I mentioned above, the problem you have is excessive sweating.

The problem with that is that the bacteria under your armpit have enough sweat to break down, continuously, thereby causing the odor to remain and overpowering your deodorant.

So, the first step is eliminating or reducing the sweat to normal levels. Why are you over sweating in the first place?

It could be due to hormonal changes.

As your body sweat more, the bacteria become more active, resulting in your predicament.

The first course of action is to first shave your armpit if you haven’t already done so.

Also, when washing your armpit, be vigorous so you can scrub out all the dirt, sweat, and odor remnant. More on this below.

And if the smell lingers, it could probably be a disease you want to see your dermatologist for.

But before that, make sure your personal hygiene is excellent. And that’s what the paragraphs below cover.

The Real Cause of Underarm Odor

Surprisingly, the cause of the body odor is not sweating. The main cause of the unpleasant smell in the armpit is the bacteria that is trapped within the moisture.

According to a medical study in 2016, these bacteria named Corynebacterium are found in your armpit’s moisture, along with another Propionibacterium, Staphylococcus, and Micrococcus.

These trapped bacteria within your armpit’s moisture create the perfect spot for the bacteria to breed.

Each time you shower, if this spot is not properly cleansed and the bacteria is not washed away, then you are applying the deodorant to an unclean environment.

Thus, the main key to controlling armpit odor is proper cleansing.

Basic Ways to Control Your Body Odor

1. Shower with Antibacterial Soap

It is important to choose a good quality antibacterial soap to wash away the odor-causing bacteria and sweat while taking a shower. You don’t need to just wash your armpit but thoroughly wash it, and dry yourself before wearing your cloth.

2. Use Antiperspirants or Deodorants

While the deodorant masks the armpit smell and replaces it with its fragrance, the antiperspirants help you to lessen the sweat or perspiration that can cause moisture. Apply antiperspirant or deodorant once in the morning after shower and in the evening before bedtime.

3. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Choose breathable fabrics like silk, cotton, and wool to enable the air to go through your clothes and will keep the moisture from building up. If you are working out, choose synthetic, moisture-wicking fabric to keep off the sweat of your skin.

4. Control Your Meal

The food you eat affects your body, and it can influence your odor as well. For example, the aroma found in onions and garlic can come out through your underarm pores. Drinks like coffee and alcohol can trigger you to sweat more as well. Keep in mind to have a balanced diet and consume these foods in moderation.

Two Basic Methods to Fight Body Odor

1st Method: Underarm Double Cleanse Method

Choose your preferred underarm soap or antibacterial soap that targets body odor.

Usually, these soaps are designed to fight odor-causing bacteria, you can create your add-on cleansing formula.

You can use activated charcoal, ACV, and salt to remove the previously-applied deodorant buildup.

Step 1: Cleans your armpit with your preferred soap for at least 10 seconds each.

Step 2: Rinse it off.

Step 3: Make a full lather of the antibacterial soap for at least another 10 seconds each.

Step 4: For the final rinse, check if it gets that “squeaky” feel. If not, then it means there is still underarm residue that needs to be cleaned.

2nd Method: Powder Protection

There are lots of underarm powders that you can purchase. However, if you have none, you can just use baby talcum powder.

This can absorb excessive sweat and keep your armpits dry so that there will be no chance for the bacteria to breed.

The next thing to do after your shower is to apply your preferred deodorant, and then layer it with the underarm powder.

Sweating is natural and it is inevitable, and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

However, these tips above can help you control your sweat and body odor throughout the day.

Then you will become confident and carefree without getting conscious of your odor.

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