Old Spice Denali Replacement: Possible Alternatives for You

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Old Spice Denali is one of the many fragrances that Old Spice has stopped producing.

It has almost become a culture for the brand to make a scent and then discontinue it.

In which case, you need to look for alternatives. If that’s what you are after, then I try to look for substitutes you can try.

You need to know that finding an exact substitute isn’t a straightforward thing.

While I might love one scent, it may be repulsive to you. So, all the options mentioned here are just alternatives to test out.

So, try some of them and see the one you’ll like.

Is the Old Spice Denali Discontinued?

Old Spice Denali Replacement

Here is what Old Spice have to say when someone asked about the Denali on Facebook::

Good news, R… Your favorite scent is still available, just with a new name! You can fix your wife’s broken heart by using the Volcano with Charcoal stick. http://spr.ly/61871DtVV Make sure to also check out our Exfoliate with Charcoal Body Wash to complete the collection!

And on Twitter

“The Denali scent was discontinued, and it’s no longer available. I’m so sorry to have disappointed you. I hope you’ll try one of our other scents.”

Note on Old Spice Denali

Several people have complained they haven’t seen or found anything that smells like Denali.

These are people that have tried multiple brands of deodorants, especially those from Old Spice.

Old Spice Denali Replacements

Old Spice Classic

This is one of the classics of Old Spice. It had quite a lot of fans.

However, there seem to be rumors that it is also discontinued.

You’ll have to search for it in your local store, maybe you’ll see one. eBay is also a good place to look, although the prices there are often prohibitive.


This is another deodorant a few people have used and confirm to be good. But not as good as Denali.

But good enough to be manageable, unless they bring back Denali. In fact, someone mentioned it is Denali under a different name.

Unfortunately, when a brand changes a product with a new one, there are always some changes.

Whether it is removing certain ingredients or reducing the potency.

So, I don’t think it’ll be the same exact same scent. But try it yourself and see what you think too!

Are there Other Alternatives?

It is possible there are other alternatives. However, these two are the closest I’ve found to resembling Denali.

Quite a number of people have tried them, with most saying they smell nice and are similar to Denali.

If you come across more options that you think can replace Denali, you can let us know.

Why Does Old Spice Change Names Frequently?

Old Spice is fond of changing names frequently. One of their popular scents, Amber, was changed to Oasis.

Some are saying they did the same with Denali by renaming it Volcano. I can’t think of anything other than wanting to boost sales.

This may be advantageous to the brand. But I don’t think it’ll be for consumers.

Because, when they change the formula and change the name, the product will be different, will smell different, and probably become unlikeable.

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