Old Spice Original vs. Classic: Are they Different? (Experiment)

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Old spice is a famous men’s grooming brand that has proven its reliability and reputation for ages.

This popularity also stems from the brand’s wide range of products with unique scents.

However, some of the brand’s product adjustments have come under criticism from loyal customers and lovers.

A vivid example is the case of its Original and Classic scent.

The brand, under the Ownership of Procter and Gamble (P& G), changed its iconic Original scent name to Classic scent, and there is speculation the ingredients and fragrances are changed as well.

This article will compare the Old Spice Original and Classic scents, establishing the differences in scents, packages, volume, and availability.

But before then, let’s refresh the history of these scents so we can lay an adequate foundation.

Brief History

Old Spice Original vs. Classic

In 1937, William Shultz released the Old Spice Original Scent.

Women were initially the target audience before the marketing scheme was shifted to men after some years.

Procter & Gamble purchased the company and began to expand its reach by making various products.

The Original Old spice Scent comes in various products for everyday use. It’s the vintage scent that started it all.

It was later changed and repackaged to Classic Scent In 2008 by the parent company but only in the U.S. The change was made to please the U.S market.

Comparison: Old Spice Original vs. Classic

There are significant differences between the two scents.

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When comparing the two scents, the Original scents seem to be the better choice.

However, preferences and tastes differ.

So, It’s essential you know these differences and put them into consideration before choosing which to buy.

We’ll compare these scents on the smell, packaging, volume, and availability.

Scents Availability

The Original scent was rebranded as the Classic scent only in the United States.

In European countries, it’s still the same and labeled as the Original scent even though the reasons are unknown.

The Classic Scent is more available in the US market and other retail outlets such as Amazon and Walmart.

In the case of the Original scent, its availability in the US market steadily diminishes.

The scent is far more present in European countries, but some retail outlets still ship it from the UK.

If you’re in the United States, you’ll likely find it challenging to buy the Original scent without depending on an overseas seller.

If you’re living in the EU, there’s a high probability that you will be using the bottle labeled “Original” rather than “Classic.”


The bottle size, color, and label design are significant differences between the two scents.

However, both still carry a red and white color theme, with the bottle looking like milk bottles.

The Old Spice Original scents bottle has a more modern look in the body and labels design.

It comes in a plain white bottle like the Old Shulton-owned formula.

The stopper color is now red rather than grey, and the big sailing boat design on the front label is much smaller.

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The Old Spice Classic bottle design gives a vintage appearance. It’s different from the Shulton-owned Original design.

It comes in a yellow-brownish plastic bottle which offers a sense of what Old Spice was in the early creation days.


When the Original scent was changed to the Classic scent, it was speculated that the smell and fragrance were altered, even though no reliable source supports the claim.

However, from popular reviews, it’s perceived chiefly that the Classic version is inferior to the Original scent.

The scents are similar, but the Classic version lacks the punch the Original has.

Old Spice Original is formulated from great scents.

It has a warm spicy scent and added notes of vanilla, cedar, cinnamon, lemon, orange, and amber.

The Classic aromas best describe a warm spicy clove comparable to creamy wood and added citrus notes.

Generally, both have scents of citrus, cinnamon, cedar wood, and vanilla. However, the primary distinction is longevity.

The classic scent seems weaker and fades quicker when applied.

It is worth stating that choosing the better scents is a personal preference and taste.

If you prefer a more subtle scent, Old Spice Classic might be your best scent.

If otherwise, perhaps you fancy something bolder and more robust, the Original Scent got you covered.


A regular bottle of Old Spice Original gives you 5 oz worth of products, while the bottle of Classic provides a 4.25 oz amount of products.

Choosing the best value for money might be difficult because the price varies according to vendor and region.

Old Spice Classic is more available in the US, so the price comes in USD.

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While the Original version is more prevalent in EU countries where British pounds are spent.

But generally, the standard bottle of Old Spice Original tends to last longer than its counterparts.


The Old Spice Original and Classic Scents are both premium scents.

But we feel the former is superior to the latter, considering the abovementioned factors.

The best scents will depend on personal preference and taste. You’ll need to consider the highlighted factors to choose the ideal scents for yourself.

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