Old Spice vs Axe Products: What are the Differences?

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Both Old Spice and Axe (also known as Lynx in some markets) have been around for a while.

But Old Spice, having been in the public eye for 46 years longer, definitely has the pedigree edge over its rival.

While there was a time when Old Spice seemed to almost slip off the radar, thanks to some inspired marketing, rebranding and an increase in product range it’s back with a vengeance.

So how is it compared to the relative newcomer?

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Old Spice vs Axe: What are the Differences?


Both Axe and Old Spice produce deodorants in stick and spray form.

And a quick look at their ingredients will show that both companies use pretty much the same components.

It is important to understand the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant.

Both companies produce aluminum-free deodorants which are designed to reduce odor not sweat and do not clog pores or leech toxic chemicals into the body.

Body Washes

Typically Old Spice is a more expensive body wash than Axe, although it depends where you shop.

Both have an extensive range of fragrances and a very similar list of ingredients that are formulated to clean, lather, exfoliate and leave you smelling nice.

Similarly, their prices don’t differ too much with Amazon selling 4 packs of 16 oz body wash from both companies both for around $20.

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Body Sprays

Although they are not the most popular product of either company there are some major differences between their body spray offerings.

This is where Old Spice wins out and shows their pedigree.

Axe body sprays, while having a nice variety of scents, sometimes seem to be too strong.

They can overpower you with fragrance, while Old Spice is more restrained and their fragrances seem to have a more classic feel.


Both Old Spice and Axe are owned by multi-national companies (Proctor and Gamble and Unilever respectively).

And both have made a public commitment to protecting the environment and being responsible.

Neither company tests on animals and both are moving to make their packaging recyclable.

Old Spice has their ‘Mountain Peak’ deodorant that is made of 90% post-consumer recycled paper and plastic free and Axe is committed to passing their 65% goals in just a few years.

It seems Old Spice might be a little ahead of their competition here but it comes at a price as Mountain Peak costs over $10 on their website.

(You can get two similar-sized Axe deodorants for that at some retailers.)

Product Varieties

In terms of variety, Old Spice is miles ahead of Axe.

Whether you’re looking at their deodorants or body washes, you’ll find more options from Old Spice to pick from.

That doesn’t mean Axe doesn’t have its own edge too. In terms of formula, Axe is more modern-oriented than Old Spice.

As the name evokes, Old Spice is old-fashion, with many of their products being heavily-fragranced.

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More like they are designed for the older generations than the younger generation, which Axe seems to cater very well to.


Both companies make good products, there’s no debate there.

Old Spice can be a little pricier but offers more refined scents (although this is of course to personal taste) while Axe seems to go for a more dynamic market and their fragrances can sometimes seem a little overpowering.

Both companies are committed to the environment and are cruelty-free.

It all comes down to the scent that you like the most, and Old Spice seems to take the edge there.

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