Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head (To Shave or Not?)

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Some people love their hair and don’t want to shave it off. Others might feel pressure to conform and seek a way out of the long hours of styling, combing, brushing, and tying back their locks.

Whatever your reason for wanting to shave your head is, you need to know what you’re getting into before you make that big decision. Here are some pros and cons of shaving your head.

Pros of Shaving Your Head

Some of the best pros for shaving your head are:

Your scalp could be healthier if you shave your head often

You might be more aware of your scalp if you shave your head. If you have long hair, there’s a chance that you could be neglecting your scalp’s needs because layers of hair cover it up. You might not even be able to see what type of condition it’s in. But when you go bald, it becomes more apparent how healthy or unhealthy your scalp is.

It makes it easier in the morning

This is one of the most common reasons people shave their heads. You don’t have to worry about waking up and realizing you missed a spot or that your hair is sticking up all over the place. And if you’re running late? It doesn’t matter! There’s no time wasted in the morning with hair styling.

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You’ll save time

One of the best things about shaving your head is that you’ll save a lot of time. Whether it’s your morning routine or your evening routine, you’ll have to spend less time on hair care as there will be no hair to deal with. You might also save money by not purchasing products that are only needed for styling your hair.

You can change your hair as often as you like

If you love your hair and don’t want to shave it off, you might still consider shaving your head. The good news is that you can change up your look with a bald head any time you like. Whether you want to go from a buzz cut to an afro or from long locks to a crew cut, it’s all possible! You don’t have to worry about having the perfect hairstyle for every occasion.

It’ll be easier to maintain

This is the most obvious pro of shaving your head. There’s less hair to maintain, which means you’ll have time to do other things in the morning. There are a few reasons why it’s easier to keep a bald head. First, there will be less styling involved. You won’t need to go through all that trouble of blow-drying and straightening your hair every day. Secondly, there will be less risk of experiencing split ends because you’ll only need to wash your head instead of washing and styling your whole hair body like you would with long locks.

Cons of Shaving Your Head

The following are the cons of shaving your head:

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No more hairstyles

Shaving your head means you never have to style your hair again. There’s no blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling for you! If you have curly hair, no more fighting with the drier trying to get it straight.

No more spending hours in front of the mirror combing and brushing your locks. The only time you need to deal with your hair is when it gets dirty and needs a good scrubbing and shampooing.

Cold weather

As much as people love the warmer weather, the fall and winter months bring a whole new set of challenges for those who have shaved their heads.

Cold weather makes it more challenging to manage your hair (or lack thereof) than during the warmer months of summer. Especially in colder climates like Canada, a shaved head means constantly battling the elements.

Exposed skin conditions may show up quickly

Exposed skin conditions may show up quickly. Suppose you have scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or an autoimmune disease that affects the skin of the scalp.

In that case, shaving your head will not only make your condition worse but will also force you to wear a bandana or hat to hide the symptoms when they do show up.

Itchy scalp

You might not realize how your scalp feels for those who are used to having hair.

When it’s exposed to air, it can get dry and itchy. In many cases, people find relief with a healthy dose of conditioner that they rub into their scalp.


The pros and cons of shaving your head can be a bit subjective.

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Choosing to shave your head can make life easier in the morning, save you time, and you can change your hairstyle often.

The cons of shaving your head include an itchy scalp, making your scalp more susceptible to dandruff and dry skin.

If you’re still on the fence about shaving your head, check out these pros and cons and see what might work best for you!

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