Scotch Porter vs Shea Moisture: Which One Should You Choose?

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If you visualize the world of men’s hair care products as a vast wilderness of competing entries, think of the beard care corner as an especially ornery thicket.

Think thousands of men with beards thick enough to house small woodland creatures, desperately looking for products that can help them untangle their gnarly problem.

Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. But there is an interesting product face-off in the beard care corner that pits Scotch Porter vs Shea Moisture, so let’s do a breakdown and see who comes out on top.

Scotch Porter vs Shea Moisture: Which One Is Better?

Scotch Porter

Started by Calvin Qualls in 2015, Scotch Porter has evolved into a solid beard care problem.

The marketing saga is enticing—supposedly Qualls left his corporate job to open a barbershop.

And when his customers started dishing about their various hair and beard issues, he developed a series of products to help them.

There’s a progressive element to the company’s story, too. Their entire workforce is black, including the executives, and nearly half of that same workforce consists of women.

They’ve also taken a holistic approach to the active ingredients. And Qualls has addressed mental health issues and toxic masculinity in his role as spokesperson.

But what about the products? They do well in customer reviews, the pricing is mostly reasonable, and they’re available in stores, too.

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There are ancillary issues, too, though. These include ineffectiveness on dry hair, delivery issues, and a lack of definition with some parts of the product line.


SheaMoisture is less about the company and more about the products.

The central ingredient is shea butter, as the name implies, and it’s juiced up with marajuca oil, which supposedly pH-balances your skin while cleaning it.

Shea also features an array of products as well, including a full beard detangler, a beard balm and conditioning oil.

Simply put, if your beard has a tendency to take on a life of its own, it deserves its own products, and SheaMoisture is happy to oblige.

The products are geared toward different levels of use.  i.e., the beard wash for daily use, the oil for conditioning, beard balm for touchups, and the detangler for those full-on beard crises when all else fails.

The Verdict

Part of what makes this decision so interesting is that choosing Scotch Porter is largely about the company itself.

It’s a great story, and those who buy in generally find themselves fully invested in SP’s success.

When it comes to the products, though, SheaMoisture gets the nod. The product line is complete, the design is well thought out, and there are few if any ancillary issues.

So unless your beard expresses an issue in social justice, go with SheaMoisture and keep things from getting too gnarly and tangled.

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