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Should I Start Wearing Solid Dry Cologne?

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Solid cologne is starting to become very popular. It’s time you discovered the benefits.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It’s objectively the single best smell to wake up to. (The smell of freshly cut sawdust comes in at a close second.)

However, when I’m not building myself a back patio or committing war crimes, I like to wake up and freshen myself so I smell like the usual aromatic gentleman I am. This habit of taking care of my olfactory senses goes all the way back to my days in college.

When I used to wake up hungover from a night of partying, I didn’t always have a shower or a bloody mary to jolt my senses. BUT, I’d never leave my house without dousing myself with a can of Axe until I was just dripping head to toe in bad taste.

Thankfully, my smell palette matured and so did my habits. I didn’t just graduate from college, I also graduated my personal grooming routine to a higher level of sophistication. A different, more refined, concoction is required nowadays to tickle my nose buds.

So, I’m always on the lookout for the next product to permanently change my grooming habits. Today I have something that I’m really excited to tell you about, because it perfectly fits my cool yet refined requirements.

I’d like to share with you the magic of solid cologne.

Solid Dry Cologne
Photo courtesy of Solid State

What is a solid cologne?

Regular cologne has a liquid base. It is what most of us are used to and has been prevalent since perfumes were invented. A solid cologne (also sometimes called a “dry” cologne) mixes this up by using a solid, wax-like paste as its base ingredient.

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It’s base is made from ingredients like jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, and other foundations generally used in topical pastes. They also have a higher density, affording them a lot of benefits that regular cologne doesn’t have.

So that’s what it is. But what makes it so special?

Benefits of using solid cologne over spray cologne.

It’s less expensive and lasts longer

One of the primary benefits is that you can get a tin of solid cologne that will last you about the same time as regular cologne, for a lot cheaper. This is great if you are on a budge, or just want to make your purchases last longer. 

It’s more versatile

Regular cologne is great for a professional work environment or a casual hangout when you are mostly indoors or sitting down. Anything more demanding and you will find that liquid cologne is not as effective.

Since the base in a solid cologne is a wax based paste, it is more resilient to sweat and physical activity. When you switch to using solid cologne, you will start using it on occasions when you wouldn’t usually care to smell good – like a hiking trip or a gym trip. 

It produces a more natural smell

Using natural solid cologne is much better than subjecting yourself to heavy chemicals found in deodorants like parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol and aluminum. The natural wax-based creams work their way into your skin and mix with your sweat. The resultant smell is much more natural and manly compared to the artificial overpowering smell that turns bystanders off when you slap on too much deodorant.

It’s smaller and easier to take with you

They are also great to carry as they dont spill and the containers can be handled roughly. You can put them in your pocket or gym bag or whatever you prefer to carry with you any day. You don’t have to worry about fiddling with sprays while applying them. They are significantly lightweight and smaller as they don’t come in hefty glass containers and hence work great on airplanes.

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You also don’t have to worry about the fragile glass bottle banging around in your backpack and breaking or leaking. Solid cologne is easier to travel with and you can whip it out any time that you feel you need a touch up. 

Drawbacks of solid cologne

It can feel a bit greasy

Not everything is as rosy with solid colognes though. Applying a solid cologne is going to feel a little greasy at first. If you can’t put up with that feeling before you get used to it eventually, you might be turned off after your purchase. The greasy nature also means that it will melt on hot days and is not recommended for tropical or warm weather regions or seasons.

It loses potency over time

Another drawback that I came across in my research was that it tends to lose its smell potency as days go by. Both of these drawbacks can be avoided though if you make sure to store the solid cologne in a cool and dry place when you are done traveling with it.

How to apply solid cologne

The application is very easy. Think of it as a regular balm. You would apply it in the same areas as you would use a regular cologne. A little on the wrists, arms, neck and chest and you are good to go.

Make sure to work it in. You have to use an amount such that once you are done with rubbing it in, the area feels ever so slightly moist. If the skin starts to feel oily or slimy then you are using way too much.

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What are the best solid colognes to buy?

Duke Cannon Men’s Solid Cologne

This concentrated cologne balm comes in 4 great scents. My favorite, the one highlighted, has been described as the sweet smell of a well worn oak barrel that holds bourbon. It comes in three other scents that represent each of the three elements of land, sea and air. They are all unique in their composition and do a great job sticking to their respective themes.

These solid colognes are made in the USA with a small portion of the proceeds being donated to US veterans. The scents have not been tested on animals and are made in a cruelty free manner. They come in a convenient and simple yet distinctive 1.5 ounce tin package that is sure to get a question or two when you take it out for a touch up. There is nothing like wowing a date by showing to them that you are making an effort to take care of yourself. This one will definitely get the job done.

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Travel Friendly Solid Cologne

This brand is Amazon’s Choice due to its amazing product reviews and superb quality. I especially like the variant that I have picked above which blends the aromas of vibrant spices, tobacco and black vanilla. I love the lingering, but not overpowering, hints of tobacco in this delectable fragrance. The brand also has other variants that offer vibrant combinations like forest moss, lavender, and white birch; bitter orange, tuscan leather, and fragrant agarwood; distiller’s spice, fine bourbon and white oak; lemon peel, cypress and cedar; citrus notes with an amber musk finish.

All these combinations are delightful and I can’t wait to try them all one by one. It comes in a classy minimalist package that has a simple embossed logo on the lid to pique the interest of anyone who catches you applying it. The package is TSA friendly.

So that was my choice of the best solid colognes that I recommend you check out. Even if you are not intrigued by the above choices, I hope I have managed to convince you to give this amazing product category a go. It should be a great tool in your arsenal to always keep you ready. Don’t let them catch you lacking!

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