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How to Get Your Armpits to Stop Sweating

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Do you often take a shower, wait for your body to dry off and lather on deodorant and anti-perspirant in the hope that your armpits will finally stop sweating?

Have you tried countless deodorant and anti-perspirant products only to have your pits (and thus your shirt) still soaked in sweat at the end of the day? Or worse yet, after a few hours?

Then read on, because this article is going to teach you how to get your armpits to stop sweating.

Why Do We Sweat?

You’ve probably heard at some point in your life that the primary reason that we sweat is to cool us off. Specifically, to prevent our bodies from overheating.

And while that is true, it gets a little bit more complicated than that.

You see, most people will have on average between 2 and 4 million sweat glands all over their body.

These sweat glands come in to types; eccrine and apocrine.

The two are located at different points in the body.

Eccrine sweat glands are located all over your body and release sweat (made up of water, sodium and electrolytes) when called upon by the central nervous system. It is quite normal for most people to perspire about ~1 liter of sweat per day, although most of this evaporates before it hits the outside of your skin.

The other type of sweat glands, apocrine, are located around your armpits, palms and feet.

Unfortunately, these type of glands also produce bacteria, which helps break down the sweat, but also has the unfortunate effect of producing body odor.

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This is generally why we need to put anti-perspirant and deodorant on our pits, and talc down there, feet instead of all over our bodies.

Furthermore, some people will perspire and sweat a whole lot more than others.

Much of this is dependent on things such as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Gender
  • The environment and weather
  • Genes
  • Fitness level

Now that you know why we sweat, let’s move on to the next topic, which is the role of anti-perspirants and deodorant, and why they sometimes don’t work.

The Role of Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant & Why They Sometimes Don’t Work

First, we need to briefly discuss the difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant, as they are not one and the same.

Deodorants simply target the foul odors that arise when bacteria feed off and grow in the sweat produced by your apocrine glands. They don’t stop you from actually sweating.

Instead, deodorants contain ingredients like alcohol or tryiclosan, which targets smelly bacteria before it starts to digest your sweat.

Anti-perspirants’s job on the other hand, is to stop or at least reduce sweating.

It does this by physically blocking or clogging up your sweat pores, temporarily.

How it achieves this is through a variety of compounds. The main one is one often some type of aluminum-compound.

Basically what happens is that the anti-perspirant ingredients will mix with your sweat glands and form a paste, which blocks or plugs your pores from releasing sweat.

But what if you apply and re-apply your anti-perspirant ad nauseum, only for your pits to be soaked in sweat after a few hours??

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Here’s what many of those anti-perspirant products don’t tell you when it comes to learning how to get your armpits to stop sweating.

What they don’t tell you is that for an anti-perspirant to get put on store shelves, it has to clinically stop sweating by at least 20% in normal, healthy adults.


There’s a reason for this.

The reason being, anti-perspirants are restricted in the amount of aluminum-compounds that they can shove into their product. It usually tops out at about 25%. Anything more than that and the FDA has decreed that it would be too dangerous to apply.

So, what does this mean for you??

Now that you know this…

How to Really Get Your Armpits to Stop Sweating

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We already learned that just about any regular store-bought anti-perspirant is not going to get the job done here. Especially if you have hyperhydrosis around your armpits.

Cutting that sweat by 20% is like trying to reduce the Niagara Falls by 20%.

It’s just not going to work.

It’s time to go kryptonite.

Below are two products that will either stop your armpit sweating entirely, or at the very least, totally (and we mean totally) cover and conceal it (if you just can’t find a solution and don’t want to deal with armpit sweat rings the rest of your life.

The first one is something called SweatBlock.

SweatBlock was specifically designed for those who suffer from hyperhydrosis in their armpits.

It’s a clinical-strength aluminum chloride hexahydrate solution that effectively stops people from sweating for days.

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In fact, on average it will stop sweat for around 6-7 days.

The product comes in a box sealed with 8 different towelettes. To apply it, simply wipe a towelette on your clean pits and let them air dry for about five minutes before going to sleep.

Then enjoy a sweat-free existence for the next week.

To learn more about how to get your armpits to stop sweating with SweatBlock, click on the link below.

What if for some reason a product like SweatBlock just doesn’t work for you??

Are you doomed for a sweaty, stinky pitted existence?!


While you may suffer from excessive sweat, that doesn’t mean that it has to seep into your clothes and cause all sorts of embarrassment.

Enter the Thompson Tee.

The Thompson Tee basically does what other under-shirts, deodorants and anti-perspirants cannot do, conceal your armpit sweat.

How a Thompson Tee works is by taking a regular, 100% cotton tee and combining it with a patented ‘Hydro-Shield’ underarm sweat-proof design.

Basically, it will not allow a drop of sweat to get through the shirt and onto your dress shirt or day shirt.


It’s that strong.

If you want a near 100% fool-proof plan to permanently get rid of sweaty armpits forever, then combine a Thompson Tee with SweatBlock.

I would suggest going with the SweatBlock first though, as needing to wear a Thompson Tee every time you dress can often be a bit of tedious.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful in figuring out how to get your armpits to stop sweating. Please drop a line in the comment box below!

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