Tiege Hanley vs Curology: Are they Worth it?

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If you’re looking for men’s grooming products, there are plenty of them out there. Most brands are unique, so finding the most suitable one for your skin shouldn’t be too difficult.

It also depends on the products you’re looking for. Dr. Squatch, Duke Cannon, etc., are popular for bar soaps.

Brands like Tiege Hanley, Curology, and Brickell, offer the total skincare package.


There are many different approaches to skincare and skincare products.

And an examination of Tiege Hanley vs Curology is a perfect example of two companies with somewhat different approaches that end up competing because there’s some overlap in their target customers.

To understand who they are, what they do and how they do it, requires a more thorough examination.

So, let’s take a more detailed look at these two skincare companies and their products with an eye on deciding which one is better.

Curology vs Tiege Hanley

Tiege Hanley

Tiege Hanley’s approach can be summed up in the company’s motto, which is to uncomplicated skincare or to create an “uncomplicated skincare system,” to be more accurate.

Founder Aaron Marino of Alpha M set out to create a system that now consists of five different products, including a daily face wash, a facial exfoliating scrub, a facial firming super serum, an anti-aging eye cream, and a morning and bedtime facial moisturizer.

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The products are sold according to “levels.” Each of which comes with a consistent theme, with Level 1 being the starter system.

There are plenty of ancillary products within these levels, which means lots of marketing opportunities for Tiege Hanley.

Two consistent themes surface in the products mentioned above. One is that the exfoliating scrub can be a bit harsh. While the anti-aging cream is considered brilliant among most of those who use it.

The array of products might seem confusing at first, but for those who become acolytes, it offers a reliable, comprehensive system that covers and simplifies all aspects of skin care.

The Tiege Hanley products are based on a subscription, but that subscription can be canceled at any time, and all the products are available on Amazon.

The ingredients are solid and there are extras like SPF protection available in some products, so keep that in mind as well.

It’s worth noting that Tiege Hanley contains Phenoxyethanol, which is a ubiquitous preservative.

Some people are afraid this may cause irritation or has a link to cancer. It may be true that some people are irritated due to it.

However, that shouldn’t be something that makes it a bad ingredient. In fact, it’s just like any other ingredient and its effect will depend on the individual, so it’s not universal.


Curology, meanwhile, is a slightly different animal. It’s specifically directed at those with acne-prone skin with the symptoms including blackheads, cystic acne, blackheads, wrinkles and debilitating skin breakouts.

The biggest difference between Curology and Tiege Hanley is that some of Curology’s ingredients aren’t available over the counter.

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They represent an effort to solve skin problems without having to pay the potentially heavy cost of going to a dermatologist.

A quick look at some of the ingredients will shed more light on the differences between the two approaches.

If you look down the Curology ingredients list you’ll see names like zinc pyrithione, tranexamic acid, metronidazole and topical invectin, which is very different from what you’ll find on the Tiege Hanley labels.

The good news is that Urology offers a free trial if you pony up $4.95 for shipping and handling. And if you like the results you get after that you’ll be billed every other month at a rate of $20 a month.

The dodgy side is that Curology’s board of experts includes doctors and nurse practitioners, but no actual dermatologists.

There are also limits on what the company can offer when it comes to the most effective products for acne.

The Verdict

Given all that, what’s the final call on which one is best? If you’re specifically looking to address an acne problem, Curology wins hands-down.

But if you’re looking for an overall skincare product that covers all bases, that’s Tiege Hanley.

As a broad-based quality product line that covers all the bases at a fairly reasonable price, it will automatically have a broader appeal.

That makes it the obvious choice for at least 75 percent of the skincare market.

Frequently Asked Questions on Curology & TH

Is Tiege Hanley a good company?

Yes, the general perspective is that Tiege Hanley is worth investing in.

This is because it provides men’s skincare packages that are simple, uncomplicated, and helpful for people with skincare issues.

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The products are not too expensive and provide good value relative to their prices. Finally, the company provides easy-to-follow instructions so you’re not going to feel stuck at any stage.

What skin type is Tiege Hanley for?

Aside from the fact that their products are designed for men, those with sensitive, normal, oily, and combination skin types can benefit from their products.

Basically, it is good for all skin types. One good thing about this is that it’ll be easy to decide if the product is effective or not since it’s suitable for your skin type.

Is Tiege Hanley better than Curology?

The answer is it depends. Both are great and have a slightly different target market. Simply look at the products, check the ingredients, and consider the pricing of both brands.

You should be able to decide which is suitable for you.

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