Tiege Hanley vs. Proactiv: Which is Better?

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Caring for your skin shouldn’t be difficult.

However, there are so many skincare brands available, which makes choosing the right one an almost impossible task.

To help you out, we will be reviewing two popular skincare brands in this short article.

These skincare brands are Tiege Hanley and Proactiv. Reading this article to the end will help you to decide which is best.

What is Tiege Hanley?

Tiege Hanley is a skincare brand created by men for men.

The brand was created to provide effective skincare products for men that are not only affordable but also easy to use.

Presently, Tiege Hanley is now a premium skincare brand that delivers its products all over the world.

Its products are categorized into levels so you don’t have to worry about having a skincare routine.

These products include body wash, scrubs, day and night moisturizers, serums and creams.

Is Tiege Hanley Worth It?

Male skincare products produced by Tiege Hanley are categorized into levels.

When you buy any of the level 1, 2, or 3 Tiege Hanley, expect to find body washes, scrubs, serums and creams.

The serum, most especially, is designed for mature men to clear the fine lines and wrinkles on their faces.

While the scrub acts as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, the body wash cleanses your skin and prepares it for the moisturizing cream.

Depending on your skin type, you can decide to exfoliate your skin using the scrub once or twice per week.

Tiege Hanley: Discounts and Costs

When you buy Tiege Hanley products directly from the brand’s website, expect a discount of up to 25%.

If you are within the U.S.A, delivery is absolutely free.

Furthermore, you can track your delivery and also return the products if you don’t like them.

Presently, the brand is offering a $10 discount on all subscriptions. This means you can subscribe to Tiege Hanley for just $45.

What is Proactiv?

Proactiv is a skincare brand that has been in existence for over 2 decades.

It will interest you to know that the brand was launched by two female American dermatologists.

The brand has a lot of positive reviews from customers across the world.

Since its establishment, the brand has produced a wide range of skin care products, including cleansers, skin repair lotions and revitalizing creams.

For someone who wants to take skincare seriously, this brand is highly recommended.

Is Proactiv Worth it?

Proactiv can be used by anyone regardless of age and gender to treat certain skin problems like acne.

If acne is a skin problem you are dealing with, then it is time to give Proactiv a try.

There are a lot of positive reviews left by previous customers on the internet.

This proves that the brand produces good quality products that tackle skin issues.

However, if your skin is sensitive, you are not advised to use products from this brand, as they contain synthetic materials.

Proactiv: Discounts and Costs

Signing up as a member of the Proactiv program means access to great deals and the best subscription packages.

As a member, you can receive gifts from the brand, have access to additional products and also receive your delivery faster.

At present, new subscribers are entitled to gifts. Interestingly, shipping from the company to your destination is free.

Tiege Hanley vs Proactiv: Which is Best?

While Tiege Hanley is a male skincare brand.

If you are a man who doesn’t give much thought to skincare routines, subscribing to Tiege Hanley will do your skin a whole lot of good.

Proactiv, on the other hand, is for everyone who is looking for a lasting solution to their skincare problems.

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