What Does Witch Hazel Smell Like?

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Some witch hazel is supposed to smell like roses or citrus, but most people say it’s just a strong medicinal scent.

Some go further and say it smells like clove, vetiver, cinnamon, or tea.

It’s hard to actually pin down the exact smell of witch hazel because there are so many varying factors that contribute to each person’s perception of the plant.

Essentially, all we can do is guess about what witch hazel smells like because there’s not an official answer for someone who hasn’t ever tried it.

That said, I’ve tried a lot of witch hazel products and most of them smell pretty good.

What Does Witch Hazel Smell Like?

What does witch hazel smell like? This is a question every skincare fanatic asks themselves at one time or another.

The truth is that there’s no official answer to this question because all we have are our own experiences with the different types of witch hazel that are available on the market.

While some think it smells like roses or citrus – probably citrus-like flowers, like orange, lemons, and limes – others say it smells more medicinal than anything.

Some people describe it as smelling like clove, vetiver, cinnamon and tea. Some even say it smells like fresh dirt.

Most of the time, however, witch hazel doesn’t smell like anything at all. I wouldn’t say that it has the strongest scent, but it doesn’t smell particularly old lady-like either.

In fact, it’s really quite unique in that regard. As far as I’m concerned, most witch hazels have a strong medicinal smell to them and a lot of people are put off by this scent.

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If you’re one of those people who has a negative association with the smell of witch hazel, then I really wouldn’t recommend using it as a beauty product in your skincare routine.


While some do smell stronger or smell more medicinal than others, most witch hazels don’t smell all that bad to me.

It’s something that you’ll just have to try out for yourself and see how you feel about it. Most people say that they get used to the scent after a while, anyway.

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