What Happens if You Use Expired Perfume?

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Perfumes are essential grooming products.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

Most people have various collections of perfume bottles stacked in their bedrooms.

Perfumes usually have an expiration date printed on the can or container.

If you own a wide array of fragrances, it is usual not to finish using some or, sometimes, not open them until they expire.

You may be worrying if you can still use these perfumes after their expiration without risking any side effects.

This article will answer the question about using perfumes after their expiration, effects, and possible outcomes.

However, before then, let’s delve into some points to lay solid foundations.

Do perfumes actually expire? Do they really go bad?

Do Perfumes Expire?

Bad news, once you open a fragrance bottle, it can go bad after many months or years, depending on the perfume.

You will notice that the smell potency has reduced, and in some cases, it starts to smell bad.

After the expiration date, some vintage perfumes may still smell well with some evaporation, but the top notes will have gone.

What Happens When You Use Expired Perfumes?

Perfumes have different notes: top, base, and heart notes.

You’ll feel the top notes first after a whiff, then the heart notes appear subsequently and stay on the body or cloth.

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An expired perfume will lose all or some of these notes.

You won’t feel any smell after you spray it, thus denoting a weaker performance.

You may even get a different note entirely depending on the perfumes.

Generally, when perfume expires, what often depicts it is an unpleasant smell.

Applying it could give you a bad smell, skin irritations, or an allergic reaction.

Perfumes have numerous chemicals and components, such as ambroxan, aldehydes, and other alcohol.

They may result in skin problems when you use fragrances that have expired.

When you have a perfume you have used for a couple of years, you should test it before using it.

How Long Does Perfume Last?

How long a perfume will last depends on the chemical composition of the fragrance.

The average lifespan of most perfumes is 2- 5 years. Some may exceed that limit and function for up to 10 years.

Most manufacturers recommend throwing away the bottle after it’s been opened for 2-3 years.

However, significant factors might influence how long a perfume lasts.

Such factors include the scent family, the quality, and how the fragrance is stored.

From experts’ reviews, perfumes that last longest are the ones with heavier base notes.

These perfumes are like fine wine as they get better with age. Such scents include oriental smells like amber and oud.

If the fragrance’s lighter base notes are the heaviest, it might not last long because the solution is more volatile.

Also, perfume stored adequately(out of light & heat) will last longer than the average time.

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Some perfumes with high alcohol concentrations and fewer oils may not last longer over the years.

The natural oil fragrances might change or develop sediment in the bottle over time.

How To Tell If a Perfume Has Expired

There are several ways to determine if a perfume has expired.

The most obvious and straightforward way is to check the expiry date.

Expiry Date

Several perfume manufacturers do print an expiration date on the can or container.

It can be in the form of a PAO number( Period After Opening) or batch code.

You should always check the bottom or top of the container to examine the date and endeavor to finish the content before the due date.

Perfume Scent

Furthermore, how the perfume smells can indicate if it has expired or not.

Your perfumes will lose some fragrances if it’s passed the due date.

Sometimes, it will give off an unpleasant odor. Perfumes contain some fats and chemicals that can expire over time.

If you notice that the scent differs from how it was when you bought it, you can conclude that it’s expired.


Finally, you can investigate the appearance of the perfume to determine if it has expired.

Perfumes that develop opacity or become darker after some time can indicate it’s going off.

Another great way to test your perfume is to check the content size.

Some scents with high alcohol concentrations can evaporate.

If your perfume size has reduced and you’re sure you haven’t used it, it could indicate it’s nearing its expiry date.

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