When Should You Start Shaving Down there?

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As much as this is a taboo topic, a lot of people want to know the answer. Especially the younger ones.

Shaving down there isn’t something to be taken lightly. Not only because it’s a sensitive area. But also because it can cause agonizing pain if you don’t get it right the first time.

In this article, you’ll learn some important tips that can help you decide when it’s time. You’ll also learn how to do it properly. If you’re ready, jump right to the next heading:

Should A 13 Year Old Shave Pubic Hair?

Decide for yourself

Yes, you can start shaving at the age of 13. Some people start shaving as little as 10 years of age. It all comes down to personal choice.

One important thing that can help you decide if you’re ready or not is if you can continue to manage it.

Once you start it, you can’t stop again. And you have to continue to manage it. If you think you can do that, nothing is stopping you from starting.

You also don’t have to wait for your parent to give you a go-ahead. Most likely you’ll be asked to decide on your own.

Moreover, there is no consensus on when you should start shaving down there. Most men start growing pubic hair around 15 years. Some start earlier while some are later.

Which one is more comfortable – keeping it or shaving it?

Another angle to consider is which one makes you more comfortable. If you can’t start the hair down there, nothing stops you from taking it out. That is what I’ll suggest.

Because you’ll eventually start shaving it so why not start now? I know there are people out there who think it’s not mandatory or doesn’t even shave it.

But that’s the most unhygienic thing to do. Not only will growing it harbor dirt and germs, but it can also become extremely difficult to wash. I’ll also avoid grooming the area.

You’re going to be spending not just time but the money that should be expended elsewhere. Shaving takes care of all that so you don’t have to worry.

When Should You Start Shaving Down there?

No one prepares you for all the physical and emotional changes that come along with puberty.

Typically, pubic hair starts growing between the ages of 11 and 12, but it can appear differently in each person. No matter when it starts growing, it’s always a big change and a big surprise,

There’s no perfect age or a set moment that defines that you should start shaving down there.

In the end, shaving is a personal decision, some people feel uncomfortable having pubic hair, while others need to remove it. So, the right moment to start shaving down there is whenever you feel like it.

Even though different external factors can influence someone to shave or not (family traditions, social expectations, beauty trends, stereotypes, etc.), you should always analyze what’s more convenient for you.

So, when you decide to, just get the right razor, shaving cream. And start shaving down there.

Pros of Shaving Down there

Here are a few benefits you stand to gain when you start shaving down there:

  • Save time. Once you shave, it can take a while for the hair to grow back. During those times, you don’t have to worry about grooming the hair, which can take a good chunk of your time. Unless you groom it regularly, it can easily become a depot for harmful germs.
  • Save money. You only need a shaving razor, or if you want, you can use wax to remove the hair. Except for buying blades for the razor, you can use it for a while before needing a replacement.
  • Feel comfortable. I always feel fresh down there when I shave. Not to talk of the fresh air that keeps the area dry.
  • It’s more aesthetic. Taking out the hair keeps the area clean and easy to look at. Since there is no hair, you’ll be free from itchiness and sweat.
  • Prevents strong odor. I’ve found that there is no odor coming out of there after I shave as opposed to when I allow it to grow some. While you still have to keep it clean, it’s easier when you’ve shaved it.
  • It’s healthier. This one is obvious. Lower chances of infection. And it just looks good.

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