Why Do My Balls Smell Like Pee? (Explained)

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Who would have thought that balls could smell like pee, right?

But it can definitely smell. And it’s not always a good smell.

So, the question isn’t whether can you smell or not but rather, why does the smell occur in the first place?

Could it be because you don’t clean them enough or don’t change underwear properly? Let’s find out together!

I added an important point at the end. Make sure you check!

Why Do Balls Smell?

The most probable reason for a smelly ball sack is poor hygiene, period.

The only other thing that can cause a smelly ball is a disease caused by bacteria present down there. And I’d say that is most likely as a result of the first too.

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Is It Your Balls?

Is it your balls that are smelly or your underwear? This is another factor to pay attention to.

Most times, I have noticed that it is not actually the balls but the pants or underwear. So, I try to change it daily.

If you can’t do that, then it might be a little difficult to eliminate the smell completely.

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What if the balls are clean but the underwear is smelly due to having it there for more than a day?

Aside from the benefit of eliminating the smell, changing your underpants daily will allow some moments of ventilation down there.

The more breathing is done daily, the better the general welfare down there, kind of.

Bacterias Can Be Culprits

Do you know the armpits can also stink? Yes, but why? Because of the presence of bacteria.

So, the first thing you want to ensure is to make sure you are clean down there.

This includes clearing the hair on/around the balls, putting on clean underwear, and making sure you shower after sweating heavily.

How to Reduce Smell Down there

Why Do My Balls Smell Like Pee

Here are some of the things I do (and would do) when it smells like pee down there:

Avoid Anything That Says Anti-Bacteria

That most certainly means your soap! If your regular soap is anti-bacteria, then don’t use it there.

This is because it will wipe off the good flora and bad ones will pop up.

Yes, those are the ones that have that pungent odor.

And while yeast infection is extremely low in men, these are the things that can cause it. And yeah, it can be annoying to cure.

Don’t Put Deodorant on Your Balls

It seems some guys do it. But it’s not healthy. It’s not as if it’s your armpit.

Your armpit can get ventilation most of the time, especially if you’re at home and not wearing your top. But down there?

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It’s almost always covered. Some deodorants even contain aluminum, which can cause more damage than you can bear.

Use Baby Powder?

If you sweat a lot, this can also cause a funky odor after a while.

Once the sweat gums to the skin, and you don’t wash/shower, it can cause the ball to smell. So, a baby, non-talc powder might help.

Here is a full article on that if you’re interested.

Never Use Tight Underwear

This should be obvious but I’ve seen guys putting on extremely tight underwear.

Aside from being totally uncomfortable, it can make it harder for you to breathe down there. Always choose loose clothing down there over tight ones. “E get why”.

Take a Bath

Should you be showering 3 times a day? Or bath twice daily, just to be sure it doesn’t smell down there?

Well, showering and bath alone won’t help.

They can certainly be a catalyst for removing the smell. But you have to pay attention to your general hygiene.

If you’re not wiping properly, it could result in a smell. If you don’t clean up after urinating, that can also lead to smelling too.

So, let’s say you take your bath once.

You can shower for as many times as you want if you have the time. And the best time to do that is at night before you go to bed.

That way, you’re able to wash away all the sweat that has stuck on the skin during the day.

Clear the Bush

If you’re not regularly shaving and removing the hair down there, you can’t eliminate the odor.

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This is because dirt, sweat, and moisture get trapped in the hair.

So, if you don’t shave it, it’ll release a strong odor that can be unbearable, even if you’re thick.

So, the first step towards eliminating the problem of balls smelling bad is shaving lower body hair regularly.

Final Thoughts and a POINT of NOTE

It could also be that this is only a one-time thing. Sometimes when I urinate a lot during the day, I find that it smells like pee down there.

What I would do in such a case is to (shower if I’m not too lazy) and change my underwear. This always works.

But I guess it can be tasking changing underwear multiple times in a day? Fortunately, I’ve not had to change it more than once and I’m always fine.

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