Why do safety razor blades have numbers

Why do safety razor blades have numbers? – What To Know

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Although many people have switched to electric razors, some still prefer using safety razors for numerous reasons. Using a safety razor gives the user more control and a closer shave. Nevertheless, it requires practice and patience to properly shave using a safety razor. Otherwise, you may end up cutting your skin.

Have you ever noticed that your blades have numbers printed on them? Why do safety razor blades have numbers? What do those numbers mean? The guide below will answer this question.

Safety Razors Vs Electric Razors

Despite serving the same purposes, safety razors and electric razors are drastically different. You have to learn more about these differences before choosing one. Electric razors use an electric outlet or battery to operate. The motor will turn the blades which will cut your hair. Using an electric razor tends to be quicker, easier, and more convenient.

Nevertheless, some people prefer safety razors because they usually provide a much closer shave. When you use a safety razor, you’re going to remain in control. You’ll also appreciate that safety razors are cheaper than electric razors. The only downside is that you’ll have to replace the razor or change the blades regularly.

The costs will accumulate. Still, both options are great so you’ll need to pick the one that you like most.

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Breaking Down The Components

Regardless of brand, consumers need to be familiar with their safety razors. First, and foremost, the components are key to ensuring the closest shave. When consumers are knowledgeable, their more likely to make better-informed decisions when shopping for a safety razor.

Knowing the components will give you a better idea of the actual functionality of a safety razor.

The Cap (Top Cap) – The name alone should give most a general understanding of this component. Think of it as the safety cap or top cap that fits snugly over the T-shaped head. This component is only important for storage, safety, and proper care. Always wash, clean, and dry your safety razor before replacing the cap.

Mount – The simplest way to define the mount is the platform which holds the blade. The design generally includes one or three holes to allow for a more thorough cleaning.

The tiny grooves embedded into the top of the mount help stabilize the blade when in use. The blade sits comfortably on top of the mount that is attached to the top of the handle.

Safety Comb –The comb, also known as the safety bar, is embedded with grooves that protect the skin from serious injury. The safety comb allows the blade to only slightly touch the skin.

The closed comb is preferable among teens, as it is simply much more forgiving. The design still delivers a close, quality shave.

The open comb, on the other hand, requires a more practiced hand. The process requires slightly more pressure than when shaving with a closed comb. Applying pressure while shaving can be a bit tricky, especially for beginners.

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How Often To Change Safety Razor Blades

Safety razor blades can last for a long time. You’ll be surprised when you’re able to use the blade for several months. Nevertheless, safety razor blades are not going to last forever. How long should you wait until you change your safety razor blade?

Typically, you should wait until the blade is worn down. If it struggles to cut through your hair, you likely need to change the blade. If you have thick, coarse hair, the blade may wear down more quickly. Although it depends on the circumstances, the blade will be most effective for 5 to 7 close shaves.

You can still use the blade after this, but you may experience tugs and discomfort. If the blade is no longer cutting smoothly, go ahead and change it.

Shaving Gel Or Shaving Cream For Safety Razor

The Procter & Gamble “P&G” Company was the first to patent a shaving gel that transitioned into a foam. The patent was revolutionary for the 1900s when the option was limited to shaving soap, cream, and traditional gel.

The safety razor dates back to 1880 when the Kampfe Brothers’ single-edged safety razor was utilized with hard shaving soaps. Since it was the only option available, consumers did not have anything to compare it with. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Following the bar shaving soap, soft soap and oils were introduced in the early 20th century. It was not until 1919 that the first shaving cream hit the market. A professor at MIT created the first shaving cream marketed under the brand, Barbasol.

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There is no shaving cream or shaving gel specifically made for safety razors. In fact, some consumers continue to revert back to the shaving bar.

Why Do Safety Razor Blades Have Numbers? – Overall

Safety razor blades have numbers to ensure the manufacturer can keep track of the batch. If the machinery malfunctions, there is a risk that the blade will have a jagged edge that could hurt the user. Therefore, the company needs to find out so they can inform consumers right away.

The numbers help them do this. They’ll know which blades are problematic so they’ll be able to contact consumers immediately.

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