Why Is Deodorant So Expensive?

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Hello and good day. First of all, let’s clear the bias in the air; deodorant is not that expensive really.

Now the second thing, there is deodorant and there is antiperspirant.

Deodorant absorbs or tries to mask off body odor with the use of scent.

Antiperspirant works to stop the sweat so the odor is not created in the first place – and some scent also.

Why Is Deodorant So Expensive?

Understanding what deodorant is, is essential to understanding why it costs the way it does – from cheap and affordable to really expensive.

Deodorant is really just a scent, like a body spray or a cologne but for the underarm.

It functions as a deodorizer: erases the body odor, and gives your underarm a nice scent if you want.

Now because of this, deodorant doesn’t contain active ingredients, unlike antiperspirants.

This makes them less complicated to formulate, which in turn means that any producer of perfume can go into the deodorant business – should they wish to.

And perhaps, this might explain how a luxury fashion brand like Tom Ford is able to sell a stick of deodorant for $130, but now that is so expensive.

That is it really, it is a designer branded deodorant, it has to be expensive, you should understand this.

Natural vs. Traditional Brands

When you take out the big ticket, we are left with two brands of deodorant: traditional/synthetic deodorants and natural deodorants.

Synthetic deodorants are the cheapest in the market, and kind of the oldest also.

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Natural deodorants emerged due to health concerns regarding the consumption of some chemicals used in formulating some of the synthetic deodorants, and also to cater to those who prefer naturally made products.

Brands like Dove, Old Spice, Nivea, Arm & Hammer, Axe, and Rexona have been doing well with their deodorants and they collectively range from $3 to $5 per stick.

Brands like Dr. Squatch, Native, Schmidt, Tom’s of Maine, and Each & Every which are some natural deodorants sell from $12 to $19+ per stick.

This is where the price difference sets in, why are these natural deodorants this expensive?

Natural deodorants are products that are purely natural, with no synthetic ingredients or fragrances.

Some brands that claim natural are not all natural of course, but this is what it means.

This saves one from the concerns of the effects of using regular deodorants.

These effects, although not scientifically stated, still give the natural brand an ace against the regulars, which means they’ll cost more.

Then there are the manufacturing costs; natural ingredients are more expensive than synthetic ones.

And since the product is natural, it proposes biodegradable or recyclable packaging in order to be eco-friendly.

Final Words on Deodorants

Finally, the cosmetic industry is really big and liquid.

There are a lot of brands who would want to be farming on it, especially the natural labels as it is more profitable.

These brands tend to manufacture products that are not really natural but call them natural, they may just have a few natural ingredients in them.

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In order to stand out, genuine natural brands have to register with organizations that will inspect their products and give them a certified badge of verification.

This label now distinguishes the genuine brand’s products from other competitors in the market.

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