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The Best Talcum Powder for Your Skin

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There are a ton of body powders out there, and whittling them down to the very best takes a lot of work. Here is my pick for the best overall talcum powder. 

The range of body powders out on the market is quite impressive, actually. They range from completely organic, minimum ingredient powders to nearly synthetic, hops and oatmeal infused powders.

From mainstream, old-fashioned talcs to luxury body powders with super precise applicators.

From cheap, to expensive.

In the end, however, when it comes to your skin, there can be only one.

So, which is the best talcum powder for skin?

Best Talcum Powder for Your Skin

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Talc vs. Non-Talc

Talc is good for two primary reasons:

  • it’s very good at soaking up moisture and bad odors
  • it’s very inexpensive to produce

However, the simple fact is that over the past several years there has been a massive, massive shift in the marketplace away from talc.

Consumers are concerned about the possible health effects of using talc long-term on their bodies. In particular, for women. There have been some conflicting studies that have purported to show a link between talc usage and a higher chance of contracting cancer (particularly ovarian). To read more about this issue, click here.

What’s the bottom line?

The truth is, while the jury is still out on a definitive answer to this question, all things considered it’s best to opt for a non-talc product.

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Like talc, when it comes to ingredients, generally the rule of thumb is:

the less, the better.

Like the recent massive shift away from talc usage in recent years, there has been a similar shift away from synthetically-created ingredients.

Like the recent massive shift away from talc usage in recent years, there has been a similar shift away from synthetically-created ingredients.

As you applying these powders to your body (and oftentimes quite “important” areas at that!), you need to be assured that these products are safe.

The bottom line here?

The fewer ingredients, the better.

Consistency and Feel

With a dearth of body powder products out there, all jam-packed with obtuse and exotic ingredients, it’s sure to leave an effect on the consistency and feel of the powder itself.

A lot of body powders out there feel chalky, almost too dry.

Others feel very, very fine. Almost silk-like in your hand.

And still others feel chunky and too granular. There are big pieces of fused powder everywhere.

Let’s get straight to the point:

You don’t want a chalky, granular powder. The finer, silkier, the better. It feels better, but more importantly, it can be rubbed onto your skin much, much easier.

With this category, it’s rather easy.

The more scent options your choice of body powder has, the better.

And that must include a non-scented version.

You don’t want a body powder that hits all the notes:

  • Fine consistency and feel
  • Non-talc
  • Few ingredients

…and then absolutely hate the smell itself. It would simply drive you crazy.

After all:

If you want to smell like peaches and roses down there, have at it! But it’s a lot funner when you’ve got a plethora of options to go with, instead of being limited to a peaches and roses or non-scented.
If one category stood above all the rest, it would probably be this.

If your body powder cannot soak up moisture and leave your skin dry and smelling nice, there really is no point in using it.

But, here’s the thing:

Talc products are simply better than non-talc products when it comes to strength.

They last longer and can soak up more wetness than non-talc body powders.

But any body powder product up against a talc, and in this category, it straight up loses.

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Skin Irritation

There is often a correlation between the strength of a body powder and how much irritation it can leave your skin feeling.

Often times the drier the product leaves you, the more skin irritation, especially for those prone to sensitive skin.

But, here’s the kicker:

Body powder companies have become savvy to this recently, and have been infusing some of their powders with ingredients that specifically tackle this very issue.

Body powder with aloe is a good example of this.


The best talcum powder for skin should be a powder that leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth, not dried out and irritated.


Now, I know we aren’t exactly dealing with high-priced, high-tech television sets or something here, but the thing is, some of these body powders can be a tad steep.

I mean, do you really want to shell out $20 for a single bottle of talc powder??

Now, if that powder is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it does everything it says, and more, sure.


We are looking at value for cost here.

It’s easy.

The product with the best value for cost, wins!


Lastly, there is application.

This is simply the act of actually getting the powder from the bottle and onto your body.

Why is this important?

Because with some powders a lot of powder spills out because there isn’t an applicator nozzle, or anything to limit the amount of powder that comes out.

A lot of powder ends of sifting through your fingers, falling on the floor, getting on any clothes you are wearing and generally being a huge pain-in-the-you-know-what to clean-up.


A powder that has an applicator, or at least attempts one, is going to be a massive, massive help

Fromonda Woody Talc-Free Body Powder

If you are looking for the best overall (non) talc powder for your skin, then Fromonda’s line of Woody talc-free body powders has to be in consideration.

The benefits are numerous: 

  • Scented versions (mint, cedarwood and tea tree, peppermint and tea tree, citrus and hops) and 1 unscented version. More options than basically everyone else.
  • All body powders are non-talc.
  • All of the body powders have 6 or fewer ingredients.
  • Has very good strength for a non-talc.
  • Excellent value for your money, especially compared to some of the so-called “luxury talcs” out there.
  • One version actually as its own special applicator brush, perfect for those worried about spillage.
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You might be wondering:

And the downside?

Honestly, not a lot. But objectivity and fairness is needed, right?

The biggest downside is simply the fact that,  because it’s a non-talc based product, it doesn’t quiet have the strength as other talc-based powders.

That being said, sometimes non-talc based products end up turning into little orbs of soft as moisture accumulates, and as I have read, I have not once heard this complaint from Woody body powders.

Secondly, if you want an applicator brush, you will need to be a special set containing it.

Otherwise, you are essentially left with just a bottle, and your own carefulness in getting it out of there, and onto your body with as little spillage as possible.

The bottom line however is that the pros far, far outweigh the cons on this one.

Chassis Man Premium Body Powder

This product is straight up awesome.

Here’s why:

  • This body powder makes a very, very solid argument for overall best powder for skin.
  • The value for your money is good, all things being considered.
  • It’s infused with vitamins and aloe, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • It’s non-talc.
  • Each bottle contains way, way more product than every other competitor.
  • The bottles have the absolute best applicator nozzle that I have ever used.
  • Very sleek, silky-like feeling to the powder.

But, I know, I know.

You want to hear the cons. They all have them, right?

Let’s start with the most obvious. One scent. And if you aren’t “feeling” it, then you are out of luck because that is the only options available.

The bottom line is:

It’s just a straight-up overall good product.

The Best Talcum Powder for Skin 

At the end of the day, there can be only one!

While both of the above products are fantastic and what I would consider the best of the best, one outshines the other, ever so slightly.

The winner?

Fromonda Body Powder. 

The advantages were simply too numerous:

  • Contains lots of scent options.
  • You at least have the option of a more precise applicator brush.
  • Contains fewer ingredients.
  • Matches up essentially even on everything else; non-talc, strength, skin irritation and price.


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