Wahl Manscaper vs Manscaped: Which Is Better for You?

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You are probably wondering if there is possibly any groomer that can compete with the almighty Manscaped Lawnmower.

With all the commercial and widespread PR, the Manscaped has attained a lofty status and most don’t even know other brands exist.

Wahl Manscaper, the new boy on the block, has been making waves since its release into the market. Think it doesn’t stand a chance?

Find out in this comparison article, written just for you:

Wahl vs Manscaped: Similarities

There are not a lot of similarities between the two groomers. Here are the little ones you should be aware of:

The guides on both groomers are removable and both are waterproof so you can use them in the shower or for easy cleaning when used at the sink.

Wahl vs Manscaped: Differences


The most important feature of both groomers is the blade. If it’s not well made, then you’re not safe when trimming or shaving any part of your body.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 features a ceramic blade placed on a metal guide blade. Ceramic is less likely to nick your skin compared to a blade made from steel but that’s beside the point.

Compared to the Lawn Mower, the Manscaper features a detachable stainless steel blade with rounded tips to minimize the risk of nicks and cuts.

The blades on both are removable. Where the difference comes up is how you replace the blades.

With the Wahl Manscaper, you’re at liberty to change anytime you want, no rush.

However, Manscaped requires a subscription for blade replacement and it has to be done every 3 months at a whopping 14.99 dollars.

That’s not good enough as far as I’m concerned. A blade should be made to last a lifetime, if not, at least for a long time. If you have to replace it in so short a time, then they’re probably substandard.

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I’d think the Wahl Manscaper is better on this front.


The Warranty on the Wahl Manscaper is 5 years plus a money-back guarantee of 60 days. The warranty is void if the Manscaper is used for professional purposes.

On the other hand, Manscaped has 30 days money-back guarantee and 90 days warranty. Before talking about these durations, let’s talk about where you can get both.

The Wahl Manscaper is available on Walmart and the official website. I have not seen it listed elsewhere but you can. Manscaped can only be purchased through the official website.

What’s clear from the above is that Wahl has a longer warranty and money back guarantee. And since you can get it at a local Walmart store, returning is quite easy to do.

Aside from the shorter duration of the warranty and moneyback guarantee, returning a defective Manscaped is going to be more difficult. It’ll have to be done through the mail.

Take what you can from the above, but I’ll give the kudos to Wahl here.


In terms of performance, the Wahl Manscaper is better. I’ve seen dozens of reviews on both groomers and the Manscaper is consistently scoring positive reviews from users. It simply does what it promises to do.

The Lawn Mower, though a good contender, is replete with complaints from reviewers. So many people have stated it’s not safe, especially around the down area.

A lot of people have complained about being cut and some are even posting pictures of their wounds.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of the reviews on the Amazon Product Page for Manscaped Lawn Mower. Now, there are still quite a few other features to consider, so continue reading:

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The Wahl Manscaper comes with an adjustable wrap-around guard to safeguard your skin from nicks and cuts when trimming or shaving your neck, back, or chest.

You can adjust the guard to enjoy up to 20 cutting lengths.

The guard on the Lawn Mower is equally adjustable. You can adjust from 2mm to 3.5mm with a simple up and down swipe.

The adjustable length on the Lawn Mower is quite limited, compared to that of the Manscaper.

Manscaped stated specifically on their website that “Guards on The Lawn Mower® 2.0 must be physically removed and snapped back on to change trimming lengths”.

Wahl clearly noted that the guard can be “Used with the adjustable length dial you can achieve up to 20 cutting lengths. That’s a winner right there.

Price Tag

Aside from the performance, you probably care about the price too. I checked a few online stores and the price of both are quite different.

At Walmart, you could get the Manscaped for 74 dollars while you’d only pay 59 dollars for the Wahl Manscaper. That’s more than 10 dollars difference between the two groomers.

Granted, that may not mean a lot to you. But for others, that little change can buy some extra accessories that’ll make the experience even better.

It’s also obvious that the Wahl will be your best choice if you’re looking to purchase with a tight budget. I checked Amazon but couldn’t get the price for both.

If you go directly to the official site of both groomers, you’ll discover a similar scenario. At the time of writing this comparison, the Manscaper is $69.99 on wahlusa.com.

On Manscaped.com, on the other hand, the Lawn Mower is $79.99 with free shipping. As you can see, there is still a difference of 10 bucks, which is the same as what you get on Walmart and similar eCommerce stores.

Overall, the Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 is more expensive than the Wahl Manscaper. So, if a cheaper price is your thing, you know which one is better for you.

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Batteries and Charging

Both come with lithium-ion batteries and both are rechargeable. While the Manscaped comes with a charging stand to ease the charging process, Wahl Manscaper doesn’t come with any.

Wahl claims that you can do a 3-minute quick charge for a 3-minute use.

However, if you charge it fully, which will take 60 minutes, you get 100 minutes runtime. Whereas the Manscaped will take 120 minutes for a full charge for a total of 90 minutes runtime.

You can also do a quick charge for a few minutes if you have some urgent trimming you want to do on the Manscaped.

As you can see, the features here are very close with the Manscaper having a slight edge over the Manscaped Groomer. The extra 30 minutes of usage is significant, especially if you have a busy schedule.

You can use the Wahl Manscaper longer than the Lawn Mower.

The other advantage of the Manscaper is that you charge it for less, which can save you precious time. Again, the Wahl Manscaper is the winner in this category.

Final Thoughts

I don’t consider them to be of the same price (with the Lawn Mower being more expensive).

Even if they were the same price, the Manscaper has more features and advantages than the Lawn Mower 3.0.

The Wahl Manscaper has a superior warranty, better charging time, no hidden subscription, easy return in case of defect. The Lawn Mower is just more popular because of the large-scale commercial behind it.

However, the Wahl Manscaper is catching up as many people are seeing the benefits in it that are absent in the well-known Manscaped Lawn Mower.

Now, back to our initial discussion.

The Mancaper is slightly less expensive than the Lawn Mower 3.0. So, even if you aren’t convinced with all the benefits above, you probably will be with this, right?

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