Can Women Use Dr. Squatch? Isn’t It Just for Men?

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Yes, Dr. Squatch is made just for men. Right? Can women use it? I don’t think that’s impossible.

If you’ve seen all of the advertisements of Dr. Squatch, you’d already know they are targeted at men.

But now that the brand is so popular and even wifes buying them over the net for their husbands, it’s quite natural to want to know if it’s great for women too.

The scent is great, makes the bathroom smells nice, and so on. If you’re a woman and are reading this right now, should you (or can you) use Dr. Squatch?

Can Women Use Dr. Squatch?

Here is what the brand has to say, and I quote:

Yes, definitely! Our soaps and products can be used by both men and women!

That’s it, you have your answer. You can use it along with your husband. Or order yours if you’re single. You should like it, except the masculine scent?

Which Squatch Scent is Best?

Now that you know you can use it, which scent should you go for?

This is subjective.

But many people (mostly males) have found the pine tar to be the best smelling Dr. Squatch soap. Others (mostly women) have found the Gold Moss Scrub soap to be their favorite.

Aside from these two, the Bay Rum and Spearmint Basil Scrub are also favorites of many. As I mentioned before, this is an individual thing.

You may end up not liking any of the above. Fortunately, Dr. Squatch has a lot of other scents on the website that you can peruse.

If you have a specific scent in mind, you can check if it’s available and then test that if you don’t want to depend on what others find to be the best.

Does Dr. Squatch Smell Good?

Yes, most of their bar soaps smell particularly good. Like most people, you’ll probably start smelling the fragrance while holding the package.

The scent is very strong and it’s not unusual for it to fill the whole bathroom once you take it out of the box. However, it’s important to know that it has a masculine scent to it.

Not that women can’t use it, but it may be offputting for some.

Does Dr. Squatch Soap Expire?

Yes, their soaps do expire. According to the brand, the shelf life of the soaps is 24 months.

It’s possible the soap will last up to a year and even longer, however, it’s recommended that you exhaust it before that period. That way, you enjoy the maximum fragrance the soap has to offer.

This also applies when you’re ordering. Only order what you can finish within a few months so you don’t leave some waiting for their expiry date to come.

It’s common for people not to use their Dr. Squatch soap regularly, because why not? It’s quite expensive and should be managed.

If you fall in this category, don’t forget to use the whole thing within the span of a year, 6 months is recommended if you want to enjoy the scent fully.

Where Does Dr. Squatch Get Their Soap?

There are quite a few theories surrounding Dr. Squatch’s soaps.

One of them is that Dr. Squatch sources their soaps from The Soap Guy, which is another small male grooming company that specializes in soap making.

Unfortunately, a few people have tried buying from that company and the soaps aren’t the same.

One theory states that Dr. Squatch has some rights to certain scents that you can’t get elsewhere except you buy through Dr. Squatch.

However, the brand has repeatedly stated that all of its soap are manufactured in-house in the United States.

Whoever is making the soap, there is no doubting that the scent from Dr. Squatch is quite unique.

If you want to confirm, you can also order directly from the Soap Guy and stack the scent against one of the best from Dr. Squatch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does dr squatch bay rum smell like?

The scent of the bay rum is a mixture of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks and crisp pine.

Yes, you’re still in your bathroom but it might raise some nostalgic smell that’ll bring back distant memory. You have to try it to experience it though.

Does Dr. Squatch use lye?

Does Dr. Squatch use lye? Yes, the brand uses lye. In fact, it’s an essential ingredient in the soap-making process, especially handmade soaps.

Most brands, Dr. Squatch inclusive, use it, and possibly can’t do without it. And yes, it’s a chemical. However, this is totally melted during the process of soap making that no traces of it is left in the finished product.

Are Dr. Squatch Soaps Costly?

In relation to other brands in the same category, yes. Similar brands like Duke Cannon are much cheaper.

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