Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch: Which Is Better?

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You’ve probably seen the advertisements for Dr. Squatch that claim, “You’re not a dish, you’re a man,” along with an array of other hilarious advertising they have aimed at bringing men a higher-quality bar of soap.

One thing is for certain: Dr. Squatch has a top-notch marketing team. But do they live up to the hype?

Today, let’s examine and compare Dr. Squatch to another brand of high-end soaps — Duke Cannon — and see how they stack up.

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Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch: Comparison

All-natural Product

Dr. Squatch is relatively new in the men’s grooming game. Along with their bars of soap, they have an entire line of products aimed at men: hair care, deodorant, and toothpaste.

They claim Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch, and by looking at the list of ingredients, it appears they live up to this claim; with ingredients like oatmeal, pine tar, sand, and Orange essential oil.

These are ingredients that almost everyone has heard of and are easy to pronounce. They say if you can’t pronounce the ingredients in a product, then it’s probably not natural.

It also contains oatmeal, which is clearly visible on the soap. This ingredient helps to make your skin soft.

However, there may be big chunks all over the soap, making it too rough, which might make you feel a bit weird when rubbing the soap on your skin.

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Compared to Duke Cannon, which contains ingredients such as sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, soyethyl morpholinium ethosulfate.

It’s obvious Dr. Squatch is the more natural of the two. Duke Cannon claims to use all-natural ingredients, but a lot of ingredients they use have been used in soaps for ages.

When it comes to ingredients, Dr. Squatch wins hands-down. The soaps are more natural and should be better for you if you care about going natural.

Natural or Not, that’s the question

One thing I’ve realized is that some brands can easily you with their clever marketing and wording in their adverts.

One thing that Dr. Squatch does well is to make everyone believe their soaps are all-natural.

While that is true, it could also be that the brand is using common names instead of chemical names for their ingredients. Duke uses sodium chloride while Dr. Squatch uses sea salt.

Both are the same but you can easily take them to be different. That is to say that the ingredients are close and Duke Cannon is as natural as Dr. Squatch.

Size of the Bar Soaps

Duke Cannon has been around since 2011, and are experts at marketing itself as a premium men’s grooming brand.

One thing they know how to do properly gives their customers a good bang for their buck.

These bars of soap are called the ‘Big Ass Brick of Soap‘ and they certainly live up to that name. Their standard bar of soap is a great value at 10 oz with prices starting at around five dollars a bar.

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Compared to Dr. Squatch, who sells their product in 5 oz bars at around 7 dollars apiece.

Take the Dr. Squatch Pine Tar for example. Most people complain it gets exhausted quickly in as little as a few weeks if you shower daily.

One this is clear: Duke Cannon provides twice as much soap at relatively the same price (give or take, depending on which fragrance).

Important: Don’t forget your hands. Duke’s bigger, quite alright. But if you have small hands, it can be funny when you can’t use the soap comfortably. So before you jump over to Duke Cannon, examine your hands first.

Fragrance Varieties

Dr. Squatch boasts an impressive 11 distinct scents, and their website will take you through a customization process to help you find the right scent you’re looking for.

Not to be outdone by Duke Cannon, which has 15 different bricks of soap (along with limited-time soaps) to choose from.

Users report that Duke Cannon’s scent will last longer, but this could be because they contain some chemical ingredients. However, the scent of the Dr. Squatch soap is very strong, which might be unsettling if you use too much of it..

Some consumers noted they could perceive the fragrance even when the soap is still in the package. However, the smell is good, especially if you get the pine tar.

In comparison, the scent of a comparable Duke Cannon soap shouldn’t be as empowering as that of Dr. Squatch. So, if you react to fragrances easily, you may want to try Duke Cannon instead of Dr. Squatch.

Which Bar Last Longer?

It’s obvious that the Duke Cannon soaps are going to last much longer than their Dr. Squatch counterparts.

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The soap are bigger a host of users have noted they get higher value for their money with Duke Cannon soap, compared to Dr. Squatch.

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, your best option is Duke Cannon.

How to Choose Between Dr. Squatch and Duke Cannon

Look at the ingredient. If you like it natural, you know the best option is Dr. Squatch. However, if you want to risk some chemicals (and you don’t have sensitive skin that can react to them), you can try Duke Cannon.

Try some different scents. I’ve seen people in one instance liking Duke Cannon after comparing the pine tar scent from Dr. Squatch to Duke Cannon’s pine scent. And then changing their view when they tried a different scent. So, don’t conclude on just one scent. Try a few and see which one you like better.

Consider the price. Generally, Duke Cannon is more affordable. You get more for paying less. If that’s your thing, then go for it.

If you want a soap that smells nice but doesn’t last very long, go for Dr. Squatch. If you want a soap that costs less, doesn’t smell as much, but lasts longer, then go for Duke Cannon.

Bottom Line

In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re a blue-collar guy whose job demands he gets dirty, then Duke Cannon may be better for you, as it has better value and it is still a premium brand when compared to regular soaps.

But if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line all-natural soap, and money is no object, then Dr. Squatch may be just what you are looking for.

Whichever you decide to go with, you’re still going to have an excellent bar of soap.

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