Can You Put Aftershave on Your Balls? You Asked & We Answered!

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The short answer: No, you shouldn’t put aftershave on your balls. If you do try it, be ready to manage the sting that’ll arise as a result.

The Long Answer: Your private area is a sensitive part of your body. You need to be careful what you apply there, especially after just shaving. Aftershaves often have alcohol in them.

They’re primarily not designed to be used on the testicles. You can’t use them after just shaving, because it’ll probably sting more than you can imagine.

What’s the Purpose of the Aftershave?

Using aftershave after shaving helps soothe and clean the area. The best ones are also those that have some moisturizing elements in them.

Adding moisture makes the area softer and less prone to drying. Even if you’ve been shaving for years already, you can end up irritating the skin due to a poor job or a bad razor.

Fortunately, modern razors are well done so cutting and skin bruises are less common than they were some years ago.

Electric razors rarely leave skin damage. In any case, aftershave will seal up the pores, if any, and make you smell good.

What’s the Best Aftershave?

There are plenty of good aftershaves out there. There is the Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, Hippie Go Lucky Patchouly Oil, Thierry Mugler Amen Havane, and many others.

What Is Best to Use: Moisturizer or Aftershave?

Both have slightly different jobs, depending on your needs. Some aftershave has moisturizing properties, so there is no need to use another moisturizer.

When the area gets too dry, you can use a moisturizer, moderately. Avoid daily application to not irritate your skin.

Why Does Aftershave Sting?

Mostly because they have alcohol in them. And it’s the background process that causes the temporary sting. This mostly involves killing germs, closing up pores, stopping blood (from cut during shaving). In addition, alcohol is a good antiseptic. It’ll protect the shaven area from getting infected.

Does Shaving Your Balls Keep them Cooler?

I’d think that’s the case. When you have a cleanly shaved senior area, there is less potential for any stench, and no area for germs and bacteria to hide. And most importantly, the area is cool since there are no hairs to harbor heat.

Why It’s Necessary to Shave Properly

If you’re a man, there is no escaping shaving your balls. Unless you’re still in your teens.

When you follow the right procedures when shaving, your skin doesn’t get irritated, you don’t have cuts and avoidable ingrown hairs.

If you have delicate skin, you can also avoid reddening and inflammation of the skin.

Why shave in the first place? It keeps your below belt area clean and free from germs. If you want to keep your down there smelling nice and free from bad odors, you have to shave.

Shaving there also makes it easy to have relations with your wife. I know for sure my wife will tell it to my face to do it even if I were too lazy and the area is already bushy.


There are some important pointers to follow in the above paragraphs to ensure you’re shaving safely as well as what to keep in mind when using aftershave.

You don’t have to have a problem when shaving your lower belt area. I and many friends would shave there and not use aftershave.

We were fine for a long time.

So, taking out time to learn proper shaving techniques and using the right products can go a long way in helping you have a clean, irritation-free lower belt region, even without using aftershave.

And if you use aftershave, you now have all the info you need to know about it.

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