Gillette Cool Wave Aftershave Discontinued: Any Alternatives?

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The Gillette Cool Wave Aftershave is another well-loved product that has bitten the dust.

You and I possibly can’t know why brands like Gillette discontinue certain products. But when they do, these products usually don’t make a comeback.

They’re gone forever.

What can you do? Look for alternatives.

But that comes with good and bad news. The bad news is that you probably won’t get a close alternative or something you like as much as the Cool Wave.

The good news is that the market is infinite. There is definitely another brand that’ll give you all the chilling and excitement. You just have to look for it.

So, that’s what this article attempts to do, help you find it. Keep reading!

When Was the Cool Wave Discontinued?

The Gillette Cool Wave Aftershave was discontinued in April 2015. The company (Gillette) also confirmed this with some of those who asked through email.

So, it means that once most stores sold their inventory, you probably wouldn’t be able to buy it again after that time.

Moreover, if you check Gillette’s website, you may not find any aftershave.

This is shared by some concerned users but the situation may have changed by the time you’re reading this article. So, try and check it for yourself. Or try your local store.

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What Are Gillette Cool Wave Replacement?

Other Gillette Alternatives:

There are quite a few alternatives from Gillette itself and many other brands. Some of these include:

What To Do Now That It’s Discontinued

No matter how a brand wants to satisfy its customers, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. A brand operating on loss is going to close down eventually.

So, all brands try to squeeze out as much profit as possible. So, if your favorite brand discontinued a product you love, the next step isn’t to petition the brand.

You can try as much as you can to get the business to bring back the discontinued product. However, what you should (and can do) is limited to:

  • Buy as many of the products as you can. You know the product is not coming back and once you exhaust what you have, you can’t go back to restock the same product. You’ll have a lot of time to test new brands and even get used to new ones. The goal here is to allow yourself time to adjust.
  • Be economical with the product. This is important. The more economical you are the longer the product lasts. It’ll eventually finish but you want to enjoy the little as long as possible.
  • Hunt for replacements. The two steps above corroborate this. As you manage the discontinued product, look for alternatives. Are there close substitutes? Can you make some adjustments or combinations to get a similar experience?
  • Resign to fate. Now, this is important. Teach yourself to accept that this product is gone and not coming back. The faster you clear your mind, the easier it is to find/accept a replacement.
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I’ve used some of these rules to help myself out of liking a product that was discontinued by the manufacturer.

Even though some are too dear to forget in a hurry, you’ll eventually come out with a possible alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get any of the discontinued products?

I think you may still be able to. While searching on the internet for a retailer still carrying it, I found Sears and Kmart. At the time of writing this, the Cool Wave was available for purchase.

So, maybe if you go around a few of your favorite local shops, you may be able to come across them.

Does Gillette make aftershave splashes?

Yes. Though Gillette is well-known for its shaving sticks, the brand also makes aftershave and body washes for men some of which are very popular.

One of the better-known washes from the company is the Cool Wave, which has now been discontinued. There are other aftershaves from the brand. Check the official site for the options available.


As you can see, most brands stop producing some of their best-selling and even popular products at some point. And there is nothing you can do about it other than to look for alternatives.

Fortunately, there will always be other options.

It’s just for you to look for something that’s suitable for your need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a close substitute. Just what you like!

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