Does Body Spray Kill Spiders and Other Insects?

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Yes, a body spray can kill a spider. However, that will depend on the composition. Certain body sprays have chemical substances that can eliminate spiders and other pests.

Spiders are fascinating creatures that often elicit mixed feelings of curiosity and fear. When encountering these eight-legged arachnids, people might resort to various methods to deal with them. One common belief is that using deodorant can effectively kill or repel spiders. In this article, we’ll dive into the question, “Does deodorant kill spiders?” by exploring the facts, myths, and expert insights surrounding this topic.

However, this is when the spiders are small. If we’re talking about medium to big spiders, your body spray may not be that effective.

To put things in perspective, if you see a spider that measures 2.5″ in diameter, you can spray it and get it killed.

Anything above that, I doubt a regular body spray will be effective. It’s better to look at other more effective options.

The Myth of Using Deodorant to Kill Spiders

The notion that deodorant can kill or repel spiders is a popular belief that has circulated for some time. Proponents of this method claim that spraying deodorant directly on spiders can suffocate them or deter them from entering certain areas due to the scent. However, it’s important to separate fact from fiction when considering the effectiveness of using deodorant as a spider repellent.

Deodorant Ingredients and Spider Physiology

Deodorants typically contain a combination of ingredients such as fragrances, alcohol, and antiperspirant agents. While some of these ingredients might have the potential to irritate or deter spiders, they are unlikely to be fatal to these resilient arachnids.

Spiders have a unique respiratory system called book lungs or tracheae, which allows them to breathe. This means that simply spraying a deodorant, which is not designed to target spiders, is unlikely to suffocate them in the same way it might impact insects with a different respiratory system.

Expert Insights on Deodorant and Spiders

Experts in the field of pest control and entomology generally advise against relying on deodorant as an effective method for killing or repelling spiders. While some ingredients might have minimal repellent properties, they are not formulated to effectively eliminate spiders.

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The best approach to dealing with spiders is to focus on prevention and using methods specifically designed for pest control, such as traps, natural repellents, and professional pest management solutions.

Natural Spider Repellents and Control Methods

Instead of using deodorant, consider these alternative methods for managing and deterring spiders:

  1. Essential Oils: Certain essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and citrus oils have been suggested as natural spider repellents. However, their effectiveness varies, and they might need to be reapplied frequently.
  2. Keep Areas Clean: Spiders are attracted to clutter and hiding spots. Regularly cleaning and decluttering your living spaces can help reduce spider populations.
  3. Sealing Entry Points: Seal cracks, gaps, and openings in windows, doors, and walls to prevent spiders from entering your home.
  4. Professional Pest Control: If spider infestations are a recurring issue, consider seeking the assistance of a professional pest control service.

Why Is Body Spray Not Recommended?

I have a few theories about why you shouldn’t use deodorant for this job. Let’s look at a few of those:

Might be a waste of money.

If you have a lot of spiders around your home, trying to kill them with your deodorant will require quite a good amount of deodorant content.

Moreso, after killing a bunch, others may return after a time. Unless your body spray is extremely cheap, spraying it on spiders is just wasting it when there are other options.

Waste of time and effort.

To kill spiders with your body spray, you have to see them and spray them. Without contact, the chances of killing them are almost nil.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, spraying spiders, ants, and roaches with deodorant will take too much time.

There are insecticides that you just spray at one time and they’ll do their job for a while.

Possible hazard.

When you spray deodorants, you pollute the hair, especially if it’s aerosol or has heavy chemical substances.

In addition to that, you may pollute the area the spider is on, which may transfer it to other things like electronics.

Of course, this is not to say you face the hazard only when using body sprays. It could be the same when applying insecticides too.

But it’s worth counting this as part of the downsides of spraying some little crawling creatures with your deodorant.

What Are Other Alternatives?

Fortunately, there are other options you can pursue.

These annoying creatures are stubborn, so you need something strong to attack them.

Some species are venomous, which makes it even more important to get rid of them.

You can either use some chemical mixtures to kill them or go with natural substances if you like to keep things simple. Alternatives ways of killing or getting rid of spiders:

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Killing Spiders Instantly

You can kill spiders instantly with some of these methods:

  1. Vacuuming. If you vacuum them, you’ll kill them and their eggs instantly. It’ll be better if your vacuum has removable bags that you can easily dispose of after the operation.
  2. Squish them. Match one with your shoe, I promise it’ll suck the life out of them. If you’re more courageous, you can pick a spider up with a paper towel and squish it. It works but you need to get in contact with them.
  3. Use an insecticide. This is probably one of the most effective methods. To keep spiders away, spray your windows and doorways and where they have nested their webs. You can also spray directly on a spider if you happen on one. The closer the merrier.

DIY Methods to Dissuade Spiders:

Use Vinegar

An effective method of getting rid of spiders is mixing vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Spray it on any spider on sight.

As long as the spray gets to them, it’ll kill them. This is potent because vinegar has acetic acid, which is disastrous to their skin.

Apply Diatomaceous Earth

DIatomaceous earth (DE) is an effective substance used for killing all kinds of pests. It kills them by dehydrating pests through laceration.

Grab the bottle and spread it on areas spiders often frequent. You can also place it outside the home to prevent them from coming inside.

Because this item is highly potent, you should not use it where you prepare food or where children often play. Also, clean up any traces of it outside of where you spray it for your safety.

Peppermint Mixture

Spiders don’t like strong scents produced by peppermint, vinegar, and certain plants. To keep them out, mix peppermint and water into a spray bottle and spray those areas where you don’t want spiders.

They’ll likely stay away from your home as they don’t like the smell of this mixture.

Preventive Measures:

Cut off their Food Source

Spiders, like other pests, feed on smaller insects to survive. Cutting off their source of survival can help in reducing their number or totally eliminate them.

If you notice small insects such as ants, roaches, termites, and flies, you can eliminate them with borax. As long as these are not around your home, the number of spiders will go down considerably.

Shoo it Out the Door

Another effective way of getting rid of spiders, assuming you are not afraid of them, is shooing them out the door. You would think they hear you but they are also afraid of humans too.

So, this can be effective. You can also fan them out with a paper magazine. Be careful when doing this as some spiders can bite (although they are completely harmless).

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Keep them Out

This seems like the first thing to do. But I’m assuming you already have spiders in your house, which is what necessitates this question.

So, try the above first to eliminate them. Then you want to make sure you do this to keep them out and from returning.

The first thing you want to do is to clean up the exterior of your house. You want to ensure there are no piles of debris, plants, or dirt around your home.

The other thing you want to do is ensure there are no small openings/holes leading into your room from the outside.

Finally, keep the inside of your home clean too to keep out spiders and other insects.

FAQs About Using Deodorant on Spiders

Can deodorant kill spiders?

Deodorant is not formulated to effectively kill spiders. The ingredients in deodorant are unlikely to suffocate or eliminate spiders due to their unique respiratory system.

Can deodorant repel spiders?

While some ingredients in deodorant might have minimal repellent properties, they are not proven to be effective as long-term spider repellents.

What is the best way to deal with spiders?

Prevention, cleanliness, sealing entry points, and using natural repellents or professional pest control services are more effective approaches to managing spider populations.

Are there specific products designed to repel spiders?

Yes, there are spider repellent products available on the market that are specifically formulated to deter spiders. These products are more likely to be effective compared to using deodorant.

Is it safe to use deodorant to kill or repel spiders?

Using deodorant on spiders is generally safe for humans, but it’s not an effective method for eliminating or repelling spiders.

Can spraying too much deodorant kill you?

Yes, if you inhale too much of it. When you spray your deodorant on insects and pests, you want to do so leaving a space between you and the object.

You also want to vacate the area after spraying it. There have been reports of a 17-year-old boy dying after inhaling deodorant spray to get high.

So, if that can be fatal, it’s better to not inhale too much especially if you have underlying respiratory issues.

Can you spray too much deodorant?

Yes, you can spray too much deodorant. It’s best if you spray moderately. If it’s not effective, it’s better to stop than to continue spraying.

What attracts house spiders?

Other smaller insects often attract house spiders. Most times, these insects are attracted by the light you have on your porch and other areas during the night.

If you kill or disperse the insects first, then spiders will have nothing to come after.

They can also be attracted to trash cans so keeping your trash can lid shut and cleaning the area regularly will reduce their population.

Does killing a spider attract more?

No evidence killing spiders will attract more of them. However, there is a scenario that can call for more spiders.

When you spray or kill a spider, it becomes a dead carcass that may attract other insects. The presence of these insects, like ants, may then attract another set of spiders.

Is deodorant/aerosol a cruel way to kill spiders?

No, there is no cruel way to kill spiders.

All you want is for them to die and to do it fast. As long as you’re eliminating them, you shouldn’t have any issues as that is the end goal anyway.

What Can I Spray on a Spider to Kill It?

Fortunately, there are a lot of chemicals you can spray to kill spiders. I’ve covered most of what you need above.

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