Does Nair Expire? We Have An Answer for You!

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Summer is around and the temperature is steadily rising. Resorts, beaches, pools, and relaxation centers are opening.

It’s the season of shorts-and-swimsuit.

That time when hair removal cream is sought after as everyone needs enough convenience to catch that mind-soothing breeze.

So you dig through your bathroom cabinet and find that old and forgotten stick of Nair hair removal, covered in dust. You check for the expiry date and you couldn’t find any.

Now you’re confused as to why there isn’t an expiry date and seek to know if it’s still okay to use.

Does Nair expire? Read on as we seek answers to the question.

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Does Nair Expire?

As you’ve seen, Nair does not have an expiry date. There is none on any Nair products so we can categorically say it doesn’t expire.

Like every cream product, Nair has 3 years of use from the manufactured date printed on the back.

However, Nair recommends you replace your product after one year of opening. You might be wondering if it doesn’t expire, can you use it after a year of opening?

How To Know If Your Nair Is Still Good?

Because it doesn’t have an expiry date is not enough reason to continue to use it even when it looks bad or old. To determine if the Nair is still appropriate for use, you can scrutinize the factors below:

  • Smell
  • Colour
  • Potency
  • Texture
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Does it change color? Does it smell the same as before? How does the texture feel now?

Generally, after opening, Nair starts to look potency around 12 months and might not remove hair efficiently or lose its ability to remove hair almost completely.

If the color and the smell change significantly, then you might be using them at your own risk.

Can You Still Use Expired Nair?

Since Nair doesn’t expire, you shouldn’t have any problem with using it anytime you want.

However, it’s better to exhaust the content after one year of opening it according to the recommendation of the brand.

This also means you can use Nair within this period as long as it has not changed in any of the features mentioned above.

Why Does Nair Smell So Bad?

Nair is made from a combination of chemical ingredients including calcium hydroxide, alcohol, etc. It also contains mineral oil.

These ingredients and substances can easily trigger nausea in some people and some people can feel uncomfortable with the smell of Nair.

So, if you are not able to take the scent, you may want to find another hair removal product to make use of.

Is Nair Bad for You Long Time?

In the long term, Nair may be bad because of the way the hair is removed when you use Nair.

The hair removal is not a natural process and oftentimes may lead to rashes and other complications like redness of the skin, blister, and eventually weakening of the follicle where the hairs are removed.

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Using the time-tested shaving techniques by employing a shaver and trimmer is better in the long run than using a hair removal cream.

You’re not dealing with any chemical; you just have to be careful not to cut yourself.

However, in each case, you have to just be careful. And as long as you are, you should be alright.

Can You Use Nair in Private Area?

The best is not to use the product in a private area. If you’re looking to remove hair from your legs, back, arms, and armpits, then you can try Nair and other depilatories there.

However, sensitive areas like around the privates should be avoided unless you can take the possible pain and other side effects that may result from using it there.

Also, be sure to read the ingredients used in making it. Some hair removal creams have ingredients that can cause your body or skin to react negatively, so you need to pay attention to that.

Wrapping up

Like most things in life, skin and hair care products don’t last forever and this is true for Nair too. The general rule of thumb is to replace it after one year of opening.

As we established before, since Nair has no expiry date, do a thorough inspection on it if it’s old. However, if you’re unsure about its potency, consider replacing it completely.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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