Is Axe Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

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If you’re concerned about Axe animal testing policies, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss Axe’s animal cruelty status and everything within the scope.

Is Axe Cruelty-Free?

Axe is not a cruelly free brand or company.

They may do animal testing during the production stage themselves, through their suppliers, through a third party, or sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Furthermore, Axe is also owned by Unilever, a parent company that does animal testing too.

Neither Axe nor its parent organization is cruelty-free. However, we heard Unilever is in the process of becoming a cruelty-free product.

To be clear, Axe’s animal testing policy is not officially stated on their website.

But they quoted Unilever’s animal testing policy that most of their products reach consumers without testing any of their ingredients on animals and do not undertake animal testing in their laboratories.

This means that some of their products undergo animal testing and Unilever’s third-party laboratories might be testing individual ingredients on animals.

So Axe products have ingredients that are used by third-party laboratories for animal testing.

Axe also claim on their website that in some cases where there are no suitable animal approaches.

So, some of their ingredients have to be tested and government also tests their products on animals as part of their regulatory requirements.

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Does Axe Sell in Mainland China?

Yes, Axe products sell in Mainland China where animal testing is required by law.

Even though Axe’s official country list does not include China, Axe is listed on the Unilever Mainland China website.

Is Axe Certified By Any Organizations As Cruelty-Free?

No, Axe is not certified by any cruelty organizations and we do not have any evidence that suggests otherwise.

Is Axe Vegan?

Axe is not a vegan company. However, they produce some vegan products but we can’t consider them vegan since they are not cruelty-free.

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