Is Gold Bond Powder Safe? Find Out the Truth Here!

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There has been a lot of concern over the Gold Bond Body Powder because of its talcum content. However, Talc isn’t that dangerous and there is no study linking it to cancer.

Moreover, Gold Bond Power is endorsed by the FDA. If it isn’t safe, the FDA wouldn’t have approved it or there would have been a warning somewhere.

According to Wikipedia, the active ingredient in the original Gold Bond Strength Powder is menthol while talc and zinc oxide are inactive ingredients.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a solid product for the treatment of jock itch and other minor skin irritation, then Gold Bond Body Powder is a solid choice.

So, the question is:

Is Gold Bond Powder Safe?

Yes, Gold Bond Powder is safe to use. It doesn’t have any that could make it harmful for you when you make use of it.

Even talcum that people are afraid of isn’t potentially harmful. We get in contact with it in one way or the other without any (or little) side effects.

What Is Gold Bond Made of?

Gold Bond is made with menthol, talcum powder, and zinc oxide. This is the ingredient for the adult Medicated Gold Bond Powder. If you’re buying the baby one, it doesn’t contain talc but cornstarch. But both are safe.

What Can You Use Gold Bond Powder for?

1. You can use it for curing itchy rash. Whether you’re experiencing rash under your arm, neck, or in your private area, you can apply the powder to the problem area. It has a cooling effect that’ll help calm down the itchiness and resolve it after a few days. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should try a little potion on the area where you’re experiencing the itch and watch your skin reaction. If you react badly to it, then it may not be for you.

2. Use it for treating chaffing. The Gold Bond powder is extremely popular for the treatment of chaffing. It’ll draw out the moisture, keep your skin dry, and keep it feeling cool.

3. Remove foot odor with the powder. The Gold Bond Powder is very effective in drawing out moisture and relieving the foot from the resulting itch and finally eliminating the odor that emanates from that.

4. Soothe skin from insect bites and sunburn. If you experience burn from sunlight or itching from a bite from an insect, you can apply the powder to the area to bring relief.

5. It’s a multi-purpose powder. You can use it immediately after showering, after heavy exercise, or after work.

What to Be Aware of:

The powder has a medicinal scent that some people have a claim to be powerful and overwhelming.

If you’re very sensitive to that, you may want to avoid using the powder. However, if you can put up with it, the scent should disappear a few moments after applying it.

It is expensive. In relative to other powders on the market like the Zeasorb, you do pay a price. Since it’ll be worth it, then it’s an investment that’ll pay back over time.

It can leave some greasy finish and feel after using it. This may not happen all the time but it’s something to be aware of.

Where Can I Get the Gold Bond Powder

The powder is available in different sizes of up to 10 oz in case you’re buying from family. Aside from the official Gold Bond website, you can find the product almost everywhere.

If you’re buying online, you can check, eBay, Walgreen, Walmart, CVS, and similar websites.


As far as we’re concerned, there is no substantial evidence that talc, which is an ingredient in Gold Bond, can cause cancer. As a result, Gold Bond is safe for use on your skin or for your animal.

While it’s more expensive and more costly than similar brands, the reviews on the product is overwhelmingly positive. This means that it’s effective. So, if you’re still wondering, go ahead and test it!

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