Is Native Deodorant Safe

Is Native Deodorant Safe? Better than Lume?

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It’s great to want to smell nice.

What is terrible is using a deodorant that contains harmful substances.

People are becoming more conscious of the risks associated with deodorants and antiperspirants that contain harmful ingredients.

So, All-natural deodorants are becoming increasingly popular.

Native is an eCommerce company that prides itself on making safe deodorants and antiperspirants.

The brand claims to produce deodorants that are healthy because of naturally derived ingredients used.

This article will review Native, its deodorants, and the ingredients to determine if the products are safe and free of harmful substances.

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Is Native Deodorant Safe?


Native deodorant is a well-formulated product that is primarily free of toxic ingredients. It contains ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin rather than irritate it.

Generally, Native deodorant is a safe product that smells nice and adorable.

However, it contains substances like baking soda and fragrance.

Some people have sensitive skin to baking soda and other synthetics used. It can disrupt the body’s PH and cause itchiness, redness, and irritation.

Native makes varieties for sensitive skins as well. While they sell different scented deodorants, they also make unscented versions.

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So, If you have sensitive skin, we recommend the unscented versions for health reasons.

Native deodorant unscented versions are all natural and non-toxic.

They are free of baking soda and synthetics, and the fragrance constituents are well listed.

About Native Deodorant

Native is a San Francisco-based natural deodorant brand.

The company is dedicated to producing natural products that help people smell nice without the risk of side effects.

Native deodorant is a natural and cruelty-free product for all skin types and genders.

The deodorant is available in different scents and flavors.

Each scent has a fascinating smell that’s not too overpowering chemically and can last longer, even after long hours of work.

The deodorant offers a smooth glide application meaning it goes on smoothly on the body when it’s applied.

It doesn’t get clumpy, so you won’t need your fingers to rub it on the body.

Native Deodorant Ingredients Review

Native Deodorant comes in different scents for both men and women.

The deodorant contains quality substances that soothe the skin rather than irritate it.

The key ingredients in the deodorants include magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil, baking soda, and shea butter.

Native deodorant also has an unscented version.

Because there are different scents and versions, the list of ingredients varies slightly across the scents.

Generally, below are the list of ingredients that are present in Native deodorants:

Magnesium Hydroxide, Ozokerite, Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking soda), glucose, lactobacillus acidophilus, fragrance, shea butter, coconut oil, cyclodextrin, and other plant-based oils depending on the scents.

Baking soda is a prevalent ingredient in deodorant. It’s safe, but some skins and underarms are sensitive to it.

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Magnesium Hydroxide is also considered safe, although it must be used in the right proportion.

An ozokerite is a form of wax extracted from petroleum or mineral resources. It’s not known to have any side effects.

Cyclodextrin is a synthetic extract from starch. It is a deodorant ingredient known to be safe as well.

The plant oil ingredients are different across scents.

Even though they are safe when used in the appropriate doses, some people develop allergies to specific plant-based oils.

Native deodorant does not contain harmful ingredients such as Aluminum, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, alcohol,

From the ingredients list, the only controversial ingredient included is fragrance.

The company is not transparent about the fragrance’s constituents.

The fragrance is included in all their scents except Lavender & Rose, Candy, and the Unscented versions.

We’re unsure if Native is hiding ingredients from their customers because of a lack of information on the type of fragrance used.

As far as we know, Benzene could be among the scents used, and it’s a harmful substance that can cause anemia.

Is Native Deodorant Organic?

Native deodorant contains non-toxic and naturally derived ingredients. It uses ingredients such as tapioca starch to absorb moisture naturally.

It’s also free of harmful ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, phthalates, talc, aluminum, and sulfates.

Even though it has naturally derived ingredients, Native deodorants are not organic or natural.

This is because it also contains many synthetic ingredients.

So while it can be categorized as a natural deodorant, it is not all natural.

Is Native Deodorant All Natural?

Yes, Native deodorants are natural. However, this shouldn’t be construed as organic. These deodorants aren’t organic.

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However, there are quite a number of natural and naturally-derived ingredients in them.

Is Native Deodorant and Antiperspirant

No, Native deodorant isn’t an antiperspirant.

Some brands, like Old Spice, often combine deodorant and antiperspirant on a stick.

Most people don’t like this and some prefer to buy them separately rather than have them in one product. So, if that’s you, Native has you covered.

Final Words on Native Deodorants

As you can see, Native deodorants are safe, healthy, and not harmful for use.

The ingredients are safe. There are also no dangerous substances in them, which would have prompted the FDA to call them out.

There are also unscented versions.

So, if you don’t feel at ease using the scented ones, you can go for that.

This doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any complaints. Some users do complain of some side effects.

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