Is Having A Shaved Head Unprofessional? Find Out Here!

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Shaving your head, whatever the reason might be, is a big change for your appearance. So you might wonder — if having a shaved head is unprofessional?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. Because there are two groups with opinions on the question. There are those who believe that it should never be a problem shaving your head. While the other group believes that it’s unprofessional.

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing unprofessional about it. However, I’m going to cover the two

Group One: Shaving Your Head Isn’t Unprofessional

No matter where you’re working, no job should require you to leave your head if you don’t want to.

No one should consider it unprofessional. If you work in an office, there might be some kind of rules on dress or dress code to follow. Also, many workplaces will also have rules on haircuts.

I believe shaving your head shouldn’t be on the “NO” list because it’s normal.

As long as you can perform the job and you’re not lazy about your responsibilities, you should get your hair cut if you want.

A company that requires you not to shave your head should be avoided. Even if you work some of those TV ads, you’ll come across many executives with clean-shaven heads.

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I’d think that some things might be out ruled in the workplace. This may include:

  • Visible tattoos
  • Tattered clothing
  • Publicly frowned-on clothing ware
  • Unruly dressing, and others

Can You Be Fired for Shaving Your Head At Work?

No, except maybe there is something in your company book that states you shouldn’t shave to work. Also, is there any difference between balding and shaved hair?

Unless I told you somebody is bald you wouldn’t know. It’s even better to have a clean-shaving head than to have unkempt hair.

The case is different if you decide to shave your head at work, during lunch. That’s very unprofessional and shows poor regard for workplace culture. Anyone can be fired because of that and it’ll be well deserved.

Note: Your company can fire you for whatever reason. It’s your right to ask questions if you’re fired unjustly.

Group Two: Having A Shaved Head Is Unprofessional

Is Having A Shaved Head Unprofessional

To start off, this section will address why men choose to shave their hair instead of growing it out. Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for this decision.

The first reason is that shaving the head is a classic look while growing hair out is not.

Men will usually shave their heads when they want to try something different for a while.

Shaving Heads Wasn’t Always Unprofessional

Back in ancient history, it was actually common for soldiers to have shaved heads because helmets would often cause their hair follicles to be ripped out.

Now, however, this look will usually indicate a more natural and unprofessional attitude.

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Most of the time, men decide to shave their heads as a way to show that they don’t care about their appearance as much as other people do (at least when it comes to looks).

They’ll do it because they don’t like their hair and want to try something different.

Is It Unprofessional To Shave Your Head?

Generally, this is not a professional look and will usually make you seem immature (at least in the eyes of other people).

This look is often more common among younger men, but it has been seen on older men as well.

Shaving Heads In The Workplace

So, you might wonder what being clean-shaven means for your appearance in the workplace. For starters, most business professionals will want their employees to have a more professional appearance.

This especially goes for people who are going to be engaging in dialogue with clients and customers — a look which is usually not associated with people who have shaved their heads.

Final Words on Shaving Hair

The second reason for shaving your head is that you simply don’t like the way it looks and/or feel better without the hair on your head. I usually shave my head. In fact, I found that I always feel uncomfortable with full-grown hair.

Your body can also decide whether you should shave or not. And that’s another valid reason you can give anywhere when you’re challenged for shaving your hair.

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