More In Life Beard Kit review

How The More In Life Beard Kit Is Transforming Men? Ultimate Review

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Some men can grow a lumberjack beard with little to no effort while others end up with nothing more than stubbles. Having a bushy beard is the vitality of men who wish to impress. In fact, it is so important that a hairless face will never satisfy.

Despite your inability to grow a beard naturally, there are options. Men from all walks of life have reported success with a More In Life Beard Grow Kit. They have gone so far as to describe their transformation as being similar to a Chia Pet. Get more details by reading the content provided in the article below.


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Men have tried everything from beard balm to beard butter to enhance their beard growth. This is not to mention, dermatologist treatments like steroid injections, prescription face creams, and irritant contact therapy. If your budget is stretched like most men, cosmetic services are out of the question.

Men should always explore all avenues before investing their hard-earned money into products and specialty therapies that offer no guarantee.

As one of the most affordable options, the kit comes with everything needed to enhance facial hair growth. Keep in mind, a single dermatology treatment can cost anywhere between $150 and $1,500. There is no comparison.

3-Step Process

Consumers will find that the beard growth kit is designed to activate their hair follicles in three simple steps. Each step must be followed carefully to achieve the desired results. First, you must take advantage of the Activator Serum to activate and enhance the growth of your bread. The serum is safe and effective since it contains all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven to be helpful for the purpose of increasing hair growth.

Next, the Beard Roller is used to help absorb the serum and stimulate any inactivate facial hair follicles. Using the roller allows you to create tiny channels in the skin and follicles to help kick-start the regeneration process. Finally, the sanitizer is used to clean and sanitize the beard roller so it can be used again without concerns.

Many prior users swear that using the activator serum and beard roller in conjunction has helped revitalize their beards. It may very well work for you too.

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What The Clinical Study Proved

You’ll always want to make sure that the products you purchase as backed by science. The More In Life Beard Growth Kit fits that requirement. What did the clinical study prove about the product in question? Were men able to regrow their beards by using this product or were they disappointed with the outcome of the test? First, it was determined that 94% of individuals tested had thicker hair than they did prior to using the beard growth kit.

Most of the participants noticed that their beards were growing faster and denser than before. Thanks to the added density, their beards looked fuller. More importantly, 94% of users said that new facial hairs were noticeable proving that the company’s Beard Growth Kit can indeed kick start the growth of a man’s beard.

What Is Included?

What will you receive when purchasing the More In Life Beard Growth Kit? Buyers will acquire everything they need to activate their facial hair. First, you’re going to receive the powerful activator serum which is the heart of the product. When the activator serum is applied to your beard, it will begin activating the hair and boosting the growth of your beard. Each buyer will also receive a bottle of sanitizer that helps clean the beard roller.

It is pertinent to use the sanitizer to ensure that the beard roller is clean each time you use it. Otherwise, you may experience breakouts and other blemishes due to dirt and bacteria. The beard roller is included because it helps ensure that the skin is able to fully absorb the serum. It also stimulates any inactive follicles on the face for better results.

The beard roller is gentle and easy to use making it an excellent part of the overall kit. Finally, the company has thrown in a key

chain comb so men can properly groom their beards once it has started growing at a reasonable rate. The stainless steel comb attaches to a keychain making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The Powerful Activator Serum

While the other products are impressive, the kit depends heavily on the activator serum. Without it, the kit would never be able to live up to the hype. The company understood this fully and went to great lengths to produce the most powerful activator serum for guys who are struggling to grow beards. The serum offers several unique benefits that will put your mind at ease and give you confidence that you’re spending your money wisely.

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For instance, the product contains 100% natural active ingredients that have been tested and proven effective for increasing hair growth. You can also sleep soundly knowing that the serum has been tested extensively. In fact, it has been tested by leading dermatologists who have given their approval. Using the serum will not pose any risk to your skin whatsoever.

The serum is designed to ensure that it can be effective for men with all types of beards. Whether you have short stubble or a fuller beard, the product should work well for you. The kit aims to provide users with the most efficiency and effectiveness. Combining the activator with the beard roller greatly increases the likelihood that the user will get the results they’ve always dreamed of.

Extreme Confidence With The Money Back Guarantee

Truthfully, consumers can never be confident that they’re going to get their money’s worth. As a result, many will skip purchasing outstanding products and lose out on many great benefits. The good news is that men can purchase the More In Life Beard Growth Kit without risking anything whatsoever. After all, the company offers a comprehensive growth guarantee that gives each buyer greater peace of mind. There is always a risk that the kit isn’t going to work right for you or you may not get the desired results.

If you’ve followed the instructions and your beard isn’t growing after 150 days, you’ll be eligible for the company’s money-back guarantee. You’ll just need to follow three basic steps to get the refund so you can try a different product. First, you’ll need to use the Beard Growth Kit as instructed for 150 days. It is vital to document your progress by taking pictures of your face each month so the company can verify your claim.

If you don’t receive results, you can email the evidence to the company to get a refund. The process couldn’t be easier even if you’ll have to wait 150 days to get your money back. Thankfully, most guys are likely going to be satisfied with everything the kit has to offer as well as the results.

Where Is The Company Located?

It can often be frightening to deal with foreign companies. After all, it is hard to get help when you’re complaining to a company that is located in China or Japan. Instead, it is best to stick with American-based companies that are adamant about protecting and satisfying their customers. Thankfully, the company behind this beard growth kit is based in the United States.

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According to the website, it has five locations in the United States. They’re located in California, Florida, Nevada, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can guarantee that the company will go above and beyond to resolve the problem swiftly.

You can contact the company using its email or Facebook page.

Should Not Be Shared

With certain beard growth kits, it may be possible to share them with friends and family members. With the More In Life Beard Growth Kit, it is best not to share it with others. At the very least, each user should have a separate beard roller because sharing it with a friend would be unsanitary. The roller is an integral part of the beard growth kit because it helps improve blood circulation, maximize absorption, and stimulate follicles.

While the sanitizer will thoroughly clean the roller, it is still not a good idea to share it with anyone else. Furthermore, the roller should be disinfected correctly after each use. After you’ve used the kit, you will need to rinse and wash your face and beard. Continue by drying your bread.

Once you’ve done that, you should disinfect the roller using the included sanitizer. Roll it on your skin and beard ten times vertically and ten times horizontally. Don’t use too much pressure since light, gentle pressure should be enough.

After you’ve finished with the roller, you can apply the serum. The process must be completed twice a week. Be sure to disinfect your roller each time.

More In Life Beard Review – Is It Worth It?

Should you purchase the More In Life Beard Growth Kit? Ultimately, many guys are skeptical about purchasing products online. Nevertheless, this kit is likely going to satisfy most men for a handful of reasons. The price is right on the target making it a good value. The product is backed by a guarantee so the purchase is risk-free.

Everything has been tested and proven effective for men with all types of beards. Although it may not work for everyone and the set can’t be shared, the Beard Growth Kit is likely a worthwhile investment.


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