Old Spice Alternatives: Here Are Substitutes to Consider!

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Old Spice is an American men’s grooming brand. The company produces antiperspirant, deodorant, body wash, hair, and beard care.

Their products are mainly designed for men but adored by everybody.

Established in 1937, Old Spice has consistently satisfied men’s beauty care needs for decades.

However, they are many similar brands in the market offering quality men’s beauty care products.

Whether you want products for your skin, hair, or beards, several other unique brands have been tested and proven.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing men grooming brands offering the same quality as Old Spice, thus, making good alternatives.

Old Spice Alternatives: Other Men’s Grooming Brands

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is an American soap brand for men.

Founded in 2013 in San Diego, the company prides itself on using safe, natural ingredients to make high-quality bar soap with a unique scent.

These naturally made soap bars are natured inspired and have names such as Rum, Pine Tar, Fresh Falls e.t.c

Beyond bar soap, Dr. Squatch also produces numerous products that contain all-natural ingredients.

Such products include shampoo, conditioner, cologne, toothpaste, beard oil, and deodorant.

Their products are made with natural ingredients that are skin irritants-free—that is, no chemically derived ingredients or environmentally damaging.


  • Naturally made products free of preservatives, skin irritants, or harsh chemicals.
  • Wide range of soaps, all with unique scents and appropriate for all skin types.
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Free shipping for products with a 15% discount for US subscribers.
  • Payback Guarantee on all products
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  • Pricier than average products
  • Possible side effects

Dr. Squatch’s products are available on their websites and other online shopping stores like Amazon.

Native Deodorant

Native is a US-based natural deodorant company.

They develop natural beauty care products for men, women, and teens.

They make their products with careful thought and innovation so you can feel and smell fresh.

Their deodorants actively protect against odors with safe ingredients.

No chemical elements such as aluminum, parabens, or sulfates, meaning you’ll feel fresh without fear of side effects.

All of their products are centered mainly around men even though women can use them.

Beyond their signature deodorant, they also make other products, including body wash, bar, toothpaste, and haircare.


  • Variety of long-lasting gender-natural scents that work all-day
  • Paraben, Aluminium & Sulfate-free products
  • Reasonable prices


  • Only produces deodorant, not an antiperspirant
  • Lack of transparency on fragrance used
  • The presence of baking soda in some products can be irritating for some skin type

You can check their full range of products on their website.

Their products are also available for sale in stores and online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

American Crew

American Crew is a reputable and award-winning men’s grooming brand.

The brand sells hair styling products, cologne, shaving, skincare, and more. They have a wide range of grooming products tailored to every need.

Notable men rely on the brand to get their hair, body, and shaving products, and they’ve been delivering for decades.

They also offer gift sets for people looking to buy products for their loved ones.

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  • Wide range of products, including shaving tools, conditioners, shampoos, waxes, and gels
  • Products are effective and reliable
  • Positive review and customer satisfaction
  • Free samples for every purchase
  • Free shipping and return policy


  • Costly products
  • No international shipping
  • Bad smell for specific products


SkinCeuticals is an American leading skincare brand for all skin types and conditions.

The brand’s products often contain innovative ingredients that have undergone medical-grade testing, making them clinically proven to solve men’s common skin problems.

Their products are mainly formulated to tackle correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin and protect against future damage.

Their cosmetics products include moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens.


  • Products suitable for all skin types
  • Safe and effective products
  • Skin is protected from environmental damage
  • Products are clinically proven


  • Relatively expensive
  • Products take longer to work
  • Not Cruelty-free


Redken is a company that developed a fantastic range of products specially designed for men’s hair.

The brand makes men’s hair care, hairstyling, beards, and face products.

Their collection includes shampoo, conditioner, pomades, and styling gels. Their focus on moisture and protein has transformed the hair styling industry.


  • Safe and effective products
  • Amazing smell
  • It contains essential oils such as Avocado Oil, Argan Oil
  • Improves hair texture
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Pricier than average products


Another great alternative to Old Spice is Degree. Degree is a popular beauty care brand that makes antiperspirants for men and women.

Their products are manufactured by Unilever and it comes in gel, stick, and spray forms.

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Most people are focusing on using cruelty-free products as a show of concern for animal lives.

Degree deodorant formulas are thoroughly evaluated frequently and only contain ingredients that give absolute protection from body odor.

Other alternative brands to consider are:

  • Gillette
  • Dove for Men
  • Speed Stick
  • Mitchum
  • Pinaud Clubman
  • Captain’s Choice
  • Gibs Grooming
  • Every Man Jack
  • Schmidt’s
  • Tom’s


The above brands are leading companies for men’s care products and can be considered great alternatives for Old spice.

Whether you want quick-fix products that suit your busy schedule or you prefer an extensive care skin and hair care regime, these brands are sure to get you covered.

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