Old Spice Putty Vs Pomade

Old Spice Putty Vs Pomade: What Are The Differences?

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You’re probably a fan of Old Spice because the reputable brand has been serving men well for many, many years. Today, the company is considered one of the most respected men’s grooming product manufacturers in the world. Once you are ready to groom yourself, you need to make sure that you’re using the best grooming supplies. While some guys shave their heads for convenience, others like styling their hair to express themselves. If you fit into the latter group, you need a good hair gel that will keep your hair in place throughout the day.

Old Spice caters to all types of men including those who need hair gel. In this category, the company’s most popular products are Putty and Pomade. While they have a lot in common, there are several vital differences. Within this guide, readers will discover a lot more about these differences so they’ll know which is right for them.

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Before comparing the differences, you must begin learning more about the similarities. You’ll quickly discover that Old Spice Putty and Old Spice Pomade have a lot in common. Old Spice always goes above and beyond to provide its customers with the best and safest products. Although you’ll probably like one more than the other, you’ll agree that both are impressive. These products are sold in similar containers. The containers are round with a lid that can easily be removed. A lot of customers will be thrilled to know that Old Spice does not test any of its products on animals.

Instead, it uses cruelty-free methods to create high-quality, safe products. Rest assured knowing that the product was not tested on any animals. These products are great for keeping your hair in place. If you like styling your hair and keeping it upright, you can use either product. These products are safe and they smell great although the fragrances are not identical. Another thing that people like about Old Spice Putty and Pomade is that both feature barbershop-quality formulas.

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These products are good enough to be used by professional barbers so they’re likely good enough for your application too. Once you’ve applied the gel to your hair, you won’t need to apply more until your shower. You’ll still need to learn more about the differences to find out whether you should buy Pomade or Putty.

Small Dab

The thick consistency ensures men get their money’s worth. Only a small dab is needed to deliver the style of your choice. Each container consists of 2.2 ounces. It can last anywhere between one to three months depending on frequency, hairstyle, and application.

The formula is versatile to ensure suitability for all men. Both products have undergone extensive testing for integrity, quality, and consumer safety.

No Shiny Finish

Blow driers, curling wands, heated straighteners, hot rollers, heated hair brushes, heated straightening brushes, heated styling combs, and triple barrel curling tools do significant damage to your hair over time.

In addition to the damage caused by heated styling tools, hair is very often exposed to some very harsh chemicals. Dyes, bleaches, straighteners, and permanents have been associated with more cases of severe damage than heated styling tools.

Unlike many brands, Old Spice pomade and putty do not offer a shiny finish. The formula does not alter the natural finish of hair. For some men, their appearance depends on their hair looking naturally healthy.

The Basics Of Old Spice Pomade

Pomade products are made by many companies. It is a water-based substance that is waxy and greasy. It is sometimes called pomatum. Although this substance may be used for other purposes, it is primarily used to help people style their hair. Each company’s pomade is unique, but most products will have a slick, shiny finish. It is common for pomade to be made using various ingredients such as petroleum, lanolin, or beeswax. As for Old Spice Pomade, this product contains beeswax so it is safer than what you’ll get with a petroleum-based product.

Surprisingly, Old Spice has created a Pomade that has no shine. The pomades made by other companies tend to be very shiny. Old Spice Pomade can keep your hair in place regardless of the wind because it has a medium hold. The barbershop-quality formula is good enough for professionals and ordinary consumers. It was made using the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that the user will always receive satisfactory results. Old Spice Pomade features a scrumptious scent that smells like your last beach vacation.

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It features hints of tropical wood and coconut. Pomade can be used on dry or damp hair. Rub some onto your hands before applying it to your hair.

The Basics Of Old Spice Putty

Some guys prefer Old Spice Pomade, but there is a lot to like about Old Spice Putty too. The gel works equally well and has a few unique properties that set it apart. It has a high hold so it is going to make your hair stiffer than what you’ll get with Pomade. It is important to remember that some people do not need a high-hold putty. If you’re only combing your hair to the side, you’ll be okay with Old Spice Pomade. If you want to spike your long hair, it is best to use Old Spice Putty since it has a high hold.

Once you’re perfected your hairstyle, you can guarantee that Old Spice’s Putty will be able to keep each hair in place. The putty has a similar scent with tinges of tropical wood and coconut. Nevertheless, there is a slight difference so be sure to experiment with both. The Putty from Old Spice is designed to feature a matte finish once it has dried. Ultimately, this will make a big difference since your hair isn’t going to be glossy or shiny.

Your hair won’t be too hard or crunchy either. Instead, the Putty will maintain your hair’s natural look so people won’t realize that you’re using it. While this product is suitable for most hair types, it may not be best for thick, coarse hair.

Notable Differences

Before buying one of these products, it is recommended that you learn more about the differences. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better idea of which one is best for your hair. Consider the differences below before finalizing your purchase.


First, you’ll notice that there is a slight price difference. Typically, Putty is cheaper than Pomade. You must remember that this is true for Old Spice and other brands. Pomade contains different ingredients and has a medium hold. If you’re looking for the cheaper option, you’ll want to purchase Putty. Either way, you can guarantee that you’re going to get your money’s worth. Each product works well and will prove to be worth the price.

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Slightly Different Scent

Whether you pick Old Spice Pomade or Putty, you’ll want to pay close attention to the fragrance. After all, your hair is going to smell like this substance throughout the day. Pomade and Putty have a similar smell. The company claims that these products are going to smell like your vacation. Both are described as having the scent of tropical wood and coconut. Despite these claims, the scent is somewhat different. You may not be able to detect the difference right away, but there is still a small difference.

Different Holds

When you begin searching for hair gel, you need to find out more about the hold. Make sure that you get the right hold for the hairstyle that you’re trying to wear. Ultimately, this is the biggest difference between Old Spice’s Pomade and Putty. The company’s pomade is designed to maintain a medium hold. It isn’t too stiff, but it is strong enough to keep your hair stiff even in breezy conditions. As for Putty, it has a much stronger hold. The high hold is great for pulling off more complex hairstyles.


Even though this is a minor difference, it is still important to mention that the packaging will be different. Putty and Pomade come in unique containers. While they look similar, the colors are unique. If you buy Old Spice’s Putty, you’ll notice that the colors are yellow or orange. Old Spice uses two containers for each. While the Putty has an orange outline, the Pomade is blue. If you buy both, you can easily determine which product you have by looking at the label.

Old Spice Putty Vs Pomade – Which Should You Pick?

Old Spice Pomade is excellent, but Old Spice Putty is great in its own way. Truthfully, you will likely be satisfied with either product. Nevertheless, there are a few minor differences that set them apart. By analyzing these differences, you’ll notice that each product is great for different applications. Pomade has a medium hold while Old Spice Putty has a high hold. If you’re trying to achieve a complex hairstyle, you may need Old Spice Putty to keep the hair in place.

Otherwise, you will be fine with the company’s pomade. Otherwise, there aren’t many differences between the two products.



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