Is Manscaping Hygienic? (Benefits Explained)

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Manscaping refers to the removal of a man’s body hair mostly for hygienic and aesthetic purposes.

It has become increasingly popular and prevalent lately. According to a recent Cosmopolitan poll, 69% of men stated they had trimmed their nether hair and an additional 17% claimed to shave it bare.

But why do men manscape?

The answer to this question is quite varied, depending on the poll being done, but definitely, a significant amount of men say that they do it to improve their hygiene.

Citing the same Cosmopolitan poll above, around 21% of respondents said that they were manscaping for hygienic purposes.

Why Is Manscaping Hygienic?

Now that we know that there are a significant amount of men who associate manscaping with hygiene, the question is: why exactly is it hygienic?

Remember that hair collects and traps all sorts of particles down there; dead skin cells, sweat, and urine, just to name a few.

If not removed, these things can fester, especially on hot days or in males who do not shower frequently. This is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, as well as STDs.

Keeping hair down there neatly trimmed or shaved reduces the surface area, on which bacteria, yeast infections can cling, decreasing the spread of germs and unpleasant odors.

Another added benefit of manscaping to hygiene is that it helps decrease the production of sweat down there.

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Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling off. When you have less hair covering your skin, your body is better able to regulate body temperature.

As a result, you’ll sweat less to get rid of heat, which will make you feel cooler and dryer, especially during the summer.

You will also smell much better with less hair trapping microorganisms and less sweat in your body.

Remember that sweat in itself is not supposed to smell bad. In fact, it should actually be odorless.

It is when you mix sweat with bacteria that it starts to develop an odor, an unpleasant one at that.

The good thing is that manscaping can mitigate the production of both bacteria and sweat, which is why I can say that it is hygienic for your body.

Fewer bacteria and sweat down there make it smell better, and feel cleaner and fresher.

Is Manscaping Necessary?

No, manscaping is not necessary. You don’t need to do it, but it is greatly recommended. As I’ve discussed above, manscaping provides you some key hygienic benefits.

However, better hygiene is not the only benefit of manscaping. It also has a lot of other perks.

According to a Cosmopolitan poll, a little bit over half of the men stated that the reason they groomed their nether region was that it made them feel more attractive.

Why would it make you feel more attractive? Personally, when I manscape, I feel like my twig looks a lot bigger because there are fewer distractions surrounding it.

This is as true for landscaping, as it is true for manscaping – if you want to make the tree look bigger and more substantial, trim the grass and the bushes surrounding it.

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So if you feel bigger down there, this can boost your confidence. And as with most things, having more confidence will also make you perform much better.

From your partner’s perspective, now that your twig is clean and well-groomed, they may be even more attracted to you.

Being a manscaper means that you take care of your personal hygiene and are attentive to your companion. After all, the vast majority of women prefer their men to trim or shave their private areas.

In addition, there have also been reports saying that men who regularly groom down there receive more attention from their partners (don’t hold us to this though). In other words, it’s a win-win for both you and your partner.

So, is manscaping necessary? Certainly not, but it provides a lot of benefits that can make it worthwhile to do, your hygiene life being one of them.

Is Manscaping Normal?

Yes, manscaping is completely normal. It is estimated that around 50-70% of men do at least some form of manscaping based on the findings of more than a few polls, surveys, and studies done on the subject.

It’s also interesting to note that the younger you are, the more likely you are to manscape. I delve into more details about the results of these articles and studies in this article here if you would like to learn more.

In fact, the vast majority of women actually prefer their men to do some manscaping down there. Again, citing the same Cosmopolitan poll above, only about 10% of women preferred their men to do no manscaping and go fully natural.

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So if you’re worried about being the odd one out by doing some manscaping, no need to worry as this is quite normal and very widely accepted in today’s society.

If you’re doing it for the first time, however, have a conversation first with your SO. This is good so that you can ask her what her own preference is in terms of your body hair.

You don’t want to just shock her by going completely hairless down there only to find out she doesn’t like it that way.

In some cases, women might even think you’re cheating on them if they find out you suddenly manscaped out of nowhere.


Going back to the original question: Is manscaping hygienic?

Yes, it most definitely is. Less hair down there helps in preventing and mitigating the growth of bacteria and is also very helpful in producing less sweat by making the mature area feel cooler and fresher.

But manscaping does not only provide hygienic benefits. It also has a lot of other perks, such as making your twig look bigger, boosting your confidence, and can even lead to a better life with your partner.

Given all the benefits I’ve stated and the fact that around 50-70% of men already do some form of manscaping, I encourage you to hop on the train as well.

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