Stetson Deodorant Discontinued: True or False?

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Is the brand’s deodorant truly discontinued? Yes, the Stetson Deodorant has been discontinued. As far as 2015, the company stopped making the product so you can only get the product from third-party sellers. However, you need to be careful that you don’t buy fakes.

There are a lot of places, eBay for example, showing up with sales of the product.

It’s either the product is a counterfeit or something someone has bought and kept for a long time (which is unlikely).

Why Was Stetson Deodorant Discontinued?

Stetson Deodorant Discontinued

The brand didn’t specify the reason they decided to stop making the deodorant.

Most times, brands often have a reason.

Unfortunately, they don’t always tell us, so we have to always move on.

It’s sometimes difficult, especially if there are no comparable alternatives.

But when a brand has stopped and isn’t bringing back a product, look for an alternative. You never know, you just might find one.

Stetson Deodorant Alternative

There are possible alternatives you can consider now that your favorite deodorant brand has been discontinued.

The most popular here is Native Deodorant, which is very common among men and women.

You can also check out Lume deodorant, Dr. Squatch Deodorant, Harry’s, Duke Cannon,  Jack Black, Every Man Jack, Bravo Sierra, Old Spice, and a lot more.

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These brands are good and have best sellers you can try out before settling on any of them.

What to Do As Stetson Deodorant Is Discontinued

Resign to Fate

The safest thing to do is to resign to fate. Sometimes it’s easy to do, other times it’s not, especially if the product has formed part of your everyday life.

Unfortunately, there are not always closely related alternatives. This takes us to the next point:

Look for Alternatives

This is also one of the best steps you can take after the production of your favorite product is halted. Simply look for alternatives either from the same brand or similar companies.

Most times, you’ll find substitutes (even if doesn’t completely replace it), and other times, you may find there is no replacement.

Fortunately, we have helped you scour around and gathered some alternative brands you can try. We lay them bear above.

Check Discontinued Product Sites

Some sites now exist that sell formulas for discontinued products. This is mostly when it’s skincare products.

There is no guarantee you’ll actually find the real product on these sites. But it’s worth a try if you really love the product and can’t do without it.

Don’t Buy In Panic

Usually, when the news of impending discontinuation breaks out, most people rush to buy it in bulk. This isn’t bad in itself.

However, this is the time some retailers take advantage of consumers by setting the price extremely high.

You can expect to pay from 2x the original price up to 10x or even more. Unfortunately, such products often fly off the shelf very quickly and there is nothing you can do.

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Where to Look for Alternatives

There are so many places you can check. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Kroger, etc, are just some of the most popular ones.

Final Words on Stetson Deodorant

As you can see, Stetson deodorant has been discontinued. There are definitely alternatives, and we have included a few for your consideration.

Always do your research before switching to another brand. Not just because the product may not work for you.

But also because it may come with bad negative effects, which we all don’t want.

And if you’re interested in knowing other brands, we’ve also included a handful of substitutes you can look into. This information will also be useful if you are ready to try another brand.

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