Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued: Rumor or Truth?

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No, Vitalis Hair Tonic isn’t discontinued. The manufacturer is still making the hair tonic and can be found on major retailer websites and local stores. You can purchase from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

What Happened to the Vitalic Brand?

The Vitalis brand was acquired by HRB Brands LLC in early 2021 to join other brands like Brut, Sure. As a result, many users are afraid they might not be able to get their Vitalis Hair Tonic again.

We don’t know if it’s due to the merger or not, but there was a scarcity of the hair tonic on popular places like eBay, Walmart, Amazon.

This, of course, threw some people into panic mode, “Is Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued?” So, if you’re wondering if Vitalis Hair Tonic has been discontinued, you’re not alone.

The good news is that it has not been discontinued. The hair tonic can be found on major eCommerce stores including Amazon and eBay.

Vitalis Hair Tonic Review

Do they still make Vitalis Hair Tonic?

Yes, they still make the Vitalis Hair Tonic and you’ll be able to buy it from your favorite stores.

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If you have been wondering whether or not Vitalis Hair Tonic is still available, you’re not alone. Quite a few people find it hard to get the product for a while. However, it’s now widely available.

Who makes Vitalis Hair Tonic?

The Vitalis brand is curently owned by the HRB Brands and is currently the maker and manufacturer of the product.

Does Vitalis Hair Tonic work?

Yes, the product actually works. It doesn’t seems to contain harmful chemicals that could harm your scalp or hair. But contains vitamins and other substances that can benefit your hair.

What does Vitalis smell like?

Smells like a rubbing alcohol or your favorite aftershave.

Vitalis Hair Tonic Substitute

Any product can go away at any time. As far as we are concerned, there is no harm in having a couple of alternatives handy even if you still use Vitalis and is very much available.

There are quite a few alternatives you can look into. Here are some options:

  • Crew
  • Brylcream
  • Groom n Clean
  • Wildroot
  • Jeris
  • Pinaud Clubman
  • Tres Roses
  • Jockey Brands
  • Tres Flores Brillantine

What to Do When A Product Like Vitalis Is Discontinued

Resign to Fate

The safest thing to do is to resign to fate. Sometimes it’s easy to do, other times it’s not, especially if the product has formed part of your everyday life.

Unfortunately, there are not always closely related alternatives. This takes us to the next point:

Look for Alternatives

This is also one of the best steps you can take after the production of your favorite product is halted. Simply look for alternatives either from the same brand or similar companies.

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Most times, you’ll find substitutes (even if doesn’t completely replace it), and other times, you may find there is no replacement.

Fortunately, we have helped you scoured around and gathered some alternative brands you can try. We lay them bear above.

Check DIscontinued Product Sites

Some sites now exist that sell formulas for discontinued products. This is mostly when it’s skincare or haircare products.

There is no guarantee you’ll actually find the real product on these sites. But it’s worth a try if you really love the product and can’t do without it.

Don’t Buy In Panic

Usually, when the news of impending discontinuation breaks out, most people rush to buy it in bulk. This isn’t bad in itself.

However, this is the time some retailers take advantage of consumers by setting the price extremely high.

You can expect to pay from 2x the original price up to 10x or even more. Unfortunately, such products often fly off the shelf very quickly and there is nothing you can do.


As you can see, the Vitalis Hair Tonic isn’t discontinued. It’s still very much available for purchase. You just have to look at the right places.

And if you’re interested in knowing other brands, we’ve also included a handful of substitutes you can look into. This information will also be useful if they decide to phase out the hair tonic.

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  1. I have gotten two bottlers of Vitalis recently and there seems to be a change in the formulation. Something has been left out or reduced in the amount used.
    I have fine hair and it will not stay put like it used to.

    1. Hi David,

      That isn’t strange at all. A few other people have complained of the same. Most likely, they have changed the formula, which is always different from the old one. You may have to look for an alternative. If there is one, that is!

    so its discontinued and another maker is ripping off users
    BEWARE…I try to buy from 3 different stores…all the same.
    not the same product and not even useful.

  3. The Vitalis that is now available is not my father’s Vitalis! The ingredients have change to not include V7 even though it is falsely advertised to include it! It’s not much different than splashing water on your hair! I still have a bottle that has V7 printed on the label and it is the real deal!