Dr. Squatch Alternatives: Cheaper Options for You!

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You just bought a pack of Dr. Squatch. In fact, you enjoyed it and love the scent.

You couldn’t fault it anyway, except it’s finished in a matter of a few days. You love to get another pack and nothing will stop you except the price.

If you found yourself in the scenario above, you probably are not ready to spend yet another top dollar on a Dr. Squatch soap. You want alternatives now.

And not just any alternative but cheaper ones too. If that’s the case, then this article is for you. I’m going to be listing a few cheaper alternatives to Dr. Squatch.

They may not provide the same experience, but these substitutes are great and worth trying out.

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What Is Dr. Squatch Anyway?

This is an American soap brand that prides itself on using natural*, safe ingredients and a scent that’s unmatched. The brand has been around for a while and has garnered what seems like a cult following.

It sets itself apart from other brands for its high-quality bar soaps that not many other brands can match. But the only weakness of the brand is the price of its soaps.

It’s quite expensive. Many think that the brand’s soaps smell great and feel good. But then, most of them are overpriced. Fortunately, there are several alternative brands you can turn to.

But you don’t have to do the research. I’ve done it for you. Here are the top five affordable alternatives to Dr. Squatch soaps:

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Cheaper Alternatives to Dr. Squatch

What if you’re looking for soaps like Dr. Squatch but cheaper? Or Dr. Squatch competitors that are as good? Well, there are a few options to consider.

Some of the popular soaps similar to Dr. Squatch worth considering are:

Duke Cannon

Everyone loves Dr. Squatch but it only lasts a few days and is expensive to restock. Here comes Duke Cannon, considered to be the closest alternative to Dr. Squatch.

Duke Cannon also makes high-quality bar soaps. And you don’t have to pay 10 bucks for each one. They’re pretty big too, each one comes in a huge 10 oz size, which is going to last you for a while.

The bar soaps smell as good as a Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap, at a fraction of the price. Yeah yeah. There are a couple of scents to choose from too if you’re picky.

The downside of Duke Cannon is the lack of all-natural soaps. If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably going to react to the chemical stuff in the soaps.

DC is good but the advertising is a little manly and can sometimes be comfortable.

If you’re soft at heart, this might get to you quickly. But if you’re manly and don’t mind the strong language, then Duke Cannon is a solid alternative to Dr. Squatch you should be trying out.

Buy Duke Cannon Products Here

The Soap Guy

Dr. Squatch was once packaging and reselling soaps from this guy. Or so they say.

His soaps are $3 a pop I’ll consider cheap. (You may have to buy in bulk to snag the soaps at that price, though). That’s $4 saved for every soap bought from this guy as opposed to Dr. Squatch.

The soaps have the same flavor and the same spec as Dr. Squatch soaps, making this a strong alternative after Duke Cannon.

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It’s important to point out that some extra charges may come up. You may have to pay for shipping, which can add to the overall cost. But you should be able to get what you’re ordering cheaper than Dr. S.

Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack is another popular brand that uses natural ingredients in its soaps. It’s also cruelty-free.

It won’t smell as nice as Dr. Squatch or Duke Cannon or feel like any of them. But the soaps are good and probably better than most of the soaps you’ll find on your local shelf.

In order words, try it out and see if you like it. In that case, you should try and get your hands on Duke Cannon.

Failing to do that, you should look into Every Man Jack. Most people have good things to say about the sandalwood scent.

Buy Every Man Jack Products Here

Stirling Soap Company

This brand also features natural cleansing bar soaps with lots of varieties to choose from.

When Amanda and Roderick Lovan couldn’t find anything pure and natural in 2012 while on a trip to Scotland, they both decided to make something that’ll satisfy them.

It turns out they could make something that not only fit their specification but they also love it. Now, they’re offering it to all men who want good natural soaps and no-chemical-based cleansing bars.

Shugar Soapworks

Shugar Soapworks makes soaps from natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Some of the brand’s ingredients include lemon, oatmeal, charcoal eucalyptus, coconut, and a few others.

The brand is cruelty-free and has a lot of vegan soaps you can choose from.

If you’re looking for a company that turns fine natural ingredients into luxurious bars of soaps, you’ve come across the right one.

The brands Oatmeal & Verbena Soap, Lemon Soap, and Oatmeal and Coconut soap are some of the many popular options to choose from.

Dr. Squatch Alternatives

Before closing this chapter, I’ll like to add something. From all the research I did on Dr. Squatch, folks love the brand. It’s great natural stuff with next-level scents.

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So, if you can pay a premium for the soap, then go for it. But of course, if you can’t afford it, I’ve helped you out with cheaper alternatives.

What About Home Soap Making?

Why scamper around for cheaper alternatives to Dr. Squatch when you can proudly make your own soap at home? It’s frugal and can give you a lot of choices if you can experiment.

All you need is a model setup of equipment and ingredients. Then use the cold or hot process to make your own lovely, beautiful, nicely-scented soaps at home.

Aside from the lower cost, in the long run, you can also avoid all the bad ingredients that some companies use to make their soap just to make big bucks.

And if you have sensitive skin, then you’re certainly going to have your skin singing and thanking you for going that route.

* Natural isn’t the real word here because soap manufacturers use lye and saponification, two things that are not natural.

Are there Dr. Squatch UK Alternatives?

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across a proper UK alternative to Dr. Squatch.

But since some of these brands ship outside the US, I believe you should be able to find a suitable option.

Who Makes Dr. Squatch Soap?

Dr. Squatch Soap Co. is the maker of the Dr. Squatch soaps.

The owner and founder of Dr. Squatch soaps is Jack Haldrup, a 33-year-old entrepreneur.

The company is located in the US with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. According to the brand, some of their soaps are handmade in Indiana as well as California.


As you can see, brands like Dr. Squatch are plenty.

These brands have equivalent Dr. Squatch soaps, with most being cheaper.

So, if you think Dr. Squatch is too expensive, you can consider these other companies.

Fortunately, these aren’t just selling soaps. You can find deodorants, body washes, antiperspirants, and more from them.

For a straight comparison, I consider Duke Cannon to be the best Dr. Squatch alternative.

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