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Manscaping isn't just something bodybuilders do before a show. In fact, more and more men are putting an ever greater emphasis on how they look. Here are the latest statistics. 


The truth is, that 'manscaping' has become more and more prevalent in our society, particularly (but not excluding) the younger generations. Don't believe us? Here are some statistics.

Number of (all) men who manscaped in 2005:




And when you take into account only millennials (those born from the early 80s to early 00s) the number jumps even higher:


Thus, we can see that 'manscaping' as a trend is most prevalent in Gen X'ers, but is certainly not limited to their generation alone.

According to a 2008 online study conducted by Flinders University in Australia, some 66% of heterosexual males responded that they had removed their pubic hair at least once in the last month, compared to some 82% of homosexual males. 

In fact, some are speculating that coupled with millennials, Gen Y'ers could lead the male hair removal market to unprecedented heights over the next decade.

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Going for a less hairy look is something that is not only becoming more prevalent, but it is becoming more prevalent across nearly all demographics.

Still afraid of taking the plunge? Still afraid of what others might think? That others, if or when they find out, may mock or deride you?

Consider this. More than half of all women (57%) consider poor male body grooming to be a major turn-off, if not a total deal-breaker (source).

When it comes to keeping the good old nether regions neatly trimmed and squared-away, a full 56% of women stated that they preferred this as opposed to going "all natural". Perhaps the biggest surprise was the number of women who said they want the "clean as a whistle" look.

When it comes to keeping other parts of the body under control, what a large percentage of women seem to want is pretty clearly defined. Some more statistics.

Percent of women under 40 who want their men to have no hair on their shaft and balls.


Women who prefer men to trim and/or shave their buttocks:


Women who prefer men to trim and/or shave their chest:


So, how many men manscape?

The answer seems to be....quite a lot. And it's becoming a lot more prevalent. Does that mean that you should bust out your razor and go to work tonight? Not necessarily.

The most important thing is to be true to yourself. Whether that is being at total peace with your man-fur or looking as sleek as a seal, that choice is yours and yours alone to make.

But, if you are still on the fence....what's the worst that could happen?



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