Do Women Like Manscaping?

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Manscaping and male grooming, in general, is increasingly popular not just with men, but also women as well. Here are some statistics that I found.

So, do women like manscaping?

Here’s the quick and short answer.

A large majority of women do prefer men to manscape and to groom. There are differences among women however in what specific style of hair down there and general grooming they prefer. In general, however, most women prefer men to manscape. 

I’ll explain exactly what I mean here.

Do Women Like Manscaping? 


Let’s start with my first statement, that the vast majority of women prefer men to manscape. Here is what I have found:

  • According to a Cosmopolitan online poll, only about 10% of women preferred their men to do no manscaping and go fully natural.
  • 23% of that poll’s women stated that they have asked a partner in the past to change their grooming habits down there, and 19% of women said that they would reconsider dating a man based on his (lack of) male grooming habits.

In another (but better quality) study done by the JSM, 105 women were asked to rate 8 different penile aspects on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 not important at all to 5 being super important. The 8 different aspects were things such as:

  • Length
  • Girth
  • Hair down there

The two top traits were:

  1. General cosmetic appearance
  2. Hair down there

In yet another US study, both college-aged men and women were asked to rate different levels of hairiness on a variety of models. In the results of this study:

  • Both men and women rated the hairless male model as the most attractive.
  • Nearly 3 quarters of the women rated the hairless male model and the mostly hairless model as the most attractive.
  • As the level of hair increased, the less the women found him attractive.
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In fact, manscaping can be quite a big deal for them that some married women actually think it’s an indication that their husbands are cheating on them. Isn’t that interesting?

Based off of this information, I think it’s quite clear that a majority of women do seem to prefer at least some sort of male grooming to be done.

But does this specifically mean most women prefer their men to be completely shaven down there? Or just trimmed?

What Type of Manscaping Do Women Prefer? 

Here is where things get a lot less clear.

While an overwhelming majority of women prefer men to groom their private area, there is a lot less agreement about what those specifics entail.

For instance, going back to the previously cited Cosmopolitan poll:

  • 10% of women stated they prefer men to do no manscaping and go all-natural
  • 12% of women said they prefer men to be hairless or shave all of the hair down there off
  • 70% of women claimed that they preferred men to trim hair down there

Other polls show somewhat similar numbers, with the main difference being in the percentage of women who like no manscaping, being trimmed, or going completely shaven.

In another poll asking Cosmpolitian, AskMen and Esquire readers about their and their partner’s public hair grooming habits, 70% of women stated that they “expect” their male partners to at least trim regularly.

The overall consensus among women seems to be that a large majority prefer men to trim hair down there and keep things in good order generally.

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How much manscaping should men do? A majority of women just prefer some form of trimming. Meanwhile, a small proportion of women prefer men to be completely hairless, and a somewhat similar proportion of women state that they enjoy men looking all-natural.

If most women just look for a good trimming, why are men paying more and more attention to their public grooming?

Why Do Men Manscape? 

The answer to this question is quite varied, depending on the poll being done.

For instance, in one poll, 1 out of every 10 men who manscape do it because:

  • It makes their ‘twig’ appear larger.

Again, citing the above Cosmopolitan poll, the reasons men gave for manscaping were as follows:

  • A little bit over half of the men (51%) stated that the reason they groomed their nether region was that it made them feel more attractive.
  • Slightly less than a quarter of respondents (21%) said they did it for hygienic purposes.
  • A little bit less than 10% said that they manscape for their partner.
  • Interestingly, 4% also admitted that they do it because it makes them groom betterf.

In my opinion, just looking around it seems that the reason most men manscape is because:

  1. Most women seem to prefer it.
  2. It feels cleaner, looks larger and looks better.

This seems to be echoed elsewhere, as there have been a few studies that have come out that show that men are spending as much, or more time grooming themselves as women.

For instance:

  • The Grooming Lounge conducted an online poll that showed some 41% of men spent between 31 and 45 minutes in the bathroom each morning, as opposed to some 30% of women.
  • In another poll conducted by Travelodge in the United Kingdom, the male respondents stated they spent some 81 minutes a day on personal grooming, as opposed to women who clocked in at a more efficient 75 minutes per day.
  • In another poll, this time done by Yahoo, found slightly different statistics. This poll found that men spent on average 17 minutes getting ready in the morning, whereas women spent on average 22 minutes.
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To summarize everything:

  • The majority of women prefer men to either trim or shave their nether hair. A very small minority of women like their men to go all-natural.
  • The majority of women who prefer men to manscape, tend to prefer trimming much more than shaving all hair off, by a significant degree.
  • In terms of all aspects of a male’s ‘twig’, its physical appearance and nether hair are higher rated concerns than its size.
  • The reason most men manscape seems to be because it makes them feel and look more attractive, bigger and because most women like it.
  • Men are increasingly spending more and more time on their personal grooming.

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