Manscaped vs Oneblade: Which Should You Buy?

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Both Manscaped Lawn Mower and the Philips Norelco Oneblade are best sellers. Both have their pros and cons as well as differences and similarities.

In this comparison post, I’ll be comparing these two products. You’ll learn about their functions, their best applications, and which one you should buy.

Note that neither of the two trimmers has to be better than the other. What you want to see is how one benefits more than the other and then go for that one. Now, let’s begin.

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Manscaped vs OneBlade: Which Should You Buy?

In this article, I try to explain why one is ideal and might be better than the other. It’s your choice to make. Basing your decision on previous data from plenty of reviewers/customers isn’t going to hurt.

Now, onto the review:

Review of the Manscaped Electric Trimmer

This trimmer is designed for trimming or shaving the below-the-waist area to keep it clean and neat.

It is specifically designed for men who are looking for an effective manscaping tool to keep their private area in hygienic condition all day long.

The newest version of the Manscaped Trimmer is the Lawnmower 3.0, which according to them is specially designed for shaving down there.

But you can also use it on your arms, chest, armpits, back, or legs. It’s a very popular trimmer for guys right now with those who are into scaping. You can read reviews on this trimmer here.

Features of Manscaped Electric Trimmer

It is waterproof

There is no gainsaying that you’ll mostly be using this in the bathroom. With this feature, you can use it with peace of mind.

I would believe that at this age, no one should be using a trimmer that isn’t water-resistant. It just makes life more difficult.

The trimmer is International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard compliant. So, it should withstand water immersion for up to 30 minutes.

While you shouldn’t try to drop it in or immerse it for fun, a mistaken drop or splash wouldn’t affect it.


Going from the above, it’s easy to carry this thing around. Most electric gadgets now come without a cord, so you can use them anywhere.

Also, it makes your life easier when you want to use it after showering. Just draw it out and start using it.

Rapid charging USB dock

I like that this can be charged quickly, saving valuable time that you can use for something else. That also makes it very convenient to use since you don’t have to wait hours for it to be ready to use.

Adjustable guard

We all have different hair types and their length varies too. Fortunately, you can adjust the guard to match your hair length. Another advantage is the even trim it gives you.

Rust-proof blades

The blades on the blades aren’t just sharp but also rust-proof so they can last you for a very long time. The blades are ceramic strap-in, making it easy to store and keep them from dirt.

LED light

Want to shave in a tight corner of your bathroom where there is little light? Manscaped has you covered. Simply turn on the light on the tool and start shaving right away.

This trimmer is engineered to give you little to no downtime.

No-slip grip

Manscaped is designed to be ergonomic and easy to grip.

Comes with accessories

This tool won’t be complete without the accessories.

Aside from the trimmer, you also get a cleaning brush, guide comb, adapter, and USB charger as well as a charging dock to keep your tool ready to use.

The Nice Things About the Manscaped Trimmer

  • It should be quiet. The motor isn’t that big so it should be silent throughout your shaving/trimming. Although I can tell you I love the humming sound I hear so I wouldn’t say this is really a pro for me. We’re all different though so take this with a pinch.
  • It’s lightweight. Yes, you can travel with it. It’s also not that big but doesn’t expect it to stay snuggly in your back pocket.
  • The blade is very sharp. So, it should be cut clean and quick. You’ll need to be gentle though, especially when it’s your first time using it. It can surely nick you if you’re not careful. So, I’ll tell you now, use it carefully if you want to enjoy the benefit that comes with the sharp blade.

Shortcomings of the Manscaped Trimmer

  • This trimmer isn’t cut-proof. If the manufacturer told you that, you’ll be surprised it’ll draw out some skin without asking you. The blade is incredibly sharp. You want to make sure you pull your skin tight and trim over flat skin at all times. Failure to do so might lead to unfavorable consequences.
  • This thing can leave a stubble. And if you’re looking for a smooth skin cut, this isn’t for you. Of course, you can always have a second run. But good luck with having that spotless look.
  • This thing is costly. Guess that explains it. Want a good alternative? Try the Philips Norelco Oneblade.
  • Recently, there has been a lot of complaints about this not being safe for shaving down there. For that, I’d hold until the brand does something about it.

Want to buy it now? Click here!

Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer Review

Like the Manscaped trimmer, the One Blade is designed to give you a clean shave down there at a price that’s much easier on the pocket. This trimmer can shave, edge, or trim any length of hair.

It is a direct competitor to the Manscaped Lawnmower. And there is a good reason for that.

Features of the Philips Norelco Oneblade

It is water-resistant

What trimmer in this age wouldn’t be? Aside from being able to use it directly under the shower, it’s safe to run your tap through it when cleaning. And if you like shaving wet, the trimmer won’t die on you.

It’s durable

The blade on this thing is durable, that’s according to Philips. Though it’s sturdy, you should be changing it every 4 months or less. That way, you’re staying healthy and clean.

Contoured design

This isn’t as upright as the Manscaped. It’s curved around the head to allow easy gliding through the hair and skin. It’ll be easy on your hands too, which is a good thing to have especially if you have small hands.

The Nice Things About the Oneblade

  • It should last you a long time. That probably makes it worth the investment.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories that enable you to adjust the height.
  • It holds a good charge, which is a good thing to have.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to hold so maneuvering tricky areas shouldn’t be hard.

The Shortcomings

  • Don’t expect this trimmer to shave as close as a razor. But it might create less ingrown hair than a razor blade. So, that’s probably a trade-off for you.
  • The blades are expensive. It’s important to note this before you buy. You know you can’t use it without the blades so if you find replacing expensive blades isn’t your thing, you may want to look at the other option. I wouldn’t complain though since you’re going to save on haircuts in the salon.
  • The head and cutting blade are fragile, which means traveling with it can ruin them. And make sure you don’t drop them.

I like the fact that it’s cheaper than the Manscaped Trimmer. If affordable is what you want, then buy it here!

Manscaped vs One Blade: Similarities

There might be a lot of similarities between the two but these are the ones I can think of:


Both are cordless, so you can take them and use them anywhere. The charging mechanism is similar too.


They have a similar design only that the Manscaped Lawnmower is all black while the black on the Philips Norelco One blade is mixed with green.


The two trimmers are similar in what they do. You can use either of them to trim or shave designated areas of the body.

Manscaped vs One Blade: The Differences


Manscaped is more expensive. You’ll be spending a lot more on it than the One blade. If you’re out to save on your purchase, then the Philips Norelco OneBlade is your best choice.

Color Variants

Manscaped is only available in black. The OneBlade, on the other hand, is available in black as well as green and silver color. I personally like black.

But if you don’t like blades or just fancy being able to choose from different colors, then the OneBlade is the best choice here.

Blade Material

The blade material on the Philips Norelco Trimmer is stainless steel while that of the Manscaped Trimmer is ceramic. Stainless steel is more durable than ceramic.

Moreover, it’s easy to sustain the look of the stainless steel even after some years. However, the ceramic is going to be safer since it has less risk of nicking you, especially in those sensitive areas.

Use Case

The Manscaped is specially designed to be used down there. If you’re into manscaping, this is more suitable for you.

The Philips Oneblade on the other hand is a do-it-all kind of trimmer. While that’s good, I doubt it’ll do all of that well enough.


I’ll have to recommend the Philips Norelco Oneblade in this case. Not only can you get it for a slightly lower price, but they’re also haven’t been many complaints from other users about it cutting or nicking them.

Manscaped is good, but it’s notorious for cutting/nicking users. And that’s not good.

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