Are Straight Razors Illegal? A Guide for All Men

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There are many different kinds of razors.

Some people shave their legs with them, others use them to shave their heads.

And still, others use them to commit crimes BUT are straight razors illegal?

Straight razors are also known as “open” or “cut-throat” razors. The blades cannot retract into the handle, meaning they have a sharp edge at all times when being carried around by someone. It makes them very dangerous in the wrong hands.

The right hands for this task are those belonging to professional barbers, who carefully hone their straight razor so that it remains sharp enough only to remove hair from well-groomed skin.

Not limbs or digits or torsos or necks.

Cases involving these sorts are sadly all too common when a straight razor is involved. So the government has determined that they are too dangerous to be carried around.


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Are Straight Razors Illegal?

In 2003, a law was passed that meant it became illegal in the UK for people to carry open or cut-throat razors without good reason.

The only exceptions made were for a few professions where it would seem odd not to have a straight razor on hands, such as barbers and surgeons.

However, even these professionals must obtain permission from their local police department before using an open or cut-throat razor in public.

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In this case, the good reasons might include the fact that if you’re carrying out surgery outside of a hospital setting and thus can’t use sterilized equipment, the use of an open or cut-throat razor is preferable to a standard scalpel.


The law exists for very good reasons.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being caught with an open or cut-throat razor without permission, your case will likely be prosecuted.

So, if you’re going to carry one of these razors about in public, make sure you have all of the required documents.

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