Foaming Cream vs Pomade: What Are the Differences?

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Most often, we blame a product for not working as we’d hoped and label it fake and not doing what it claims to do.

It turns out that we might be right with our conclusion, but many times, it’s not just about the product.

Hair cream comes in various forms and is designed for different purposes and hair types.

Styling cream, which is what this article is based on adds a slight, natural-looking shine to hair.

It helps with dealing with frizz by giving a low to medium hold to tame stray hairs.

There are different varieties of styling creams: gel, wax, mousse, pomade, volumizer, and forming cream, and confusing these products is something one could do in their sleep.

This article tries to clear the differences between pomade and forming cream.

Foaming Cream vs Pomade: A Comparison

Need I say more?

Knowing the differences between like-products is essential: you do not end up spending on what does not provide the result you want.

Instead, you go for the one which helps you achieve the hairstyle in mind.

Forming cream is often more liquid than pomade, which is gel-like.

Both products have relatively the same purpose – give the hair a nice look, nice shine, and a good hold to keep the hair together.

Their main difference is in how they do this.

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Foaming Cream: Who is it for?

Foaming Cream vs Pomade
Foaming Cream

Forming cream is a water-based styling product with a medium hold and medium shine.

It is easily washed out leaving no residue and tends to dry quite hard.

It also gives the hair a thicker and fuller look.

Forming cream is best suited for men with thin, short to medium length hair seeking neat, classic, or vintage styles with a medium shine — although hair styling creams are not gendered specific.

Pomade: Who is it for?

Foaming Cream vs Pomade

On the other hand, Pomade is more oil-based compared to forming cream, and can be gel-like sometimes.

It has a medium hold also, but higher than that of forming cream, and it also gives a brighter shine.

Pomade is best suited for those with thicker, longer, or curly hair.

Its high hold makes it more effective for some of the more sophisticated hairstyles as the styling doesn’t wear out as easily as would when using forming cream.

Due to the oily/gel mixture, pomade might take several washes to clear completely or require a degreasing shampoo.

How they Compare

When you use forming cream on coarser hair, it might not last as much as pomade and may not style well.

This may give you the idea that the product isn’t working well but you might experience the same thing when you use pomade on lighter, thinner hair.

They each work but are more effective on designated hair types.

Therefore, the most important thing is knowing your hair type. Once you do that, you’ll now be able to decide which one is for you.

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Based on that, let’s look at a few metrics:

Choosing Between Pomade and Foaming Cream

Now it all leads to you knowing your hair type.

  • Is it short or long?
  • Do you have fine, coarse, or curly hair?
  • Is it thick or thin?

If you have dry, thick, long, or curly hair, pomade might be a better option as it reflects natural oils from your skin and is better at controlling unruly hair.

And if you have obedient hair that isn’t too thick and dry, you may find satisfaction with forming cream.

If you want a product that lasts longer and keeps your style more firmly – pomade.

If you prefer that which has a lower hold, thereby allowing you to restyle throughout the day (the styling shakes off easier than pomade) – forming cream.

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