How to Manscape Downstairs (7 Easy Steps)

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If there is one place that you do not want a sharp, pointy object, it is down and around your private regions. Here are seven easy steps on how to manscape downstairs:

  1. Gather the necessary manscaping tools.
  2. Take a hot shower to open up your pores.
  3. Use a pair of scissors to reduce the length of hair down there (if need be).
  4. Lather up your nether region using a shaving gel or foam.
  5. Start manscaping downstairs.
  6. Exfoliate.
  7. Apply a moisturizer or body powder.

I have made so many bad manscaping mistakes:

  • Got razor burn and razor rash down there.
  • Waxed incorrectly.
  • Trimmed my hair down there too short.

You name it, I’ve done it. That’s why I wanted to write this article.

Because manscaping downstairs SHOULD be a piece of cake. And it is… if you do it correctly. But, if you make a few of the mistakes I outlined above, you will come away looking and feeling worse.

So again, what’s the quick and easy method to manscape downstairs?

For starters, you want to make sure you have all the right equipment. Take a hot shower to open up the pores around your nether area. After drying off, trim your hair level down to about half an inch or whatever desired length you want. Apply a non-scented or alcohol-free shaving gel or foam. Start manscaping downstairs as you so desire. Rinse off and exfoliate. Apply moisturizer or body powder. Voila!

I’ll go a little bit more in-depth below.


Step One – Gather the Necessary Manscaping Tools

First things first, you are going to need a few tools in order to do this properly. Depending on how much you want to manscape you may not need all of these, however, it is a good idea to at least have them handy.

  • A new 3 or 4-bladed razor.
  • Shaving gel or foam for sensitive skin, preferably non-scented.
  • A trimmer with several length attachments or a pair of scissors.
  • A body moisturizer or powder.

Step Two – Take a shower to open up your pores.

I recommend that you get your manscaping done in the shower.

This will open up your pores to make shaving easier. It also enables you to keep your nether region clear of shaved hairs and makes cleaning up a million times easier.

Some guys like to get their manscaping done outside of the shower, but I have found that it’s just that much easier to do inside the shower.

Step Three – Use a pair of scissors to reduce the length of hair down there (If Necessary)

Depending on the length of your hair down there, this may or may not be necessary.

If you do need to do this, you may need to do it FIRST before the next step.

Basically, if the hair down there is around an inch or more in length, you’ll need to do some trimming up first.

The reason for this is that with most body trimmers, hairs can get caught up in the guard, and it sometimes makes things more painful than need be.

It also makes any shaving you do a lot easier.

I recommend that you take out a pair of scissors or use a trimmer with a guard set to around half an inch, and work around your lower region.

Cutting the length of your hair is always a recommended first step, as it greatly reduces the difficulty of manscaping using a trimmer or a razor if you prefer completely shaving it clean down there.

Make sure everything is pretty even.

Word of advice when trimming your scrotum; be gentle and be careful.

You can eventually go on towards using your trimmer without any attachment, but only after you feel comfortable doing this and have practiced it a few times. Your scrotum is very sensitive and very easily damaged. You can never really shave or directly trim it, the best you can do is to go around it.

Step Four – Lather Up Your Nether Region

Lather up the areas that you want to manscape.

You want to avoid using a menthol-based or heavily scented shaving gel or foam, as this might irritate your skin when manscaping your mature area.

The skin around this area tends to be much more sensitive than other parts of your body, and it’s a lot easier to get razor burn or rash if you shave too hard or use a product that irritates your skin.

Step Five – Start Manscaping 

I recommend that you always use a completely different razor or trimmer for your head shaving and your manscaping.

The reason for this is twofold:

  • It’s more hygienic.
  • Your manscaping razor/trimmer (as well as your head razor) will simply last a lot longer.

Razor dullness is the big thing you want to avoid here. I recommend using those 3 or 4 bladed razors or a quality body trimmer as opposed to just a double-sided razor, as I feel the latter is simply more dangerous and impractical for manscaping.

As far as technique is concerned, here’s how to manscape downstairs:

  • With your free hand, pull back your skin around the area that you want to manscape.
  • Make sure it’s nice and taut. Then, you want to trim just the surface. Try to minimize your strokes as much as possible.
  • Doing this in the region above your twig and berries is quite easy, it’s the region directly underneath and right on the shaft that is difficult.
  • When manscaping your shaft, grab the glans with your free hand and stretch it a bit, then use your razor and gently trim in either downward or upward strokes. Rinse your razor after each stroke.
  • For the orbs down below, you have to be even more careful.

You want your skin as ‘flat’ as possible when your shave, and it is very easy to nick.

You will probably spend a good five to ten minutes here, as it is rather difficult to get all of the hairs.

Step Six – Exfoliate

Of all the steps I have listed, I honestly feel like this one is probably the most important. For a lot of guys, missing out on this step is either going to make or break you.

This means that, if you miss this, you are A LOT more likely to get razor burn or razor rash.

After you’re done manscaping, I strongly recommend that you exfoliate your nether region.

The area of skin around your private region can get irritated really easily. This is especially true when you drag a sharp razor over it.

After manscaping, one of the worst things you can do is simply rinse off with water, dry off, and put on some clothes. That is just asking for irritation.

Instead, use an exfoliating gel and wash the area well. This will remove any shaving debris, and it will keep your pores open, clean, and free.

Step Seven – Apply Moisturizer or a Body Powder

The final step, and almost as important as step 6, is to apply either:

  • A moisturizer
  • A body powder

For this, you might have to try both. I have found that body powders work really well after a manscaping shower, but for other guys, particularly guys with ultra-sensitive skin, it may irritate their skin if it is applied so quickly after a shave.

In cases like those, I would recommend applying a moisturizer, at least for the remainder of the day. This will keep the skin down there soft, moist and hydrated.

For the majority of guys, however, I think a body powder will work better.

What this will do is keep the skin dry (but not dried out), scented, and more importantly, reduce irritation, chafing, and redness. For my recommendation of body powders, you can read this quick article I wrote here.

That’s it!


Going back to the original question: how to manscape downstairs?

As I outlined above, here are six steps you should follow to do it properly:

  1. Gather the necessary manscaping tools.
  2. Take a hot shower to open up your pores.
  3. Use a pair of scissors to reduce the length of hair down there (if need be).
  4. Lather up your nether region using a shaving gel or foam.
  5. Start manscaping downstairs.
  6. Exfoliate.
  7. Apply a moisturizer or body powder.

Following the steps I outlined above should be incredibly helpful in manscaping downstairs cleanly and efficiently, while also avoiding razor burn or rash at the same time.

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