Is Native Body Wash Good

Is Native Body Wash Good? Who Is It Good For?

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Native is an interesting hygiene brand that has managed to distinguish itself from others. Nevertheless, its products may not be suitable for all customers. Native is popular among eco-friendly-minded consumers who are passionate about protecting Mother Nature. The company’s body washes are made using simple ingredients that customers will fully understand.

For instance, it is common for the company to create its body washes using salt, water, citric acid, and sodium benzoate. Is Native body wash good for your hygiene routine? Before deciding, it is wise to read the information below.


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More About Native

Native is a modern company that creates hygiene products for modern consumers. Individuals who are sick of using dangerous ingredients may be satisfied with the products sold by Native. Moiz Ali founded the company after reading the ingredients on the label of his antiperspirant. He was shocked by what he discovered and how some of those ingredients were potentially dangerous.

Since then, Ali has helped create countless products using safer ingredients. His company, Native, is quickly becoming a household name because its products are safe, reliable, and effective. Furthermore, it aims to reduce its potential impact on the environment. When possible, Native takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint while protecting consumers to the fullest.

Free Of Harmful Ingredients

One of the best things about Native is that the company doesn’t use any ingredients that you’ll want to avoid. Many companies aren’t serious about protecting their customers so they’re going to use dyes, sulfates, and phthalates. These ingredients could lead to problems meaning it is sometimes best to avoid them. Native is great in this area since it doesn’t use any of these ingredients.

Instead, the company focuses on creating high-quality products with simple ingredients. It is common for Native to create body washes using citric acid, salt, coconut oil, and water. Consumers know and understand these ingredients. They know that these products are safe and won’t cause any issues.

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If you’re adamant about cleaning your skin and protecting your health, it would be a good idea to consider buying Native body washes.

Ingredients You Know

Native is popular among cautious consumers who want to avoid problematic ingredients such as phthalates. Plus, some companies use ingredients you’ve never heard of. You’ll agree that this can be frightening since you don’t know what you’re putting on your skin. Isn’t it best to avoid these ingredients so you’ll know that you’re going to be safe?

Native is a good choice because it uses ingredients consumers know. Some of the ingredients it uses commonly include Citric Acid, Salt, Water, Sodium Benzoate, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. These ingredients are safe and effective.

Consumers can find more information about these ingredients by checking the company’s website. You’ll also appreciate that there are countless scents to choose from.

Pick Your Favorite Scent

For many consumers, it can be difficult to find body washes that they like. Most companies only offer one or two body washes with different scents. You may be looking for something different. Native likely has what you’re looking for since the company sells tons of unique scents. The company’s body wash scents are separated into three categories, classic scents, limited edition scents, and holiday scents.

Each category has a handful of scents so you may need to experiment with a few to find out what is going to work best for your body. If you want to smell like Christmas morning, consider buying the Fresh Mistletoe body wash, Lump of Coal body wash, or the Spiked Egg Nog body wash. Classic scents such as coconut & vanilla and cucumber & mint are extremely popular. Finally, the limited edition scents may not last long so you’ll want to take advantage of them while you can.

Popular limited-edition scents include cashmere & rain, toasted marshmallow & vanilla, and warm cider & cinnamon.

No Animals Are Harmed

Is a Native body wash right for you? The answer will depend on your preferences and what you’re looking for. Many people are adamant about choosing products that weren’t tested on animals. Animal testing can be dangerous and inhumane. Therefore, it is wise to choose cruelty-free products that were tested on humans. Native body wash fits into this group since the company’s products are cruelty-free and vegan.

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Whether you’re using Native body wash, soap, or deodorant, you can rest assured knowing that no animals were harmed along the way.

A Great Feeling

One thing people love about Native body wash is the way it makes their skin feel. Some body washes are too harsh so they’re going to cause rashes and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid harsh cleansers. Instead, you should consider using Native body wash in the shower. This body wash is designed to ensure that the user’s skin is going to feel clean, soft, and refreshed.

It features naturally derived ingredients for a comprehensive cruelty-free formula. Using Native body wash on your skin will help clean your skin and keep your mind clear.

A Scent That Lasts

Some people don’t use cologne or perfume. Instead, they’re going to depend on their soaps and deodorants to keep them smelling great all day. Do you fit into this category? If so, you need to make sure that your body wash smells wonderful. It is also essential to ensure that the scent is going to last for a long time. Otherwise, your natural body odor will become overwhelming before you know it.

Native body wash is designed to provide a long-lasting scent that won’t be too powerful. It should be strong enough to last for many hours, but it won’t overshadow your perfume or cologne. It is great for people who don’t want to wear cologne every day too. Since there are so many scents to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that matches your natural odor.

The scents aren’t overwhelming so you’re not going to get a headache.

More Bang For Your Buck

It is common for consumers to purchase multiple scents of Native body wash at once. Doing so is wise because you will get to experiment with several scents. The only downside is that the cost can be expensive. Native understands this so it encourages consumers to experiment. It offers a bundle feature allowing customers to buy three body washes at a discounted price.

It is possible to bundle limited edition scents, holiday scents, and classic scents. Each bottle will contain 18 ounces. Some of the most popular scents include charcoal, lilac & white tea, lavender & rose, powder & cotton, candy cane, and cashmere & rain. Take advantage of the bundle discount to discover new scents that you’ll love.

Safe For Use On Face

The human face is almost always more sensitive than the arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, hands, and feet. It does not help when your face is sensitive to just about everything it comes into contact with.

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To minimize the risk of skin irritation on the face, neck, and forehead, Native utilizes a blend of natural ingredients. Consumers, even those with sensitive skin, can feel confident when utilizing Native Body Wash.

Dermatologists recommend Native body washes to their patients with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

The Perfect Lather

Consumers all too well, the importance of lathering. A body wash that does not generate a sudsy lather is not a body wash at all. At least, many consumers feel that way about their body washes.

Native’s formula combines several ingredients to ensure the perfect lather. The primary benefit of lather is its ability to lift bacteria, oil, dirt, and grime from the skin. The lathering action picks up the unwanted leftovers to allow the other ingredients to deliver perfection.

A tiny dab of liquid will go a long way in creating a lather to trap dirt and other impurities. Without a good lather, impurities can remain on the skin. Water alone is not capable of picking the impurities up and rinsing them away.

No Soap Scum, Just Shiny, Healthy Skin

There is nothing worse than spending precious time washing and rinsing your body only to get soap scum. Buildup from body washes, soaps, and other products results in dull-looking skin.

Native’s body wash utilizes ingredients proven to wash away every nanoparticle of soap. Essential oils like coconut, lavender, and rose geranium clean the skin all the way down to the poor.

The Native Body Wash formula consists of cleansing salt, which acts like sea salt. Medical experts believe sea salt removes impurities from the skin. The result is skin that glows, every woman and man’s dream.

The residue-free formula is guaranteed to leave nothing behind to taint your skin.

Summary – Is Native Body Wash Good

Native was established by businessman and entrepreneur, Moiz Ali and later acquired Proctor Gamble. The brand utilizes natural ingredients to deliver the maximum results without skin irritation and dryness.

The formula is free of potentially toxic ingredients, such as phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. The thick liquid lathers when combined with water and rubbing. Apply with a washcloth, sponge, silicone scrubber, or loofah.

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