Native Deodorant Complaints

Native Deodorant Complaints – What Are People Saying?

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Native has become a top brand in the deodorant industry. It produces deodorant products with wonderful smells and scents that can last all day. Many people have fallen in love with the company because it produces cruelty-free products and was formed by an American-born businessman. Plus, Native crafts all of its products in America. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to satisfy all customers. Native has sold products to thousands of customers so there is always a chance that someone is going to be dissatisfied with their offerings. While Native deodorant complaints are not the majority, it is still important for consumers to consider them. Doing so can make it easier to ensure that you’re avoiding products that you’re not going to like. You’ll find out more about the complaints consumers have about this company’s products below.  

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About Native

Before getting into the criticism, it is important to learn more about Native and the company’s founder. Native was founded by Moiz Ali who was born in the United States. When he looked at the label on his antiperspirant, he was stunned by what he found. As a result, he started researching the impact of aluminum on the human body and found that it was a potentially harmful ingredient. Then, Ali decided to provide consumers with a safe alternative. Native is Ali’s masterpiece. It has now become a popular deodorant manufacturer that eco-friendly-minded individuals love. The company has gone to great lengths to produce high-quality products while protecting the customer and the environment. Therefore, buying Native products will provide consumers with certain reassurances. If you’re adamant about protecting your body from harmful chemicals, you may want to add Native deodorants to your bathroom cabinet. When doing so, you will be able to sleep soundly knowing you’ve taken steps to protect the environment.

What Sets Native Apart?

Consumers should know that Native strives to set itself apart from mainstream deodorant manufacturers. For instance, the company takes a strong stance against using aluminum. Ultimately, this is the main selling point of Native deodorant. You’ll also discover that Native sells an array of products for ordinary consumers, including soap, body wash, toothpaste, and shampoos. When you use Native deodorant, you don’t have to worry about the potential impact of aluminum because the company’s deodorants are aluminum free. In addition to this, it always attempts to minimize its impact on the environment. It does its part to protect the environment so it will remain beautiful for many generations. Native knows that it won’t be able to get it right every time, but it is always transparent about its efforts to achieve its goals. Native’s products are created using high-quality naturally-derived ingredients. Plus, these products are vegan and produced in a cruelty-free way. These products are tested by human volunteers. Finally, it should be noted that Native has collected more than 55,000 5-star reviews so it has satisfied many customers. If you’re willing to experiment with the company’s products, you’ll likely join this group as well.

Countless Scents

You must consider countless things when attempting to find the best deodorant for you. You’re probably interested in protecting yourself and the environment. Therefore, Native deodorant would be a good choice for you. Now, it is time to consider the scent. The company has countless scents making it difficult for consumers to pick the right ones. You can choose from several categories such as regular deodorant, plastic-free deodorant, and sensitive deodorant. You can also build a deodorant pack to get more bang for your buck. Doing so would be a good idea if you want to experiment with several scents from this company. While there are others, some of the most popular scents from Native include Fresh Mistletoe, Spiked Egg Nog, Coconut & Vanilla, Sugar Cookie, and Candy Cane. With so many options to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a scent that you love.

Building A Deodorant Pack

Native offers a lot of cool features that consumers find alluring. One of the coolest features is the fact that consumers can build their own deodorant packs. The feature allows consumers to choose three deodorants that they want to purchase simultaneously. You can choose deodorants from any category such as sensitive and limited edition. Once you’ve added three scents to your bundle, you’ll receive a generous discount on the order. If you’re going to purchase multiple products from this company, you might as well take advantage of the steep discount. Plus, this is a good way to experiment with several scents without breaking the bank.

Some Consumers Love Native

Unfortunately, there are certain Native deodorant complaints that cannot be ignored, but most customers are happy with these products. Therefore, you should try looking at things from both sides to find out whether these products are suitable for you. What makes people like Native so much? First, many consumers are attracted to the wide selection of scents. With some deodorants, you can only find one or two fragrances. People are looking for more people. If you fit into the latter group, you’ll want to stick with Native. The descriptions are accurate so you’ll know what you’re getting. For instance, you will find that the Candy Cane Deodorant indeed smells like candy canes. You’ll also appreciate that the company’s products are suitable for people with all skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use Native antiperspirants without encountering problems. These products do not contain harsh chemicals that could cause breakouts. Users have also praised the company for creating a product that has no residue. Once you’ve applied the deodorant to your underarms, you won’t realize you’re wearing it. The deodorant is not going to stand your shirts. It is cleaner than what you’ll find when dealing with other products. Finally, people love these long-lasting formulas. Native deodorants are designed to keep the user smelling great throughout the day. Whether you’re working, working out, or hanging out with friends, Native deodorants are going to stop the stench.

Native Deodorant Complaints

Truthfully, it is impossible for any company to satisfy every customer. After all, some clients are very picky so they’re never going to be happy. Nevertheless, some customers have legitimate complaints that shouldn’t be ignored. What are some of the reasonable complaints against Native? First, some people claim that the deodorant is going to begin flaking after a short period. Unfortunately, this may happen if the formula starts drying out and becomes brittle. Then, the flakes will drop to the ground and create a mess. If this happens, you’ll have to clean up the mess right away. This can sometimes happen when too much is applied so it is important to be careful to avoid overdoing it. Other consumers argue that this deodorant doesn’t last long enough. In some cases, this tends to be subjective since the longevity of deodorant may depend on the circumstances. If you’re working outside in the sun and sweating profusely, there is a good chance that no deodorant is going to help. Still, Native deodorants should work well for most consumers and in most circumstances. Some buyers have complained that the formula causes their skin to become dry. For some, it has gotten so bad that they’ve developed eczema under their arms. Nobody wants this to happen because the itch can be very annoying. Sadly, certain products are not suitable for everyone. People with eczema need a specialized deodorant that prevents them from experiencing these issues. Native can still be used by these individuals, but it is best to apply it in smaller quantities to avoid potential problems. Finally, certain customers have complained about the cost of Native because the company’s products tend to be costlier than its competitors. While this is a valid argument, it is essential to understand that you’re going to get what you pay for. If you buy a cheaper deodorant, there is a risk that it’ll smell bad and the protection won’t last as long as Native deodorant.

Should You Ignore Native Deodorant Complaints?

When you read these complaints, you’re probably hesitant to purchase products from Native. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let this hold you back because most consumers are satisfied with the company’s products. The reviews are mainly positive with a handful of complaints among hundreds of glowing reviews. Still, it is important to realize that every person is different so Native antiperspirants may or may not be right for you. It is best to buy a bottle and experiment with it to find out whether you like it.  

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