Lume vs. Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps: Which Is Better?

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Dr. Squatch is the holy grail of bar soaps for men. If you’ve never heard of Dr. Squatch, then maybe you don’t use bar soap much.

If you’re not getting ads from the brands edging you to buy their soaps, your friends may have raved about them to you.

Unfortunately, their soaps are kind of expensive. This is why a lot of people are looking for other viable options.

Lume seems to be one of the alternatives out there, but are they worth it? Are Lume bar soaps comparable to those of Dr. Squatch?

Let’s find out in this comparison article:

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Lume vs. Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps Comparison

dr. Squatch vs lume bar soap

Lume Bay Rum Soap vs Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap

One of the biggest lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world is the vital importance that washing our bodies can play in preserving public health and well-being.

But the merits of having a good regular wash are by no means limited to protecting people from harmful microorganisms.

Bathing can be a refreshing, relaxing and calming experience, reducing tension and improving our mood.

Today, more and more customers are turning to natural soaps for their perceived superiority in terms of skin nourishment.

This article compares two soaps in this category, namely Lume Bay Rum Soap and Spiced Bay Rum Leaf.

For Their Scent

The fragrance is a vital consideration for many when choosing a bathing soap.

We all love the refreshing feel and confidence boost that a good scent gives us. Both soaps are Bay Rum soaps, made with leaves from the West Indian Bay tree.

The West Indian Bay leaf is globally known for its strong, intense aroma which is reminiscent of tropical beaches.

Apart from bay leaf, the Lume Bay Rum soap contains citrus flavor and non-synthetic essential oils which give it a nice-smelling natural scent.

On the other hand, Dr. Squatch Bay Rum soap also contains non-synthetic fragrances, essential oils as well as fir needles and cedarwood which give the soap a fresh tropical scent.

Furthermore, it also has Kaolin Clay, which helps the soap’s scent endure for longer periods on the user’s skin.


Keeping our skin hydrated and moist is very important to its health. When our skin gets excessively dry, it begins to break and crack.

Furthermore, people who are naturally susceptible to skin problems such as rashes and eczema are more likely to develop them when their skin is left dehydrated.

Lume Bay Rum soap contains glycerin which acts as a humectant, keeping the skin moist.

Dr. Squatch Bay Rum soap contains several moisturizing properties such as shea butter which keeps the skin soft and moist.

Thus, acting as a sealant that prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin for many hours.

Protection Against Microorganisms

Several types of bacteria can live on the skin, causing different skin diseases and challenges such as boils and acne.

Some soaps are made with special properties which combat these harmful microorganisms on the skin.

Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap, for example, contains sea salt, a non-synthetic antiseptic that fights bacteria, keeping the skin healthy.

It also helps stabilize the rate at which the skin produces oil.

Skin Tone Balancing

Due to a wide range of factors which may include the level of exposure to the sun and inherited traits from parents, many people around the world experience an imbalance in their skin tone.

This means that some parts of their skin are lighter than others.

Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap contains cedarwood essential oil, which helps to make skin tone uniform around the body.


Both Bay Rum soaps are similar in several ways and contain various ingredients which provide scent and moisture for the skin.

However, only Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap contains antibacterial and skin tone balancing properties.

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