Manscaped vs Meridian: Which Groomer Is Better?

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What woman doesn’t like a clean shaved man? And I’m not talking about the face.

Yes, every man should know the importance of keeping himself groomed and fresh below the border.

But it can be a real hassle keeping up with grooming down there, especially if you go into the job without the right tools. And even worse, it can be painful — literally — if you nick and cut yourself in the wrong spot.

Talk about a bad way to start your weekend. That’s why recently two emerging companies have come out with products targeted specifically for this very process.

They are Manscaped and Meridian. But which one is the best?

You don’t want to take anything less than the best, especially when it comes to protecting your two orbs. To find out which of these is number 1, let’s examine them on a few key points.

Manscaped vs Meridian: Similarities

  • The two trimmers come with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Even when you’re not using them, you can charge them and store them somewhere. And when it’s time to use, you can get to the job straight away and not have to worry about charging them.
  • The duo comes with a cleaning brush, which is great for cleaning the area you’re shaving. Or if you prefer, it can be for cleaning the device itself.
  • Another similarity between the two trimmers is that they’re both waterproof. So, you can use them anywhere as well as clean them with your favorite methods without being afraid water will get into the device.

Manscaped vs Meridian: The Differences


When it comes to protecting your junk, price should not be a factor. Even still, when comparing the two we have to discuss which one costs more.

Manscaped’s recommended package costs a little less at 89.99, and that includes the 3.0 lawnmower clipper, crop preserver (anti-chaffing ball deodorant, crop reviver (ball toner and refresher), and 3 magic mats (disposable mats).

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As a free gift, they’ll also include a travel bag and a pair of boxers. The lawnmower 3.0 comes with a better grip than its predecessor and also comes with an LED light. What you could use this light for, I don’t know.

Meridians recommended package costs 94.99, and it includes the trimmer, a spray, and two replacement blades.

The trimmer is functional and doesn’t come with any fancy bells and whistles. It’s lightweight and is easy to grip as well. It’s a turquoise green which makes it look less sleek than the manscaped trimmer.

Although there are other package deals you can buy on each website (manscaped even has some regional specials), these seem to be their best sellers and the ‘go-to’ packages for anyone looking to invest in a decent ball trimmer.


Both of these trimmers are similar in size and shape. Manscaped is a bit smaller if such a thing would have an effect on your decision-making when picking between the two.

It may be worth noting that since manscaped’s trimmer is a bit smaller, the razors cover less surface, so it might actually take you longer to get into all the necessary areas to shave properly.

Motor Speed

The motor speed in the trimmers can affect their performance and how effective they are. The more powerful it is, the more easily it is to shave with it. While the Manscaped hosts a 7,000 RPM motor, the Meridian is 6,000 RPM.

As you can see, the power on the motors on both devices is identical. So, your case may be similar to the case of others who noted that there are little differences between them except in maybe the noise level.

Blade Width

The blade width on the Manscaped is slightly wider than that of Meridian. There is an advantage to both sides.

While the wider blade will cover more area and allow you to shave faster, it may be hard to go into tight corners with the trimmer.

If you’re only shaving down there with the trimmer/groomer, then you may want to choose the smaller width, which is Meridian.

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However, if you’re going to shave other areas like your arms, back, neck, etc., you can choose the bigger one as that will offer better flexibility.


Both of these products claim to have 90-minute battery life. But products don’t always live exactly up to their claim.

The lawnmower 3.0 seems to run smoothly, but its predecessor — the lawnmower 2.0 — has been reported to have a weaker battery life as time goes on.

The lawnmower 2.0 was prone to get hot while in use.

Not only is it not ideal to have a hot trimmer near your johnson while you are working to groom yourself, but manscaped’s lawnmower 2.0 trimmer can also stall and stop working if it gets overheated.

Meridians razor shows better performance and ran smoothly the whole time.

If you are thinking of purchasing a manscaped product it is advisable to go with the lawnmower 3.0 over the 2.0 as it has better battery life and doesn’t overheat.


Meridian claims to have a 6k rpm motor while manscaped claims to have a 7k rpm motor. Even though Manscaped has the higher power motor, meridian still performed better.

Could it be because manscaped’s 2.0 lawnmower motor is too strong and leads to overheating? Who knows the reason.


Manscaped is heavier at 8 ounces.

The Meridian is only 4.23 ounces, which means it’ll be easier to handle and maneuver. When you shave for long, Manscaped might make your hand fatigue faster (which shouldn’t always be as shaving shouldn’t take more than a few minutes).

However, Manscaped has a straight and thinner profile while Meridian is curvy and more robust. If you have small hands, then Manscaped should be easier on your hands. But for ergonomic reasons, the Meridian trimmer has a better shape.


Both of these products are waterproof, so they are both safe to use in the shower.

They are both made of similar material and easy to grip, so there should be no slipping and dropping either one of these whilst in the shower.

The lawnmower 3.0 has the best grip out of all the razors mentioned, so it gets points in this category.

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When comparing the two brands, it’s important to consider what model you are purchasing.

If you are comparing the meridian to the manscaped lawnmower 2.0, then the median is the superior product. However, the Lawnmower 3.0 seems to be on par, if not better than the meridian.

Manscipated Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Meridian or Manscaped better?

Overall, I’ll rate the Meridian over the manscaped groomer. Aside from the steep price, there are just too many complaints about the product that it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Where Manscaped has seen huge success is in marketing. The name has spread wide and far as a result of aggressive advertising. However, performance hasn’t been as good.

What trimmers are better than Manscaped?

There are a couple of options to look at if you don’t want to purchase Manscaped.

This includes the likes of the Philips Norelco Oneblade, Happy Nuts the Ballber, Wahl Manscaper, Panasonic Body Groomer, etc. Some of these we have reviewed and even compared with Manscaped on the blog.

Is Meridian actually good?

Yes, Meridian is actually a good brand to try out. Most of the consumers who have used the trimmer are fond of it. As a result, there are more than 75% positive reviews and ratings on the product on Amazon, which I consider more than average.

Is Manscaped groomer good?

Manscaped is also good. In fact, they have some of the best designs when it comes to trimmers.

The Manscaped Lawn Mower, especially the newer models are very well designed and well constructed. The only downside is the price, which is high. In addition, there are complaints about the trimmer cutting and nicking users.

How long do Meridian blades last?

The manufacturer recommends that you replace your blades every three months for the best performance and your own safety.

This will also prevent unwanted bacteria and pathogens from developing on the blades, which can happen when they’re used for long.

If you can’t afford to upgrade at any time, it’s important to sanitize and sterilize the blades to keep them in hygienic condition.

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