Manscaped vs Philips Norelco: Which One Should You Choose?

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Men who don’t want to deal with facial hair should not bother with it.

Facial hair, in addition to being hard to keep clean, seems to make the skin under it less healthy, which can cause dryness, irritation, and rashes in some men.

Having a clean, shaved face is another way to look younger and make your skin smooth and fresh.

There are many different types of shaver out there, so don’t worry if you’re not sure which one to buy.

Today, we’ll share our general opinion about two brands: Manscaped vs Philips Norelco.

We’ll also show you a little bit of their background or history, similarities, and differences, and their respective features. In the end, we will suggest which shaver we think is best for you to try and stick to.

The History of Both Brands

Manscaped is a male grooming company that has its headquarters in San Diego, California.

Men’s grooming products manufacturer Manscaped was established in 2016 by CEO and founder Paul Tran with a focus on male hair removal.

The company’s name is derived from the neologism “manscaping,” which has been around for a long time.

It has capitalized on the shock factor of tackling male hygiene stigmas to promote its brand and use pun-based humor and sponsored celebrity appearances. What a great technique!

Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle business, on the other hand, sells electric shavers and other personal care products in the USA under the Norelco brand name, which the company owns.

People who bought unique care products outside of the United States used the Philips signature from 1996 to 2006.

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After that, Philips stopped using the name and started using the Philips brand. It began in the early 1940s when Philips was not allowed to use “Philips” on any products sold in America.

This was due to how similar the two names were thought to be, which could confuse customers and lead to trademark infringement lawsuit claims against Philips.

That is why they started calling their business Norelco which is short for “North American Philips (electrical) Company,” instead of “Philips.” In 1939, Philips began making electric shavers.

They didn’t come out in the United States until 1948 because of World War II. Before they introduced a two-headed version in 1951, the product didn’t get much attention.

Manscaped Best Features

It has an adjustable guard

We all have distinct hair kinds, and the length of our hair also varies. It’s a good thing that you may adjust the guard to suit your particular hair length! It provides you an even trim is another benefit of it.

Rust-resistant blades

They are not only razor-sharp, but they are also rust-proof, allowing them to serve you for an extremely long period. The ceramic straps that hold the blades in place are both simple to store and keep clean.


This item is lightweight and portable. The majority of electric devices now come without a cable, allowing you to use them almost anywhere.

You may even use it just after bathing, making your life simpler. It’s as simple as drawing it out and using it.

It includes several accessories

The tool will be incomplete if it does not come with the necessary accessories. To keep your device charged and ready to use, you also receive a cleaning brush, a guiding comb, an adapter, and a USB charger.

A grip that won’t slide

Manscaped has been intended to be ergonomic and straightforward to hold with one hand.

It is entirely waterproof

It goes without saying that you’ll be spending most of your time in the bathroom with this. You may use it with confidence because of this feature.

A trimmer that isn’t water-resistant is something no one should be using at this point in their lives, in our opinion. It just serves to worsen already difficult circumstances.

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USB charging dock with fast charging technology

It’s convenient that this may be charged rapidly, allowing you to save significant time that you can put to better use elsewhere. It also makes it incredibly handy since you don’t have to wait for it to be ready to use, which saves you time.

Light-emitting diode (LED)

What if you’re in a tight spot in your restroom and want to shave? No worries because Manscaped has all of your needs addressed. Just switch on the tool’s light and begin shaving immediately. With this trimmer, you won’t have to worry about any downtime.

Philips Norelco Best Features

Design with a curved form

This is a little more bent with the shaving than the Manscaped is. Because it’s coiled around the head, you can glide over hair and skin much more quickly.

Another good thing is that it will be gentle on your hands, which is essential for people with young hands.


What trimmer wouldn’t be resistant to water in this day and age? A lot of people also use it to clean and disinfect by running their taps through it.

As a bonus, if you want to shave wet, the trimmer will not let you down!

It has a long life span

Philips says that the blade on this gadget is very long-lasting and durable. Even though it is durable, you should change it every 4 months or less. If you do this, you will be able to keep your health and hygiene in good shape.

Similarities Between Manscaped and Philips Norelco

There may be numerous striking similarities between the two, but the following are the ones that come to our minds:


Being cordless, you may carry them with you and utilize them anywhere you go. The charging method is also quite similar.


They both have a similar design, except that the Manscaped’s blade is all black, while the Philips Norelco’s black is blended with green.


The functions of the two trimmers are nearly identical. You may use any one of them to trim or shave certain sections of your body as needed.

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Differences Between Manscaped and Philips Norelco

Manscaped is a more costly alternative

You’ll be spending far more money on it than you would on the Philips. If you’re looking to save money on your next purchase, the Philips Norelco is the optimal choice for you.

Color Variations

Manscaped is only available in a single color: black. The Philips Norelco, on the other hand, is available in a variety of colors, including black, green, and silver.

For those who prefer not to use blades or just like the option of selecting from a variety of colors, the Philips Norelco is the greatest option available.

Material of the blade

The blades on the Philips Norelco are stainless steel, but the edges on the Manscaped are ceramic.

A more robust material than ceramic, stainless steel outlasts the latter. Furthermore, it is simple to maintain the appearance of stainless steel, even after many years of use.

Ceramic, on the other hand, will be safer since it has a lower danger of nicking you, which is particularly important in those gentle parts.

Case of usage

The Manscaped has been built explicitly for usage down in the mines. If you are serious about manscaping, this is a better option for you.

A trimmer that can do it all is the Philips Norelco, which is a multifunctional device. While that’s a beautiful thing, we’re not sure it’ll be able to do everything.


In this particular instance, we’ll have to recommend the Philips Norelco.

Not only can you purchase it at a little lesser price, but there haven’t been too many concerns from other people about it cutting or nicking them as well.

Manscaped is a fantastic product; however, it is renowned for allowing users to cut or nick themselves.

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully, our general perspective or review of these two brands has given you some insight.

Choosing which shaver you believe is the finest and would like to use is entirely your decision after all. This is, without a doubt, a review, and nothing more, nothing less.

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