Native Deodorant vs Lume

Native Deodorant vs Lume: An Overview

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There is a growing debate among consumers about the effectiveness of Native deodorant vs Lume deodorant. These products provide a variety of aroma options, natural ingredients, and long-lasting protection. The two deodorants will be compared in this article, along with their benefits and drawbacks. To assist you in selecting the product that is best for you, we will also look at consumer reviews. Two well-known brands of natural deodorants are Native Deodorant and Lume. Native is one of the oldest natural deodorant companies, but Lume is a more recent business that has swiftly won over customers. Both provide alternatives that are vegan, aluminum-free, and devoid of harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates.

Simple ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, and essential oils are used to make native goods. They are available in a variety of compositions and smells, including unscented, sensitive skin, revitalizing citrus, lavender & rose, and activated charcoal. In order to keep you dry, Native also sells antiperspirant sticks that include tapioca starch.

Another option without metal is Lume, which uses plant-based components including arrowroot powder, witch hazel extract, and kaolin clay. These products are available in unscented, “sport” smells for busy lives, lemongrass & bergamot, lavender & eucalyptus, unscented, and even a particular formulation for private regions. Lume depends on its special combination of plant-based components to eliminate smells without inhibiting sweat glands as typical antiperspirants do, in contrast to Native’s antiperspirant alternative, which incorporates tapioca starch to absorb moisture from sweat glands.

It essentially boils down to your choice and needs when picking between Native Deodorant and Lume. These businesses provide natural goods devoid of harmful chemicals in a variety of fragrances and formulas. Native offers tapioca starch-based sticks that are meant to absorb moisture from sweat glands while yet keeping skin fresh with their distinctive natural smells if you’re seeking an antiperspirant solution. Lume’s distinctive combination of plant-based components may be the ideal option for neutralizing smells without clogging sweat glands like typical antiperspirants do for people seeking an aluminum-free product but not needing the added protection of an antiperspirant.

 Ingredients in Native Deodorant

Deodorants are an essential component of everyday care when it comes to personal hygiene. Yet, it’s crucial to look over the deodorant’s contents because many commercial products include harsh chemicals. Natural alternatives like Native Deodorant employ elements you can rely on and are safe. Anything you need to know about Native Deodorant’s ingredients is provided here.

Baking soda and coconut oil are two natural substances that Native Deodorant employs in conjunction to offer long-lasting odor prevention without the use of harsh chemicals. Although coconut oil gives an additional layer of moisture protection and helps maintain soft, smooth skin, baking soda helps neutralize smells and absorb moisture.

Native Deodorant also includes natural components such as arrowroot powder, shea butter, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, and essential oils for fragrance in addition to baking soda and coconut oil. Together, these components provide a deodorant that is gentle on sensitive skin and won’t have any unfavorable effects.

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Aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic perfumes are not included in Native Deodorant. This means that, unlike many commercial products, it won’t clog pores or leave an unpleasant residue on clothing. Also, it doesn’t include any artificial coloring or by-products from animals, making it perfect for vegetarians and anyone with sensitive skin.

Without utilizing harsh chemicals or synthetic scents, Native Deodorant is a secure and reliable approach to maintaining freshness throughout the day. Its all-day odor prevention is made possible by its natural components, which also keep your skin healthy.

Ingredients in Lume Deodorant

The natural and secure chemicals used in Lume Deodorant are created to keep you smelling fresh all day. Baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and beeswax are the main components. Together, these components absorb moisture and eliminate microorganisms that cause odors. For many years, people have used baking soda as an efficient deodorizer to prevent body odor. Powdered arrowroot aids in moisture absorption and friction reduction. Coconut oil contains antimicrobial qualities that help combat microorganisms that cause odors while also soothing the skin. Finally, beeswax assists in forming a layer of defense on the skin that inhibits perspiration from evaporating and manages smells.

Aluminum, parabens, artificial scents, sulfates, triclosan, and phthalates are all absent from Lume Deodorant. This implies that unlike regular deodorants, which frequently clog pores and irritate the skin, they won’t do so. You may feel good about using it knowing that no animals were injured during its manufacturing because it is also vegan and cruelty-free. Because of all of these factors, Lume Deodorant is a secure and reliable option for controlling body odor without endangering your health or the environment.

Pros of Native Deodorant

Native deodorant is gradually gaining popularity as a natural substitute for antiperspirants and standard deodorants. Native deodorants are created with only natural components, are paraben- and aluminum-free, and are not tested on animals. They are thus a desirable alternative for individuals who favor using goods with fewer chemicals and that have not been subjected to animal testing. Native deodorants are the best choice for people who live in hot areas or have busy lifestyles since they also offer long-lasting odor prevention and moisture management. They are available in a variety of smells as well, so there is something to fit everyone’s tastes.

Cons of Native Deodorant

Native deodorants may not be as efficient in reducing perspiration as conventional antiperspirants, which is one of their primary disadvantages. The natural components included in native deodorants may also irritate some people’s skin or result in outbreaks. Cost is another concern, as local brands of deodorant can cost more than national brands. Lastly, natural deodorants could not offer the same amount of protection against perspiration and odor as antiperspirants since they lack the aluminum and other compounds present in regular versions.

Pros of Lume Deodorant

Natural Lume Deodorant is devoid of aluminum and has no additional scents. Baking soda, witch hazel, and beeswax, all of which are recognized for having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, are used in their preparation. It also has probiotics, which assist to lessen microorganisms that cause odors. This makes Lume Deodorant a powerful odor remover and a healthy substitute for conventional deodorants that include a lot of chemicals. Also, unlike some other deodorants, the recipe is meant to be mild on the skin and won’t irritate it. Last but not least, it is simple to apply and may last up to 72 hours, so you don’t need to keep doing it all day.

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Cons of Lume Deodorant

The primary drawback of Lume Deodorant is that it might not work as well as conventional antiperspirants in reducing sweating. It won’t always stop you from sweating, but it will help keep scents under control. Also, it might not have the same long-lasting aroma as other deodorants due to the absence of aluminum and synthetic perfumes. Also, some people might discover that the mixture takes a little longer to dry than conventional deodorants, so they might need to wait a little while before changing into clothes or heading out in public. Lastly, if a person is sensitive to the probiotics or other natural elements in the solution, they may develop skin irritation.

Scent Comparison between Native and Lume Deodorant

The scent is a crucial consideration when selecting a deodorant. The aroma of native deodorant is subtle, and energizing, and remains without being overbearing. It is made of natural elements like aloe and shea butter and comes in a range of aromas including unscented, coconut & vanilla, and lavender & rose. Some people might find the heavier aroma of Lume deodorant to be too overbearing. Natural ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda, and arrowroot powder are used to make it. It comes in a variety of smells, including citrus & cypress, lavender & sage, and unscented.

Native could be a better option for individuals who want a more understated aroma in their deodorant because it offers milder scents that won’t be overly overbearing. Native deodorants also don’t include aluminum or parabens, which many people try to avoid whenever feasible. Yet, because Lume’s smells are more potent than those of Native, folks who want a stronger-smelling deodorant might prefer them. Moreover, Lume deodorants are devoid of aluminum and parabens, making them a healthy alternative for individuals who wish to stay away from these potentially dangerous substances.

When it comes to smell strength, the choice of deodorant ultimately comes down to personal opinion, however, Native and Lume both provide healthy choices without sacrificing quality or fragrance power.

Price Comparison between Native and Lume Deodorant

Depending on the brand and product, the cost of personal hygiene items like deodorants can vary greatly. There are several differences between Native and Lume deodorants’ prices that should be taken into account. There are many different scents of native deodorants, each of which costs about $12 for a 3-ounce container. Depending on where it is purchased, the price may change somewhat. In contrast, Lume deodorants are available in two sizes, with a 1.5-ounce bottle costing $12 and a 3-ounce container costing $16. If you buy many containers, both manufacturers give you a discount.

Moreover, Native Deodorant offers subscription services that let clients buy their products on a regular basis at a reduced price, such as monthly or quarterly. When a consumer runs out of their product, Lume does not provide subscription services but does give them the opportunity to buy refill packets at a reduced price.

Both companies take pleasure in employing natural components since they are safer for the skin and more environmentally friendly than chemical-based ones. Although Lume’s formulation starts with aloe vera and vitamin E, Native’s employs coconut oil and shea butter as its foundational constituents. Customers may be certain that they are obtaining high-quality goods from any firm because both recipes have undergone independent lab testing for safety and efficacy.

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In conclusion, there is no apparent victor when comparing the prices of Native and Lume deodorants because each company has a different pricing strategy and formulation of components. Each consumer must ultimately determine which brand is best for them depending on their budget, preference for natural ingredients, and knowledge of both companies’ subscription programs.

Performance Comparison between Native and Lume Deodorant

There are several alternatives available when it comes to deodorants. Nonetheless, Native and Lume stand out as the two brands to choose from if you want the highest performance. Both companies provide a selection of deodorants that claim to provide dependable odor control and long-lasting protection. But which is superior? We’ll contrast the efficacy of Native and Lume deodorants to provide an answer.

Both Native and Lume have a wide range of scents that may accommodate any choice. One brand’s aroma could, however, be stronger to certain persons than the other. For instance, some people could discover that Lume’s fragrances are stronger than those provided by Native. Having said that, both companies have a wide selection to pick from, making it simple to discover a perfume you like.

Both Native and Lume deodorants work well in terms of effectiveness. Both manufacturers provide up to 24 hours of odor and moisture protection. Also, both products are made with natural elements like baking soda and essential oils that assist in removing body odor naturally without the use of harsh chemicals or metal compounds. Hence, whatsoever brand you decide on, you can be sure that your deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day.

Native provides less expensive solutions than Lume in terms of pricing. Native often costs a little less than its rival, despite the fact that both brands are quality goods and their pricing reflects this. This makes it a fantastic option for individuals seeking an economical deodorant that works well.

Overall, it is evident from comparing the effectiveness of Native and Lume deodorants that both provide good all-day protection against odor and perspiration. Also, both include all-natural substances that reduce body odor without the use of harsh chemicals or metal compounds. The two products’ selections of smells and pricing points are where the biggest differences lie; Native offers more reasonably priced alternatives while Lume offers stronger scents at somewhat higher costs. Yet whatever your demands, the solution you select should ultimately deliver trustworthy outcomes.


Two of the most well-known natural deodorant brands on the market right now are Native and Lume. Both products are made with healthy natural components, but Native offers a broader variety of smells and customizing choices. On the other hand, Lume is more affordable, more widely available, and also provides a variety of smells. When selecting a deodorant, it ultimately boils down to personal choice. Nonetheless, both companies provide items that are devoid of dangerous chemicals and keep you smelling good all day.

Native and Lume are two excellent brands of natural deodorants. You must choose which one best meets your needs because each has benefits and drawbacks. Whatever brand you decide on, it will help you maintain your odor-free status while also caring for your body.

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