The Soap Guy vs Dr. Squatch: Which Is the Better Brand?

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The Soap Guy and Dr. Squatch are both quality soap brands, but which one should you try?

Dr. Squatch is no doubt, more popular and widely known than The Soap Guy.

However, there is a relationship between both that often makes people want to know how they fare.

It’s quite possible that there is a partnership between Dr. Squatch and The Soap Guy.

In which case, there wouldn’t be any reason to compare both, just choose one and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, both are quite different, and you’ll soon learn why in this article.

Let’s see how they compare!

The Soap Guy vs Dr. Squatch: Which Is Better?


The Soap Guy: 5 oz bars wrapped in clear plastic, that allows you to get a detailed look. These bars would benefit from more visually appealing packaging.

Dr. Squatch: 5 oz bars with beautifully designed labels featuring their logo

Verdict: Dr. Squatch.

They both give you the same amount of soap per bar, but The Soap Guy could work on their packaging.

Active Ingredients

The Soap Guy: Natural and Organic Ingredients; varies based on the bar.

Coconut oil is the main ingredient in most of the bars, and they offer a large variety of scents.

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Dr. Squatch: Natural Ingredients; varies based on the bar.

Saponified Oils(olive, coconut), shea butter, natural exfoliants(activated charcoal)

Verdict: Dr. Squatch

Both companies use natural and organic ingredients that are good for the skin. But I think that the use of shea butter allows the Dr. Squatch soap to offer better benefits.


The Soap Guy: $3 Average (12 for $36)

Dr. Squatch: $8 Average (5 bars for $40)

Verdict: The Soap Guy

The Soap Guy bars are over 50% cheaper than the Dr.Squatch bars, so if you’re looking to save money go with The Soap Guy

Consumer Reviews: What Others Are Saying

Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of complaints about Dr. Squatch online.

I was recommending them in a forum earlier today and someone came up to attack me on why I would promote this brand that isn’t ethical.

This isn’t a single occurrence. Dozens of other reviews on forums like Reddit come up surrounding Dr. Squatch pop up with most complaining the brand doesn’t have good customer service.

If given the chance, I’d always choose The Soap Guy above Dr. Squatch. The only downside is that Dr. Squatch seems to have nice scents that are not available on The Soap Guy’s website.

Moreover, the scents you’ll find there are not quite as good. This is the only reason many have remained with Dr. S.

Verdict: The Soap Guy

The Soap Guy seems to have more positive reviews than Dr. Squatch. If you check the BBB rating for Dr. Squatch, you’ll see that it’s F, which is the lowest rating there for a bad company.


The Soap Guy: Pretty Effective.

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It will leave your skin feeling soft with a light aroma, and lots of lather.

Dr. Squatch: Extremely effective! This soap leaves you feeling and smelling clean and can also have a moisturizing effect making the skin look and feel better.

Verdict: Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch has more of an effect on the skin due to its ingredients


Dr. Squatch is of higher quality and provides more benefits to the skin.

However, they are more expensive than The Soap Guy which offers similar quality at a lower price but arent as visually appealing and provides less information about their ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dr. Squatch & The Soap Guy

Does Dr. Squatch make their own soap?

There are hundreds of questions on Dr. Squatch. One of the most popular, and even funny, is whether Dr. Squatch actually makes their own products or obtains them from The Soap Guy.

There are quite a few theories regarding this. One, a strong one, is that Dr. Squatch has never manufactured their soaps. All their soaps are supplied by The Soap Guy.

The Soap Guy stated on Twitter:

Pine Tar has become one of our best selling soaps! Extra exfoliating power and its unique scent set it apart from the rest. Order now at

And you can actually order this scent from the website. If you’re familiar with Dr. Squatch, you’ll know that Pine Tar and Bay Rum are two of their top-selling scents.

How come The Soap Guy (a brand that actually manufactures their soaps, with a physical factory) is selling the same?

Now, wouldn’t it be prudent to ask Dr. Squatch directly? Well, some customers have done that.

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And here is what the brand has to say:

Where and how is it made? Our soaps are made in the beautiful US of A. We want to keep them within our borders to ensure quality and a fair work environment. To learn more about how our soap is made, feel free to visit our About Page which explains it nicely

And then when you check the About Page, it’s the same information.

Basically, omitting the factory address, the physical location where the soaps are made, and anything that can help you verify they actually make their own soap.

All of these point to the fact that Dr. Squatch may not be making their soaps, but rather getting their supplies from The Soap Guy.

Here is my conclusion on where Dr. Squatch gets their soaps.

Is The Soap Guy the same as Dr. Squatch?

No, they are entirely different brands and not the same. For example, The Soap Guy started business in 2003 while Dr. Squatch started in 2013, which are 10 years apart.

Moreover, The Soap Guy is a manufacturer that sells wholesale to other major brands and outlets. The brand also sells on its website.

Is Dr. Squatch made in the USA?

Technically, all of Dr. Squatch’s soaps are made in the USA. This is confirmed by the manufacturer on their website and you can check it out if you want to learn more.

How many scents does Dr. Squatch have?

There are a total of 11 scents from Dr. Squatch, at the time of writing this article. The brand may have added a few more by the time you’ll be reading this.

So, always check the official site to be sure of the number if you’re keen.

Which Squatch scent is best?

There is no best Dr. Squatch scent because it’s personal and subjective. However, the Pine Tar, Gold Moss Scrub, and Bay Rum are regarded to be the best scents of all Dr. Squatch soaps.

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