Where Does Dr. Squatch Get Their Soap? M Answers!

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There are hundreds of questions on Dr. Squatch. One of the most popular, and even funny, is whether Dr. Squatch actually makes their own products or obtains them from The Soap Guy.

There are quite a few theories regarding this. One, a strong one, is that Dr. Squatch has never manufactured their soaps. That the Soap Guy supplies all their soaps.

The Soap Guy stated on Twitter:

Pine Tar has become one of our best selling soaps! Extra exfoliating power and its unique scent set it apart from the rest. Order now at https://thesoapguy.com

And you can actually order this scent from the website. If you’re familiar with Dr. Squatch, you’ll know that Pine Tar and Bay Rum are two of their top-selling scents.

How come The Soap Guy (a brand that actually manufactures their soaps, with a physical factory) is selling the same?

Now, wouldn’t it be prudent to ask Dr. Squatch directly? Well, some customers have done that.

And here is what the brand has to say:

Where and how is it made? Our soaps are made in the beautiful US of A. We want to keep them within our borders to ensure quality and a fair work environment. To learn more about how our soap is made, feel free to visit our About Page which explains it nicely

And then when you check the About Page, it’s the same information.

Basically, omitting the factory address, the physical location where the soaps are made, and anything that can help you verify they actually make their own soap.

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All of these point to the fact that Dr. Squatch may not be making their soaps, but rather getting their supplies from The Soap Guy.

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Who Makes Dr. Squatch Soap?

This is one of the big questions a lot of users are asking.

The Squatch brand is the maker of the Dr. Squatch soaps.

The company is founded by Jack Haldrup and has seen a very fast group, thanks to the marketing strategies managed by the brand.

According to Forbes, the brand is worth up to $100 million as of 2021, thus they have a lot of wiggle room to market their products, which continue to grow in popularity.

The brand states that the soaps are handmade in Indiana, United States. So, if you’re looking for natural soaps made in the USA, Dr. Squatch is worth considering.

Is Dr. Squatch Worth the Money?

It all depends on your budget and what you consider expensive.

For most people, Dr. Squatch is quite costly and over the top compared to other similar brands.

However, many people claim it’s worth the money because it’s natural, smells nice, and cleanses.

If these are what you’re looking for in a bar of soap and you get them in the Dr. Squatch soap, then it is worth it.

But consider the price if it’s okay with you before splurging.

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Does Dr. Squatch Manufacture Its Own Soap?

This is quite controversial. Going by what I posted above, you can see there are indications that Dr. Squatch doesn’t actually make its soaps.

However, the brand has denied any of that even though a lot of individuals still believe that The Soap Guy is behind their soap.

But as long as the brand states that it makes its products, I guess that’s what we’ll go with.

The brand also mentions that its factory is located in Compton, CA.

This is where the Bricc House is located, which it refers to as its soap production and packaging facility.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Squatch

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind whether Dr. Squatch is making its products or importing them.

As long as the product is good and is doing what it promises, then it’s fine with me.

I guess this is the same with a lot of people too. All you read online about them not making their soaps are theories (which can, of course, be true).

But that doesn’t take away the reputation that the brand has actually built for itself.

Also, it’s important to note that Dr. Squatch is actually an ethical company.

They even have a Wikipedia entry for anyone that wants to learn more about them.

If you like the brand, go ahead and buy the soap. If you have any doubt, there are lots of alternative brands, such as Duke Cannon that you can also check out.

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