Are Straight Razors Dangerous?

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We’ve all seen the all around us.

No matter if they are used to build tension in a scene or to show just how violently a person is killed, straight razors have garnered a reputation as something to be feared, if not respected.

However, is that the truth?

Here, we’ll go over straight razors and determine whether these shaving devices deserve the amount of flack they get from most people.


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Straight Razors vs. Safety Razor Types

You may think that straight razors are only now coming under scrutiny, but that’s not true.

Even during their initial use, there has always been this sense of fear and trepidation when it comes to using them as a shaver.

Straight-edged razors were often called “cut-throat razors” due to how easy it was to cut your throat when shaving your chin and neck area.

Straight-edge razors have the blade open and without a guard. This can result in a closer shave than safety razors while also resulting in an easier time cutting yourself.

Safety razors, on the other hand, are a bit safer to use. Now, “a bit safer” does not inherently mean “completely safer”.

You can still cut yourself quite easily if you don’t know what you’re doing. The reason they are called safety razors is that the blade is enclosed within the razor’s head.

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This does make it more difficult to suffer a cut, though can result in a slightly more rugged look as you may not be able to cut as close as you’d like.

Are Straight Razors Really More Dangerous Than Safety Razors?

Ultimately, the answer is, yes, if you don’t know how to use a straight razor, they can be considerably more dangerous than safety razors.

The key, like many things, is that you understand and know what you’re doing.

While it’s unlikely that even the most novice of shavers will ever do lasting damage while using a straight razor, you’ll likely suffer your fair share of nicks and cuts as you master the shaving process.

Does this mean that they deserve the amount of negative publicity they get?

Personally, while I can see the appeal of viewing them as pretty much a barber’s knife, the reality is that, unless you’re actively trying to hurt yourself (or just not paying attention at all) you’re not going to suffer more than anything you’d suffer from a safety razor when you were first learning how to use those.

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